Kate and Tom's tape, labeled "Kate & Tom 1989", was the audio cassette tape that Kate recorded with Tom Brennan on August 15, 1989, to place in the time capsule, which was intended to be retrieved on August 15, 2009. After being reunited with Tom, the two dug up the time capsule in the middle of the night and reminisced over its contents, including the toy airplane. They played the tape in the stereo in Tom's car.

The most notable lines were of Tom telling Kate that she always wanted to run away and Kate's response that Tom knew why. (Kate could have been referencing her mother's relationship with Wayne, and the advances that Wayne made towards Kate.)

At the time of the recording, Kate was approximately 12 years old (given her birthdate of 1977), and Tom approximately the same.

TOM: Is it on? I don't think it's on.

KATE: It's on.

TOM: Okay, this is Kate Austen and Tom Brennan and this is our dedication for our time capsule, here on August 15th, 1989. Hey, give me that back.

KATE: Why are you putting this stupid plane in there?

TOM: Because it's cool, Katie. I got it when I flew to Dallas by myself.

KATE: (sarcastically) That is cool, just like this time capsule.

TOM: It'll be totally cool when we dig it up in like twenty years.

KATE: How do you know we'll be together?

TOM: Because we'll be married and you'll be a mom and we'll have nine kids.

KATE: I don't think so. As soon as I get my license we should just get in a car and drive. You know, run away.

TOM: You always want to run away, Katie.

KATE: Yeah, and you know why.


The actors that play the adult Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Tom (Mackenzie Astin) were not used to record this tape; other actors were utilized to portray younger voices of characters approximately 12 years old. The actors on the tape are:

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