Katie James was a background cast on Lost. She portrayed Helen, one of the background DHARMA Initiative members, a cryptologist cast as "Mom on Swing".


  • Student from Indiana Wesleyan University (Lexington campus).
  • Took a gap year from the university and started living on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.
  • Worked as a camp counselor at Camp Erdman, the filming location of the Barracks.


On Lost

Katie met a filming location manager and stuntman of Lost during her training as a camp counselor. He then provided her the number to the casting studio of Lost, and she ended up being cast as the background role of a "Mom on Swing" for "LaFleur".

Although being a background character, Katie has filmed her scenes for 2 days. On the first day, she filmed a scene with a little girl portraying her daughter. She was pushing her on a swing, and then she stood by a fence and talked to another DHARMA member. Moments later, the siren suddenly went off, so she ran to the little girl, picked her up, and ran into a house. She also filmed a scene where she walked down a sidewalk right past Josh Holloway afterward. On the second day, it is unknown what scene has she filmed, but while waiting to be called for filming, she was sitting at a picnic table with a few other background actors. Josh Holloway then walked over and picked up a guitar, and started singing to them.

A few days after finishing her work on Lost, Katie published a blog post about her time on set and her experiences with other cast members, with a photo of herself wearing a DHARMA jumpsuit inside the trailer. However, this blog post has contained some serious spoilers of season 5. She accidentally revealed the storyline of the new season would took place in the 70s, when she said she was going to play a DHARMA member who walked past Josh Holloway. She also revealed Jin has survived the explosion of the freighter, when she mentioned sitting next to Daniel Dae Kim in the trailer. These spoilers were soon being reposted in other websites, including DarkUFO, and led to some heated discussions.

Since Katie mentioned the confidentiality agreement in her blog post, and that she was not allowed to give away the plot, it is very likely she did not aware the information she provided were very spoilery. As supported by a previous blog post, where Katie mentioned she didn't find Lost interesting, it is possibly that she has never finished watching the show, and that she was not aware of Jin's fate being left ambiguous in season 4 finale, as well as the fact that DHARMA only existed in the past.

Beside including spoilers in her blog post, Katie expressed her negative opinion on Elizabeth Mitchell, and she referred to Jin as "the Asian guy" instead of his name. These were met with negative comments on both her blog and DarkUFO, but there were also comments defending her as she has the right to express her opinions on her own blog. Later, her blog post was removed after it went viral, and the DarkUFO post about her spoilers was also removed under her request.

After the incident, Katie has no longer to update her blog. It is unknown if her blog post has caused any legal consequences for her, but some fans speculated that ABC has acted to remove her post.

Other shows

Before filming on Lost, Katie was an extra on TV show Knight Rider, where she appeared in episode 12 of season 1, and she filmed for 2 scenes.


  • Katie has mistakenly referring Elizabeth Mitchell as "Elizabeth Marshall" in her blog post.
  • According to one of Katie's blog post, she tried to watch Lost on Abc.com as she wanted to feel more connected with her workplace, Camp Erdman. However, she didn't find Lost being interesting, and that she liked another TV series Samantha Who? better.

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