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Katherine Anne Austen, more commonly known as Kate, is one of the middle section survivors from the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 in 2004. Kate was born in Iowa to an abusive father whom she eventually killed when she was finally of age to run and take care of herself. Kate was pursued for three years by the U.S. Marshall and was in his custody when she crashed on the Island. On the Island, Kate formed strong bonds with Jack and Sawyer, becoming an integral member on several A-Missions. She became engaged to Jack after the rescue, but their relationship soon ended. Resourceful, quick-witted and mysteriously reclusive, she participated in many rescue and combat missions against the Others by using her tracking skills and natural ease at using firearms. In the aftermath of her very public trial for murder and other charges, Kate agreed to 10 years' probation with the condition that she must remain in the state of California. Aaron Littleton lived with her and believed that Kate was his mother until 2007 when Kate decided to go back to the island. Because of this Aaron was reunited with his biological family when Kate confessed the lie to Carole Littleton and told her about crash, Claire's pregnancy, her disappearace and about who really Aaron was. Kate then told Carole that she was returning to the island to find Claire and bring her home to Aaron. Kate boarded Ajira Flight 316 and returned to the Island without Aaron. Stranded in 1977 with her friends, she worked for the DHARMA Initiative as a mechanic, and was responsible for saving a young Benjamin Linus's life. After the detonation of Jughead by Juliet, her fate is currently unknown.

Before the crash


Born in rural Iowa in 1977, Katherine Anne Austen was raised by her mother, Diane, and Sam Austen, whom Kate believed to be her biological father. However, her actual biological father was a man named Wayne.

In 1982, aged five, Kate became a child of divorce when Diane and Sam separated. Diane got custody of Kate and married Wayne. Diane began to suffer from domestic abuse, but she still professed that she loved Wayne.

5x16 youngkatie

A young Kate is caught stealing. ("The Incident, Part 1")

A few years later Kate and her friend Tom Brennan attempted to steal a lunchbox from a small convenience store. She was caught on her way out the door, and the clerk threatened to call the police and her parents. Suddenly a man entered the shop, revealed to be none other than Jacob. Jacob offered to pay for the lunchbox, which satisfied the clerk. Jacob then made Kate promise to never steal again. She agreed and Jacob touched her nose, telling her to, "Be good Katie." ("The Incident, Part 1")

In 1989, Kate and her childhood sweetheart Tom Brennan made a time capsule out of the lunchbox and buried it. It contained a recorded message, a toy airplane and a baseball. ("What Kate Did") ("Born to Run")

Murdering Wayne


Kate flees the scene of her biological father's death. ("What Kate Did")  (promotional still)

While making a scrapbook for Sam's birthday, Kate discovered from pictures that Austen couldn't be her biological father as he had been away serving in Korea during the period when she would have been conceived. This horrified Kate as she realized that Wayne was her biological father. Kate decided to take drastic action. After taking out an insurance policy on the house, she orchestrated a devastating gas explosion. On that day, Wayne had returned home and Kate tended to him in a far-from-loving manner. She expressed nothing but contempt when he made advances toward her. Leaving him drunk and asleep in the house, she left as the gas explosion tore the house apart, killing Wayne.

Kate then visited her mother at the diner where she worked. After a conversation where Diane showed her dismay at Kate riding a motorcycle, Kate commented about an injury on her mother's hand that Diane claimed was caused by a shelf in the kitchen (although it was clear to Kate that this had actually been inflicted by Wayne). Kate then handed her mother the insurance policy and told her that she was protecting Diane. Fleeing the scene, she warned Diane that she wouldn't see her for a while and left - forcing Diane to question "What did you do?" After discovering her husband's death, Diane called the police to report the crime and gave her daughter up.

Kate then attempted to flee Iowa, unaware that the authorities were already tracking her and that U.S. Marshal Edward Mars had already been assigned as her primary law enforcement figure in her pursuit. As she attempted to leave for Tallahassee, she engaged in an uncomfortable conversation with Mars, who eventually revealed himself and arrested her for murder as she tried to flee the scene - revealing that her mother had given her up. As the Marshal escorted her to imprisonment, he questioned why she chose to kill her father now but Kate refused to respond. However, the car was forced into a pole as a black horse ran out into the road. With the Marshal unconscious, Kate made a break and began her life on the run.

2X09 KateFlash

Kate visits Sam Austen demanding answers. ("What Kate Did")

Kate then went to see the man who she believed to be her biological father at a recruitment office, much to Sam's shock due to the fact that the U.S. Marshals were searching for her. Kate, however, questioned him as to why he didn't tell her about her true lineage, recalling the story of how she discovered Wayne was her father. He recalled that he didn't tell her because he knew she would kill him. He then warned her that he would have to call them and Kate asked for him to give her an hour. He obliged and she fled the scene. ("What Kate Did")

Help from Cassidy

Kate evaded the law for roughly two months before she tried to initiate contact with her mother again. Kate went back to Iowa, but her car broke down from a bad fan belt before she could get to Diane. The mechanic took her to the local repair station, where Kate witnessed Cassidy Phillips trying to sell fake jewelry to local people. When one man threatened to call the police, Kate interrupted and purchased one of the fake necklaces. After the men left, Cassidy thanked Kate for her help. However, she detected that Kate didn't want police attention herself. Cassidy offered to take Kate into town to buy her a drink, which Kate accepted. ("Left Behind")


Kate realizes how tough it will be to see her mother. ("Left Behind")

At the bar, Kate told Cassidy of killing her father, her escape from the marshal and how her mother had told the police. Cassidy offered to help Kate get a meeting with Diane, due to her own betrayal by a man who conned her and stole all the money she had. Kate questioned why Cassidy wanted to help her, and she replied that one of them deserved something good. Wanting to test how much security was around Kate's mother, Cassidy disguised herself as Kate and knocked on Diane's door. Believing it was Kate, many agents attacked Cassidy. Down the road, Kate observed the situation through binoculars and realized it would be a challenge to meet with her mother. ("Left Behind")


Kate meets with her mother, Diane. ("Left Behind")

Hours later, Cassidy returned to a motel, where she and Kate were staying. Angered by her half-hour questioning, Cassidy demanded to know what Kate did. She confessed that she killed Wayne, her father, by blowing up his house, but took out an insurance policy on it beforehand, which would have set up her mother for life financially. The reason why Kate wanted to meet her mother was because she wanted to know why Diane had betrayed her, when she only tried to help. Now knowing the whole story between Kate and her mother, Cassidy agreed to continue helping her. The next day, Cassidy ordered a meal from the diner where Kate's mother worked and purposely spilled her meal on Diane. She remained polite and went to clean up in the toilets. Diane found Kate there, and she asked her mother why she had reported her. Despite Wayne's abuse, Diane defended him, claiming that you can't help who you fall in love with. Kate stated she wasn't sorry, and Diane warned Kate if she ever came near her again, she would yell for help. She left the tearful Kate in the bathroom to herself. ("Left Behind")

Later that day, Cassidy gave Kate a lift back to her fixed car. She thanked Cassidy for all the help but asked her for the name of the man who conned her. However, Cassidy revealed she was pregnant and he was the father. Kate still advised her to call the police. Before parting ways, Kate told Cassidy her real name. ("Left Behind")

Return to Iowa

1x22 kate 2

Kate runs again after Tom's death. ("Born to Run")

Later, Kate learned via a letter that her mother was hospitalized and dying of cancer. Though she had sworn never to return to Iowa, she sought the help of her childhood sweetheart, Tom Brennan, who was also a doctor at Diane's hospital, to gain access to her mother before her death. Before visiting her mother, Kate and Tom dug up their time capsule and retrieved Tom's toy airplane from inside. When Diane saw Kate, she kept her word and screamed for help to the nearby security guards, forcing Kate to attempt another escape. Against Kate's objections, Tom insisted on going with her in his car. Tom was killed in the subsequent shootout between Kate and the police. Kate fled on foot, leaving behind Tom's cherished toy airplane. ("Born to Run")

Marriage to Kevin


Kate marries Kevin Callis. ("I Do")  (promotional still)

Still on the run, Kate attempted to assume a new life by relocating to Florida under the alias Monica. She fell in love with a police officer named Kevin Callis. Callis did not know her true identity, or anything about the life she was living. At some point during the relationship, Kevin proposed to Kate. Believing she was truly happy, Kate accepted his proposal. On her wedding day, she was visited by Suzanne Callis, Kevin's mother. After commenting how beautiful Kate looked, she presented her a precious locket that had been passed down through the family. However, since she had only sons, Suzanne thought Kate should have it. A few hours later, Kate and Kevin married.

After settling down with Kevin, Kate realized this was the life she wanted. So Kate called the marshal and begged him to stop chasing her. He guessed she was married and told her it wouldn't work, due to her nature of running out on people if life got difficult. Although she hated Edward Mars, Kate realized he was right, the relationship couldn't continue because her past would eventually catch up with her.

One night, during dinner, Kevin surprised Kate with an overseas honeymoon to Costa Rica, which would require a valid passport, which Kate didn't have. Soon after this, Kate detected that she may be pregnant. After revealing a negative result on the pregnancy test, Kate decided to confront Kevin. Kate presented him with a spiked lemonade and joked about being a fugitive, she then turned serious and told Kevin how she blew up her abusive father and it would only be a matter of time before he found out. He was left speechless and didn't know if it was a joke. Kate told him about the pregnancy and how she couldn't do regular things like have a "taco night". When he tried to calm her down, he called her Monica. Kate snapped that this wasn't her real name and began to leave. Kevin collapsed due to the spiked drink. After tearfully revealing some of the truth about her history, Kate left the unconscious Kevin and took up life on the run once again. ("I Do")

New Mexico bank robbery

In a later attempt to taunt Kate, Mars informed her that he had Tom's toy airplane in a safety deposit box in a Ruidoso, New Mexico bank. Kate then traveled to New Mexico, took the name "Maggie" and joined up with a group of bank robbers. She became romantically involved with one of them named Jason, and convinced the gang to rob the bank where the toy airplane was stored. ("Whatever the Case May Be")

The heist started with Kate (as "Ms. Ryan") applying for a loan to a senior employee named Mark Hutton. He asked Kate what brought her to New Mexico. She told him she was a photographer, taking pictures of old theaters in small towns. After talking for some time, Jason and the robbers invaded the bank. They shot all the security cameras and made staff and customers, including Kate, stay down on the floor. After pondering what to do, the robbers demanded the security key from Hutton. On the floor, one of the bank-goers told Kate he thought he could take one of the robbers. The man disarmed a robber, whose gun then slid along the floor, towards Kate. She picked up the gun, stood up and aimed at the robbers. The man instructed Kate how to use it but she claimed to have never used a gun before. However, when she attempted to fire, the gun would not. Jason then grabbed Kate by the neck, and took her to the office.


Kate is given the key to the safety deposit box. ("Whatever the Case May Be")  (promotional still)

Once in the office, Jason and Kate kissed. After discussing what they would do next, Jason smacked her across the face, to make it look like there had been a struggle. He then took Kate to Hutton, and told him if he didn't give him the key, Kate would be killed. After counting to three, Hutton handed over the key. The three headed into the vault, where Jason told the manager their plan, and how Kate was responsible for the whole thing. Jason then pointed the gun at Hutton. However, Kate never intended for anyone innocent to get hurt and grabbed the other gun. She aimed at Jason and made an ultimatum that if he shot Hutton, Kate would shoot him. After Jason made to shoot Hutton, Kate did shoot him in the leg, as well as the two other robbers. With the robbers injured the manager gave Kate the key to the safety deposit box. She had the other key to go with it and she opened the box. It contained a small toy airplane, which previously belonged to Tom Brennan. She left the other members of the gang behind and escaped the scene. ("Whatever the Case May Be")

Capture in Australia and Flight 815


Kate's last minutes of freedom. ("Tabula Rasa")

Kate then fled to Australia, where she stayed at a farm owned by Ray Mullen for nearly three months. She was planning to subsequently travel to Bali, Indonesia. ("Hearts and Minds") Mullen eventually noticed Kate's wanted poster at the post office, and attempted to turn her in to Edward Mars for a reward of $23,000 dollars, which he intended to use to pay off his mortgage debts.

Kate discovered the plan, but when her escape attempt endangered Mullen's life, she chose to save his life rather than make her escape. Mars consequently captured Kate and prepared to extradite her to the U.S. aboard Oceanic Flight 815. ("Tabula Rasa")


Kate on board Flight 815.("Pilot, Part 2")

During the turbulence that preceded the crash of Flight 815, Kate's captor, US Marshal Edward Mars, received a head injury caused by falling baggage. Kate unlocked the handcuffs securing her by stealing the keys from the unconscious Mars before the plane crashed.

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)


Kate, after the crash ("Pilot, Part 1")

One of Kate's first acquaintances post-crash was Jack, who had just finished tending to the injuries of some of the other survivors, and needed Kate's assistance in stitching one of his own wounds. This meeting was the beginning of her involvement in what would become the core subgroup, composed of herself, Jack, Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer, who later were to participate in the most significant adventures of the survivors. It was also the opening scene in what would later become a love triangle involving Jack, who played "straight" man to Sawyer's "bad boy". Jack was also tending to Edward Mars, who was discovered dying. He learned from Mars that Kate was a criminal and a fugitive, but gave Kate the benefit of the doubt, and decided to judge her by her actions on the Island, rather than solely by her history.

Kate's first island adventure, with Jack and Charlie, was the quest to retrieve the cockpit's radio transceiver, in the hope of obtaining rescue. During the expedition, they were confronted by the Monster for the first time.

Kate Sayid Transciever

Kate obtaining an antenna from Sayid, to help locate the source of the French distress signal. ("Tabula Rasa")  (promotional still)

Once the transceiver had been obtained, it needed to be repaired, then brought to higher ground for better reception. These needs led to her meetings with Sayid, who had technical expertise, as well as Shannon, Boone, and Sawyer. This quest ended with their discovery of a chilling distress signal that appeared to have been running for sixteen years. ("Pilot, Part 2")

Later, when Kate set out on a mission to triangulate the distress signal, Jack asked Kate if she was going on the mission to catch boars. To which she replied "I'm a vegetarian".

The beginning of the love triangle formed a few days later, when Jack and Sayid were torturing Sawyer to force him to hand over Shannon's asthma inhalers. Kate accepted Sawyer's request to kiss him in exchange for the inhalers. However the request was only a ruse to get a kiss, since he then revealed that he didn't have the medication. Nevertheless, the kiss appeared to deeply affect them both in a way neither expected. ("Confidence Man")

Kate Jack

Kate and Jack, searching in the jungle for kidnapped Claire and Charlie ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")  (promotional still)

After Claire and Charlie were kidnapped by Ethan, Kate and Jack went together in pursuit of them. They had a short confrontation with Ethan, then discovered Charlie hanging from a banyan tree, apparently dead, although Jack managed to revive him after an extended resuscitation attempt, during which Kate broke down into tears and pleaded with him to stop. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

Later Kate was out fruit-gathering in the jungle when she became aware that she was being followed. She responded by hurling a rock into the bushes behind her. Sawyer limped out, swearing and protesting that he was only protecting her. After some friendly banter, they stumbled across a beautiful scene, a large pool of water with a large waterfall. Kate let him talk her into a swim, but their fun was cut short at the discovery of a pair of bodies under the falls, still strapped to the airline seats. As Sawyer checked the bodies, Kate discovered the Marshal's Halliburton case, which she allowed Sawyer to take when she was unable to open it. Later that night, Kate attempted to steal the case from his tent as he slept, only to have him ambush her and pin her against him. She headbutted him and escaped his grip, but was unable to grab the case. Frustrated, she demanded he give it to her, and he refused.

She later managed to snatch the case as Sawyer attempted to break it open by dropping it from a height onto a rocky outcropping. A chase ensued with Sawyer managing to outwit Kate, catching her. After a brief struggle(during which Sawyer was headbutted again) he offered to give up the case if only she revealed its contents, but she refused. Kate then told Jack about the guns, and recruited him to exhume Edward Mars's body to recover the key to the case. Kate tried to hide the key and lie to Jack, but like Sawyer she underestimated him, and he discovered her duplicity. Jack was able to retrieve the case from Sawyer, who warned him about Kate's dishonesty. They opened the case in the caves, and Jack discovered Kate's toy airplane. When she refused to tell him about it, he became angry and forced her to reveal the truth, and she cried out that it belonged to a man she loved, and killed. Jack left her sobbing miserably, but spared her a sympathetic glance later than evening as she stared at the toy as she sat by the fire.("Whatever the Case May Be")

Kate continued to bond with Sawyer as she helped him track a boar that he believed was harassing him. During this expedition, they played a game of "I never", and revealed dark secrets to each other, many of which they had in common, such as having killed someone. ("Outlaws")


Sawyer reveals Kate's fugitive status to the group. ("Born to Run")

However, her relations with Sawyer became strained when she tried to wheedle her way into getting his spot on Michael's raft. After Michael accused Sawyer of poisoning him, Sawyer revealed Kate's fugitive status to the group, accusing her of the deed. Kate stood up for herself, admitting she was indeed the Marshal's prisoner, but passionately denied poisoning Michael. While everyone seemed to believe her, the knowledge that she was a fugitive from justice made everyone distrustful of her. Later it was revealed that while it really was Kate's idea, it Sun who was behind the actual poisoning, but Jin had been the intended target. Kate and Sawyer had a somber talk by the main campfire in which they seemed to come to a mutual understanding, but they parted on less than friendly terms. ("Born to Run")

On the day of the raft launching, Kate searched for Sawyer as she said goodbye to her friends before departing on a mission to the Black Rock to find dynamite to force open the newly-discovered hatch, but Sawyer had left the beach to chop down bamboo for a new mast. Sawyer then searched for Kate as they prepared to launch the raft, but she had already left on the mission. At the Black Rock, Kate witnessed Arzt exploding. On the way back to the Hatch, Kate threw dynamite down the hole in the ground that the Monster was pulling Locke into. She witnessed the dynamite explodng on the Hatch. ("Exodus, Part 2")

Season 2 (Days 44-67)


Kate descends into the hatch. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")

After the mysterious hatch was opened, Jack and Locke came to blows over whether the hatch should be abandoned claiming that they couldn't get everyone down the shaft due to the broken ladder, a claim which was not aided by Kate discovering "Quarantine" written on the Hatch door. The group decided to head back to the caves before making a decision, and while they traveled, Kate questioned Locke on why he wanted to go down the hatch so badly, but Locke reminded her of the unnatural tendencies of the island. Upon arriving at the caves, Locke defied Jack and decided to descend the shaft, and Kate told him that she was planning on doing so with him. Being the lighter of the two, Kate agreed to go down first and after she was harnessed in by Locke and his contraption made of cable she started the descent (reiterating 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as she did so. However, the cable came loose forcing her to drop to the bottom, as a florescent light emitted up the shaft. In order to find her Locke, and later Jack, came down the Hatch. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")

Kate Locke

Locke locks Kate in the Swan's pantry ("Adrift")  (promotional still)

In the hatch Kate, and later Locke, are discovered by the man living in it - Desmond Hume. Instantly suspicious of the two, he ordered Kate to tie up Locke upon his arrival. However, Locke used his knowledge of Kate's past to their advantage, telling Desmond that she was a fugitive and more dangerous. Therefore, Kate was locked in the Swan Station's pantry. Inside the pantry, she freed herself using a knife that Locke had slipped her and escaped the room via the air vents where she witnessed Jack's entry into the Swan as he came face to face with a man from his past. ("Adrift")

The distraction of Jack and Locke was enough to allow Kate to drop from the air vents and into the armory where she armed herself. She approached Desmond and hit him with the butt of her gun, forcing him to the floor, but not without firing a bullet before he did so. In this mêlée the Swan computer was damaged, a computer which Desmond previously explained must have The Numbers entered in it every 108 minutes in order to save the world. Not wanting to test Desmond's beliefs, Kate raced to find Sayid to fix it. After assisting in the reparations of the computer, it became a shared secret between the survivors with Kate being a key feature in it's running. ("Orientation")


Jack and Kate share a meal. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")  (promotional still)

The following day, Kate and Hurley were on shift in the Swan and she awoke him from his slumber as the time to enter the numbers approached. She reminded him of the numbers, which were written on a post-it note, unaware of the irony of the situation. Later, an awkward moment ensued between Jack and Kate when his and Sayid's explorations of the Hatch led him upon a towel-clad Kate following her sulfur-odored shower. That night, as Hurley distributed the food, she happily ate with Jack as they joked together. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

Kate's bond with Sun developed as she helped her in searching for her wedding ring. An attempt to reassure her everything would be alright forced Sun to confess about the message bottle that Claire found. Upon digging up the bottle, Kate began siphoning through the messages, but was stopped, but professed that she never got to say goodbye to Sawyer, but soon noticed Sun's ring in the sand. ("...And Found")

Kate continued to bond with Jack, even playing golf together as they friendly bantered with each other. Jack's missed shot led them both into the jungle where they encountered Eko who had an injured and unconscious Sawyer strewn across his shoulders, after his gun shot wound from one of the Others on board the raft. They both learned of Shannon's death in the process. ("Collision") They rushed Sawyer to the Hatch where Jack treated the gunshot wound, which had gone septic. As the Tailies and the Rafties joyfully reunited on the beach, Kate stayed by the side of a seriously ill and delirious Sawyer, comforting him and whispering "You're gonna be all right. You're home".("Collision")

Kate, visibly shaken by Sawyer's condition, stayed by his side for nearly 24 hours, depriving herself of rest in her efforts to tend to him. Jack finally had to order Kate into the jungle to get fruit for Sawyer to eat, where she saw a black horse, similar to the horse that allowed her to escape Edward Mars. Confused, she returned to the Swan to tend to Sawyer while the rest of the camp went to Shannon's funeral. She told Jack that she was tired, but insisted that she was well enough to keep watch over Sawyer. As she prepared a fruit mash for him, Sawyer began to mumble in his sleep. Thinking perhaps he was coming out of his delirium, she leaned in to talk to him. He suddenly seized her by the throat and shouted "Why did you kill me?" Kate fled the Swan in terror and confusion, leaving Sawyer unattended.

2x09 jack kate

Kate kisses Jack. ("What Kate Did")

After a brief conversation with Charlie, a disturbed Kate was found by Jack and he angrily confronted her for leaving the Hatch, and scoffed at her apology. Kate responded "I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as you. I'm sorry that I'm not as good." As she attempted to run away Jack grabbed her and she unexpectedly kissed him. Confused over her feelings for two men and more than likely suffering from a severe lack of sleep, Kate fled into the jungle, leaving a baffled Jack in her wake.

Kate then returned to the Hatch to face her demons. She approached Sawyer, then began to speak to him as though she believed that Wayne was somehow manifesting through him. She alluded to killing him because she hated that he was a part of her and then angrily went on to say that his memory now tainted her thoughts whenever she looked at, and felt something, for Sawyer. Then "Wayne" was gone, leaving Sawyer who wryly remarked "That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard, but who the hell's Wayne?". Kate ruefully told him that they were still stranded on the island and had not been rescued. Some time later a very happy and relieved Kate helped Sawyer walk outside for some air, then after some flirtatious banter, Sawyer and Kate both saw theblack horse. She approached the horse, and shared a silent exchange as Kate made peace with her past. ("What Kate Did")

Unaware of Michael's discovery on the computer the previous day (when Walt communicated with him), Kate agreed to swap her shift with Michael at the computer. Later, she gave Sawyer a well needed haircut. ("The 23rd Psalm")

A few days later, Kate went with Sawyer to the Hatch so Jack could tend his bandages, where they found Jack and Locke, imprisoned by Michael before departing for The Others' camp to find his son. After freeing them, Jack told the group that he planned to initiate a hunting party, to which all four of them agreed to go on. With unexpected anger, Jack ordered Kate to stay behind when she asked for a gun, saying that someone needed to stay and man the button. They left without her. Determined to help, and possibly to prove herself, Kate tailed the group of three, but was soon caught by Pickett and taken hostage.


Kate is held used as leverage by the bearded Other ("The Hunting Party")  (promotional still)

During a confrontation between the hunting Party and the bearded Other, both Michael and Kate were held (Kate unaware Michael was there due to the bag on her head.) Kate was gagged and her hands and feet were tied up. In order to force the group to surrender their guns, the man ordered "Alex" to bring her out (however Alex refused to do so and Pickett did instead.) Jack was finally forced to give up the hopeless standoff or else risk Kate's life and those in his group. Jack was infuriated and barely spoke to Kate afterward. After the group returned, Jack left Kate at her tent without a word, while a sympathetic Sawyer told her not to beat herself up, that he would have acted no differently.("The Hunting Party")

After Charlie apparently kidnapped Aaron proclaiming he needed to save him, Kate stayed with a worried Claire and warned off Charlie when he tried to approach them, telling him that seeing the child probably wasn't the best idea. She later watched the confrontation between Charlie and Locke as he tried to save Aaron once more. ("Fire + Water")

Kate and Sawyer's bond deepened, and she was often by his side to help with his physical therapy. During one of these sessions, Sawyer could not help but point out that Jack was now seemingly inseparable from Ana-Lucia, while he was still giving Kate the cold shoulder. ("Fire + Water")

2x13 kate

Kate suspiciously eyes Ana Lucia as the finger of blame is placed. ("The Long Con")

She later came by to lend a show of support after Jack ransacked Sawyer's tent looking for a bottle of pills that he had taken for himself. They heard screams in the jungle and rushed to investigate, finding Sun knocked unconscious, after an attempted abduction by an unknown assailant(later revealed to be Charlie). Kate and Sawyer took it upon themselves to investigate the scene of the crime. They hunted for clues and Sawyer reported that it wasn't The Others who kidnapped her, as Ana Lucia had theorized, due to the use of different bags. He asked her who would have the motivation into scaring 46 people into joining an army? They returned to camp, and as Sun awoke, Kate watched on believing this to be a ploy by Ana Lucia to get the guns and form her army.

Tensions between Jack, Locke, Ana Lucia and Kate came to a head as everyone theorized over who was behind the scam as three warning shots were fired. Sawyer then revealed that the whole elaborate con had been his doing(though for whatever reason the assault on Sun was never linked to Sawyer's theft of the guns or the medicine). Kate later approached Sawyer and angrily reproached him for playing everyone, and using her. He replies "You run, I con. Tigers don't change their stripes." She tells him that she knows it's not about the guns, it's that he only wants people to hate him. He responds that it's a good thing she doesn't hate him, but she gives him a parting glare that indicates otherwise, leaving Sawyer to wonder if he'd alienated her after all. ("The Long Con")

KateClaireStaff 2x15

Kate and Claire open the medical station's main entrance. ("Maternity Leave")  (promotional still)

Later, when Claire began having memory flashes from the time she was kidnapped by Ethan, Kate took it upon herself to help her find Rousseau. After a brief exchange between her and Sawyer to obtain a gun(which he hands over willingly), the two women set out into the jungle together. After finding her, Rousseau agreed to help for her own reasons. They find the station, and while Claire and Rousseau search for vaccines, Kate made an odd and important discovery: several lockers, containing the Others' trashy costumes, and a fake beard. Kate does not reveal this information to Jack, still hurting from his prior rejection. ("Maternity Leave")

The following day, after Sun suspected herself to be pregnant, Kate sat with her while waiting for the results to become clear. During this wait Sun asked Kate if she had ever taken a pregnancy test and Kate admits that she had. Their discussion was interrupted when the time had elapsed and they discovered Sun to be pregnant. After consulting Jack, Sun made them promise to keep it a secret and they agreed, but Jack warned her that she would tell Jin the whole truth. He then left for the hatch, irony in his words as he himself had not told Kate the whole truth and she remained blissfully ignorant about the situation in the hatch. ("The Whole Truth")


Jack and Kate make a startling discovery. ("Lockdown")  (promotional still)

Kate participated in a friendly game of Texas Hold 'Em with Hurley and Sawyer, but she pulled out of the game, preferring to watch, when the competition heated up as Jack and Sawyer decided to "put their mangoes where their mouths are." After Jack beat Sawyer, Kate caught up with him on his trek back to the hatch. She told him she wanted to take a shower at the hatch, but Jack told her that a pipe had burst, providing no running water. Kate had little time to question this as a flashing beacon in the distance grabbed their attention. Eventually, they both came across a large pallet filled with foods. Further more, they were interrupted from their discovery when Sayid, Charlie and Ana Lucia returned from their journey with the truth about "Henry Gale". Kate joined them in the hatch as they confronted the prisoner, this being the first time she had heard of or laid eyes on the man. ("Lockdown")

Kate was forced to hold her questions as she helped Locke deal with his injuries following the Lockdown procedure. She then left for the beach to collect some crutches for Locke where she ran into Sawyer after the beating delivered to him by Hurley, out of revenge for all the nicknames he had adorned on him. She is concerned, but also amused that someone has finally knocked him down a few pegs. ("Dave")

2x19 Jack Kate net

Jack and Kate get caught in a net.("S.O.S.")  (promotional still)

The following day, Jack asked Kate to join him in a journey to "the line", where he planned to force a trade with the Others, Ben for Walt. During the trek, Kate thanked him for asking her along, to which he responded "I only asked you because Sayid wouldn't come." When Kate saw a baby doll in the jungle, despite Jack's yelp of protest, she picked it up triggering a net trap in which Jack and Kate were both caught. The situation became increasingly awkward as the two tried to disable the trap. Her attempt to shoot the trap failed, but Jack succeeded, as they both fell to the jungle floor.

As night fell, the two continued their trek and Kate confessed to Jack of the discovery of the Staff station during her trek with Claire and Rousseau and also told him of what she found inside (such as the ragged clothes and the fake beard.) Jack, annoyed, asked why she had kept him from this, to which Kate responded that she had been left out of the circle, as they had captured one of "them" and decided not to tell her. Their discussion was interrupted as they arrived at the line. As night fell and as they waited by a fire, Kate apologized for kissing him, to which he replied "I'm not.". Then a rustling in the bushes caught their attention and eventually Michael emerged, dazed and delirious. ("S.O.S.")

Following his arrival, Kate attempted to check Michael for injuries, but Jack began to push into the jungle, searching for any pursuit. Kate tried to insist that he was alone. The two slung Michael's arms over their shoulders and brought him back to the Swan where they enlisted Locke to help them (Locke, however, was slightly distracted by some ominous news from the prisoner.) Kate remained at his side until he awoke some time later, and she listened as Michael informed that that "they could take them." Deciding a confrontation with the Others was the only way to survive, Kate, Locke and Jack left the hatch to get the guns from Sawyer, unaware of the deadly aftermath leaving Ana Lucia and Michael alone with the prisoner would bring. ("Two for the Road")

After attempting to get the guns back from Sawyer, it was discovered that Ana Lucia had stolen his pistol. The three quickly made tracks for the Hatch, Kate breaking up an argument along the way. However, they were too late as Michael stumbled out of the hatch with a gunshot to his arm. They all rushed inside to find Ana Lucia and Libby dead, and "Henry" escaped following the day's events.


Kate and Sawyer deliver some difficult news. ("?")

Kate proclaimed Ana Lucia dead, but she was forced into action as it was revealed that Libby was still alive, but in shock. As Sawyer volunteered the heroin in his stash to aide in easing Libby's pain, Jack ordered Kate to go with him in order to find out the whereabouts of his stash, and therefore the guns. Despite the awkward situation in which Jack had put her, Sawyer allowed her to accompany him. As they trekked to retrieve the heroin she questioned him on how Ana Lucia had gotten his gun, but received no answer. Kate is shocked, and impressed, to discover that Sawyer's stash had been hidden all this time under his own tent. They bumped into Hurley on their way out, and Kate broke the heart-wrenching news to her friend. Back at the Hatch, Libby died, and Sawyer comforted Kate she broke down in tears. ("?")

Unaware of Michael's traitorous intentions to help the Others, Kate agreed to join the squad of five survivors, that he had suggested to rescue Walt from the Others. Along the way Kate warns Sawyer off a doll, which was bait for one of Rousseau's traps. This leads to the pair discussing the actual meaning of "caught in a net", and when Sawyer said he thought Jack meant "something else", Kate asked with some incredulity when he and Jack had started talking about her.

Later Kate spotted the Others tracking them along their trek, and enlisted Sawyer's aide before they opened fire on the tracking party, Sawyer managing to kill one. Kate was ready to track down the surviving Other, but then Jack revealed that he knew of Michael's plan to betray them. Despite knowing the truth of their quest, the five kept moving, and Kate later discovered the capsule dump, where they were ambushed and captured. They were taken to Pala Ferry, where after Michael exchanged his own friends for his son's and his own freedom. After Hurley was freed to take the message back to the castaway's camp, Kate and her friends were taken away as prisoners of the Others. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1")

Season 3 (Days 68-91)

3X01 KateBen

Kate, forced to have breakfast with Ben ("A Tale of Two Cities")  (promotional still)

Kate's first experience as a prisoner at the Others' base was awakening to find a bandage on her arm from an apparent blood sample. Tom then told her to shower. She was then made to wear a sundress, and was taken to eat breakfast with Ben, during which she demanded to know where Sawyer and Jack were being held(Ben taking note of the fact that she named Sawyer first), then she was told that the next two weeks were going to be very unpleasant.("A Tale of Two Cities")

Kate then was imprisoned in a large animal cage, across from a similar cage holding Sawyer. Jack was nowhere to be seen. Kate and Sawyer were forced to work daily in inhumane conditions at a quarry, overseen by a belligerent Pickett. During their work, Sawyer gave Kate a passionate kiss as a distraction, then turned the tables on the Others when they tried to separate the pair. He almost managed to turn the situation into a successful escape attempt, only to be foiled when Juliet held Kate at gunpoint. Kate looked on in anguish as Pickett enacted a brutal punishment on her friend. Later that night Kate demanded an explanation, to which Sawyer pointed out how he'd discovered certain useful points about their captors, which ones were a greater threat and which ones they could take out. Kate was suitably impressed and could not help smiling, and remarked on the Others' reaction to the escape attempt. The moment took an unexpected and intimate turn when Sawyer commented that Kate "tasted like strawberries", to which she blushed and responded "You taste like fish biscuits." ("The Glass Ballerina")

Later Kate and Sawyer were witness to the return of Colleen Pickett's ill-fated mission, during which she was fatally wounded. Kate was appalled at Sawyer's pleasure that one of their people had committed murder on an Other, but he told her it was "every man for himself". After a yet another failed escape attempt involving Ben, Kate was forced to watch as he then beat Sawyer unconscisous. Sawyer was led to believe that he had a deadly device affixed to his heart, and that Kate would suffer the same fate if he said anything. Unaware of this, Kate discovered that she could escape the cages by climbing out through the top bars. Pickett, bitter at Colleen's death, came out to take his grief out on Sawyer. As Pickett beat him savagely, he demanded Kate to say if she loved him. She attempted to shield Sawyer as best she could before crying out that she loved Sawyer. Convinced that Pickett would eventually kill Sawyer, Kate attempted to initiate an escape. Sawyer refused, ordering her to leave him behind, saying "If you love me, go.". Shocked, she blurted out that she only said it to make Pickett stop beating him. Over his protests, she climbed back into her cage, giving up her chance to escape to stay with him. ("Every Man for Himself")


Jack and Kate in the Hydra cell. ("I Do")

Juliet persuaded Kate to try and convince Jack to perform surgery on Ben, warning her that Pickett intends to murder Sawyer. She was taken to his cell, and Kate told Jack that he has to perform Ben's surgery or Sawyer would be killed. He became enraged and refused in spite of her tearful pleas, mocking her for trusting the Others before ordering them to take her away.

That evening, Kate and Sawyer argued over her decision to tell Jack to operate on Ben in order to save Sawyer, and fed up with his disinterest in escape, she climbed out of her cage and broke the lock on his, entering the cage. Sawyer then revealed to her that they were on a different island than their own, and that escape was virtually impossible. She became upset and demanded to know why he'd keep this from her, and he responded "I wanted you to believe we had a damn chance.". Her anger gone, she gave in to long-withheld feelings and kissed him tenderly, and the two of them made love in the cage.

Later, Jack saw them together via the security cameras and was clearly jealous and angry. Ben expressed sympathy, saying he would have bet that she would have chosen Jack, and Jack angrily demands safe passage off the Island in exchange for the surgery. The next morning, Pickett and Jason came to execute Sawyer. The couple attempted to fight back, and Sawyer managed to pin Pickett, but Kate was overpowered and held at gunpoint. Pickett ordered Sawyer to give up or Kate would die as well. Sawyer gave in over Kate's heartbroken protests, unwilling to allow the woman he loved to die. As he knelt outside the cage, she desperately begged for his life, saying she'd do anything to save him. Sawyer orders her to close her eyes so she wouldn't have to watch. At the last moment, Pickett was interrupted by a call from Tom on his walkie-talkie. He ordered Pickett to allow Kate to speak with Jack. Jack was holding Ben hostage during surgery, and ordered Kate to take Sawyer and escape. ("I Do")

3x07 kate sawyer alex

Kate and Sawyer joining forces with Alex to escape Hydra Island ("Not in Portland")  (promotional still)

Kate and Sawyer both overpower their captors, and after locking them both in Sawyer's cage, they fled the Hydra Station. Once they reached the beach and saw the main island, they realized they needed a boat. Their salvation came in the form of Alex, who rescued them from Pickett and his team. In exchange for Alex's boat, she asked that they help free her boyfriend Karl, who was being held captive and brainwashed in a complex nearby. Their gun out of bullets, Kate came up with a plan to fool and overpower the guard at the door. They freed Karl, but not before Kate had to snap Sawyer out of a daze, who was becoming mesmerized by the brainwashing effects of the room. Before leaving, Kate spoke to Jack on a walkie, who ordered her never to come back for him. With that, Sawyer and Kate set off back to the main island, accompanied by Karl, who faced death if he stayed with Alex. ("Not in Portland")

As they rowed back to the mainland, Kate became upset and told Sawyer they could not leave Jack behind. Sawyer flatly refused to go back, then rowed into shore despite her assertion that they should continue til they reached camp, so they could tell Locke and Sayid what had happened. When they found Karl after he had disappeared, she wanted to comfort him over his loss, but Sawyer gently refused and spoke to Karl himself. After he allowed him to go free, Kate became upset with what she saw as a tactical blunder, saying Karl could have led them to the Others so they could free Jack. Sawyer became angry and told her not to beat herself up because she felt guilty, then accused her of only making love to him because she thought "he was a dead man". She retorted that she didn't feel guilty, and she was clearly upset by his accusation. They set out that night for camp, and it is clear that the fight had caused a rift between the couple. As they approached camp she tended to an minor injury in his foot, and they began to talk. She attempted to smooth things over with him, but he irritably brushed her off. They shared an emotional reunion with their friends, during which each tried to catch the other's eye. Sawyer stormed off in search of his stash, while Kate, determined to rescue Jack, set off after a heated discussion with Locke and Sayid. Later that evening, Sawyer sadly looked for her, but he was too late, she had already gone. Later in the jungle, Sayid and Locke caught up with Kate as she searched for Danielle, who was also successfully recruited. Kate told her of the teenage girl, Alex, who had helped her escape, stating that she was certain that she was Rousseau's long-lost daughter. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

Traveling north they found the Flame station, inhabited by Mikhail Bakunin who told them that he was the last member of the DHARMA Initiative. Sayid and Kate were suspicious of him, and after a fight she knocked Mikhail out with the butt of her rifle. After the unintentional destruction of the station by Locke, Kate and her group took Mikhail prisoner and continued their mission. ("Enter 77")

Using maps found by Sayid at the station, the team made it to a sonic barrier surrounding the barracks. Locke pushed Bakunin into the barrier to his apparent death, to Kate's horror. After this, they used a chopped-down tree to surmount the barrier and proceeded to the barracks, with Kate being the first to get to the other side. Reaching the Barracks, Kate saw Jack running towards them and tried to catch his attention, but was held back by Sayid. They were astonished to find Jack was playing a friendly game of football with the Others. ("Par Avion")

That evening, she sneaked into Jack's house where she found Jack playing the piano. Jack ordered her to leave, warning her that he was under surveillance. Too late, the Others stormed the house and captured her and Sayid while Jack stood passively by and watched. Jack came to see her, admitting that he'd made a deal with Ben to escape the Island. Kate asked why he would believe them, and he coldly responds, "because you asked me to." She discovers that he knows about her and Sawyer. He then leaves her and Sayid behind, prisoners of the Others(though his escape attempt was thwarted by Locke).("The Man from Tallahassee")


Kate and Juliet attempt to hide from The Monster. ("Left Behind")

Still in the Others' captivity, Kate was dumbfounded after she heard that Locke was leaving with the enemy. Later, she was gassed unconscious by a canister thrown into the rec room in which she had been imprisoned. When she woke up, she found herself in the jungle, handcuffed to Juliet. Decisive to go back for her friends, Kate led Juliet towards the Barracks once more. On the way, the two physically fought, culminating in Kate dislocating Juliet's shoulder. Later, after the two had escaped an attack from the Monster, Juliet snidely tells Kate that Jack had seen her with Sawyer, telling her that she broken Jack's heart. Kate, suitably infuriated, roughly popped Juliet's shoulder back into place. After another encounter with the mysterious black smoke, the two made it back to the deserted Barracks. There, Kate found Jack, and apologized for preventing his escape from the Island(but not for sleeping with Sawyer), despite the fact that it was Locke who destroyed the sub. Jack was not placated, and as they reunited with the other two and set out for home, Kate trailed behind with her friend Sayid. ("Left Behind")

3x16 kate sawyer promotional

Kate watches Juliet with suspicion, as does the rest of the camp ("One of Us")  (promotional still)

As they journeyed back, Kate and Sayid shared suspicions over Juliet as well as Jack's irrational protective behavior of her. As they returned to the beach camp, Kate shared a tender reunion with a relieved and happy Sawyer. Later that night, Kate found herself defending Jack against the Losties' anger over Juliet, in spite of her own suspicion. Then when Claire became mysteriously and gravely ill, Juliet came to Kate, telling her that she knew why Claire was ill because she was the one that made her sick. Juliet explained to Jack and Kate that pregnant women die on the island, leading Kate to become concerned about Sun too. ("One of Us")

Sawyer later flirted with Kate, though she playfully rebuffed his suggestion that they have sex. That night, after attempting to engage Jack in conversation, Kate was hurt to see him having dinner with Juliet. Upset, she went to Sawyer at his tent and seduced him. When Sawyer later gently rebuked her about why she'd jumped him the previous night(because she'd seen Jack and Juliet together), she seemed shocked and denied the accusation. ("Catch-22")

Sun sought Kate's advice after Jack asked her some odd questions about her pregnancy, and Kate told her about Juliet's research with pregnant women on the island. She then tried to calm Sun as she confronted Juliet. Later, they learned that the Others had taken an interest in Kate, as Juliet spoke of obtaining a sample from her. ("D.O.C.")

A few nights later, Kate and Sawyer try spending the night together, but she becomes restless and leaves for her own tent, though they exchange a playful kiss before parting. Later that day, Kate found Sayid and Hurley attempting to fix the satellite phone, and Sayid told her everything about Naomi. Despite Sayid's request to keep the information a secret, Kate told Jack of this, later telling Sayid that this information should not be withheld, and that Naomi was seriously injured and needed a doctor. Kate warned him that no one trusted him anymore because of Juliet, who implied that there was something Kate should know. But Jack refused to tell her before heading off to help Naomi, leaving Kate very confused. ("The Brig")

The next day, Kate was among the group of survivors who gathered together to listen to Sayid talk about his distrust of Jack and Juliet. As Jack arrived with Juliet, she ordered Sawyer to play the tape that Locke had given him, in which she mentions testing Kate for a possibly pregnancy. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Kate was also in the group led by Jack and Juliet into the jungle, where she learned of their plan to rid themselves of the Others. However, Karl arrived on the beach to warn them of the Others' change of plans.


Kate watches on as Jack calls Naomi's boat. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

Kate then headed off to the radio tower, along with Jack and the rest of the camp. On the way, she expressed concern about Sawyer's sudden distant attitude (unknown to her, he had murdered Anthony Cooper a few days' previous), and the fact that she could be pregnant, but he brushed her off. She later offered to go back to the beach with Sawyer, but he sharply refused her company. While in conversation with Jack, he told her that Sawyer refused her because he was trying to protect her, and that he, himself, had done the same back at the Hydra. When she asked why he was suddenly defending Sawyer, he unexpectedly responds with saying that he "loves her". They then reached the tower, and Jack managed to call for rescue. ("Greatest Hits")  ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

Season 4 (Days 91-108)

Kate, like the rest of the survivors, was elated by the prospect of finally being rescued. But when Naomi disappeared, she found what she believed to be her trail. Jack, however, intended to follow a different trail found by Rousseau, and brushed off Kate's suggestion that it could be a dummy trail (once again dismissing the fact that she is a trained tracker). He told Kate to take the rest of the survivors back to the beach. Kate appeared to agreed and gave Jack a hug, but this was a ruse to steal Naomi's satellite phone from Jack. She headed off to follow the other trail.

Normal LOST Y4 073 034

Naomi holds Kate at knife point ("The Beginning of the End")  (promotional still)

She was correct about the trail, and after a short conversation with Minkowski on the phone, she was attacked and by Naomi, who believed that the survivors wanted to kill her. Kate managed to convince her that Locke was acting alone in attacking her, and when Naomi talked to Minkowski on the phone, she did not disclose how she was injured.

After Naomi ultimately died of the stab wound inflicted by Locke, Kate met up with the rest of the survivors in the jungle by the cockpit of the plane. She was shocked and saddened when Sawyer chose to go with Locke's group to the Barracks, refusing rescue as well as the possibility of fatherhood. Later at the wreckage of the Flight 815 nose section, Jack and Kate talked about Charlie for a brief moment, remembering when they went on their first trek to the cockpit. They heard the sound of a helicopter overhead, and, following the sound, she and Jack witnessed a man parachute onto the Island, apparently a member of the "search and rescue" team from the freighter. ("The Beginning of the End")

Kate and Jack agreed to help Faraday find the other members of his team, who were forced to bail out of the helicopter when it experienced mechanical difficulty. The first person they found was Miles, who initially appeared dead, but surprised Jack and held him at gunpoint, demanding that Kate tell him where Naomi's body was. After learning that Naomi had used a code to communicate that she was in trouble, Kate told Miles that Naomi was killed by Locke, but stated that he was not with them anymore. After being taken to the body, and apparently somehow communicating with Naomi, Miles accepted her story, but still regarded Jack and Kate with suspicion despite Daniel's insistence that they were "good people", and wouldn't put his gun away.

Kate and Jack were ultimately saved by Sayid and Juliet, who surprised Miles and Daniel by firing shots from the jungle, and disarmed them. Kate complained that Jack didn't tell her the "cavalry" had arrived, to which he responded "I gave you that wink.". Kate was also present when the group discovered that Locke was holding Charlotte, another team member, hostage, and when they found Frank Lapidus, the pilot of the helicopter and final team member. She and Daniel carried Naomi's body back to the helicopter. ("Confirmed Dead")


Jack asks Kate to travel to the barracks ("The Economist")  (promotional still)

Sayid and Lapidus negotiated a deal: If Sayid could retrieve Charlotte from Locke's group, then Lapidus would allow him onto the helicopter. Jack was not invited on Sayid's mission, and Kate wryly remarked she knew what it feels like to be told not to come along. Jack, however, encouraged Kate to go anyway, as he didn't trust Locke and knew that Sawyer would protect Kate. Kate joined with Sayid and Miles as they went across the Island to the barracks. ("The Economist")

Upon reaching the barracks, Kate heard a muffled shouting coming from inside one of the houses. With Sayid and Miles, she investigated the noise, to find Hurley tied up in a cupboard. He told them that Locke had gone crazy and that he tied him up and was going to leave the barracks after shortly stopping at Ben's house. The group headed to Ben's house to investigate, and while Kate was searching Ben's bedroom, Sawyer entered and closed the door, motioning for Kate to be quiet. She would not betray Sayid's trust again and shouted a warning to him, but it was too late. As Sawyer kept an eye on Kate, she irritably demanded to know why he wanted to stay. He replied he didn't want to leave because there was nothing left for him back in the outside world. He also reminded Kate that she was a fugitive, and would be arrested if she left the island. He told her that he thought they should stay at the barracks, as they had everything they needed to live comfortably. She asked him how long he thought they could "play house", and he replied in earnest "Why don't we find out?", and she seemed to consider his proposal.


Kate's deception is discovered by Sawyer and Locke and she is banished from the Barracks. ("Eggtown")  (promotional still)

After the exchange of prisoners, Sayid left with Charlotte to return to Jack and Juliet's group. But Kate stayed behind, though she moved into the barracks with Claire, not Sawyer. As they drank coffee on the porch one morning not long after, Sawyer approached her and once again offered Kate a home together with him. But the pregnancy issue arose yet again, and once again Sawyer was too stubborn to apologize and Kate would not tolerate his contempt, and they parted ways. Later she and Claire witnessed Locke's outburst over his frustration with Ben. The conversation turned to babies, with Kate nervously refusing to hold Aaron, saying she was no good with babies.

Later she approached Locke for permission to speak to Miles. He flatly refused her, but, undeterred, she tricked the information out of Hurley. Promising him she wouldn't tell Locke, she set out for the boathouse, where Miles was being held captive. Kate demanded that he tell her what he knew about her. Miles agreed, but in exchange, wanted to talk to Ben first. Kate turned to Sawyer for help in her plot, to which he was happy to agree. As he distracted Locke with a game of backgammon, Kate broke Miles out and took him to see Ben, where she witnessed Miles blackmail Ben for 3.2 million dollars. Miles then revealed that he and everyone else on the freighter knew all about Kate and her criminal record. On their way out, they were intercepted by Locke, who ordered Kate back to her house. She left after a warning glance from her accomplice. After an argument with Locke, in which he ordered her out of the Barracks by morning, she went to Sawyer and Hurley's house, where he apologized for ratting her out. He scoffed at Locke's banishment, telling her she could stay with him, and that he'd protect her. She smiled and they kissed tenderly. In the morning, the couple had a tense moment where Sawyer became too pushy about sex and the fact that she'd turned him down the night before, then expressed a near-ridiculous show of relief that she wasn't pregnant. She became angry and announced that she was going back to the beach. Sawyer, exasperated, angrily remarked that in a week she'd have a reason to get pissed off at Jack and bounce back to him. Kate slapped him hard enough to send him reeling, then after the couple exchanged angry glances, she left.("Eggtown")

On the walk back, Kate encountered Daniel and Charlotte making their way to the Tempest. After she caught them lying, discovering their gas masks, Charlotte knocked her unconscious. Jack and Juliet found Kate shortly after. While Jack tended to Kate, Juliet sneaked off ahead after Daniel and Charlotte. Following Juliet to the station, Kate told Jack that she stayed with Locke's group to find out if the people on the freighter knew about her status as a fugitive, and that they did. They later reached the Tempest after Juliet had controlled the situation, and Kate decided to see if Charlotte's story checked out by following them into the Tempest. ("The Other Woman")

Following her return from the Tempest, Kate grew ever more suspicious of both Juliet and the Kahana crew. With the prospect of rescue too much of a gamble to take, she remained on the beach but expressed her doubts to Sun, and they were reciprocated. Kate later drew Sun a map to the Barracks when she decided she and Jin would defect from the beach camp. ("Ji Yeon")

A few mornings later, Kate discovered that Jack was taking painkillers, over which she expressed concern. They talked for awhile until they heard Bernard's cries for help. They found Dr. Ray's body washed up on the beach with his throat slit. They asked Faraday who it was and he informed them that he was the freighters' doctor. Later that night, Kate was present when Jack found out Faraday and Lewis have been lying to them about what the freighters' intentions were. She attempted to aid Jack when his stomach bug started to act up. ("The Shape of Things to Come")


Kate at the beach camp during Jack's surgery. ("Something Nice Back Home")  (promotional still)

When Jack's "stomach bug" turned out to be a case of appendicitis, he demanded that Kate be present during surgery. He wanted to stay awake so he could talk Juliet through it, and needed Kate to hold a mirror so he could see the incision. But the pain became too much for him, upsetting Kate, and juliet ordered her out while Bernard smothered him with a chloroform-soaked rag. After the surgery, Kate went to see Jack, finding Juliet stitching up his stomach. They discuss Juliet's kiss with Jack a few days' prior, and Juliet remarks that she was certain that he was trying to prove he was "in love with someone else". Kate only thanks her for saving Jack's life, then leaves him alone with Juliet. ("Something Nice Back Home")

Kate was present at the beach camp when suddenly, a helicopter was heard in the distance. As the chopper overflew the camp, a satellite phone fell from it. ("Cabin Fever")

Jack, after an argument with Juliet over the possibility of burst sutures, recruited Kate to track the chopper into the jungle. After a lenghty trek, they ran into Sawyer, Miles, and Aaron making their way back to the beach. Sawyer and Kate exchanged glances of relief, and as Sawyer argued with Jack he handed Aaron over to Kate. She and Miles returned to the beach, while Jack and Sawyer continued on towards the chopper. Upon arriving at the beach, Kate delivered the news to Sayid, and they decided to go after Jack and Sawyer.


Kate and Sayid encounter The Others. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

During their trek, Kate discovered tracks that, to her alarm, did not belong to Jack or Sawyer, and appeared to be following them. Kate and Sayid drew their guns, at which Richard Alpert emerged from the jungle, along with a group of armed Others surrounding them. Kate and Sayid were disarmed and led off into the jungle. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

Some time later, Kate came running out of the jungle toward Keamy and his men, claiming that she was being chased by Ben's people. After telling Keamy her name, she was ordered to put her hands above her head and stay beside Ben. She gave him a meaningful glance, which he appeared to understand. As the Others took out the mercenaries, Kate and Ben ran for cover, pursued by Keamy. After Richard shot Keamy and saved Sayid's life, Kate cut Ben's bonds. Ben told her and Sayid that the helicopter was theirs and they were free to leave the Island.


Sawyer whispers something to Kate before jumping off the chopper. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

When Kate and Sayid were joined by Hurley, Jack and Sawyer at the helicopter, they lifted off and headed for the freighter. When a fuel leak was discovered, Kate and the other survivors tossed things out of the helicopter to reduce weight. As Lapidus shouted that they needed to lose a couple hundred pounds more, Sawyer turned to Kate and whispered something into her ear. Alarmed, she demanded to know why he was telling her this, and he gave her a passionate kiss. He told her "Just do it, Freckles." and jumped out of the helicopter, giving the other survivors the chance they needed to get to the freighter. Kate watched for him as they flew away, crying tears of pride and relief as he burst to the surface and began to swim for shore.

Upon landing on the freighter, Kate told Sun to get Aaron on the helicopter and that she would go and get Jin, who was still below decks. As Kate searched for Jin, Jack stopped her and refused to listen to her (again), forcing her to abandon her search and taking her back to the chopper, and they narrowly escaped the massive explosion. Kate then watched in horror with the rest of her group as the Island disappeared before their eyes, taking Sawyer and all of their friends with it, as a result of Ben moving the Frozen Donkey Wheel. The chopper ran out of fuel and ditched in the ocean, but Kate and her friends survived and managed to get to the life raft deployed by Sayid. After being rescued by Penny aboard the Searcher, and plotting their lie to the world about the Island's whereabouts, they set out for the island of Membata, and eventual rescue. As she carried Aaron to shore, helped by Sun and Sayid, Kate cast one last, longing look back out to sea. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

After the Island


Sometime later, Kate landed in Hawaii with the rest of the Oceanic 6 and from here she professed to being Aaron's biological mother. She found that none of her family and friends were waiting for her when she stepped off the plane holding Aaron. At the press conference, she was questioned about giving birth on the Island, and being pregnant at the time of her arrest in Australia. A reporter that seemed suspicious asked about the fact that she would have been 6 months pregnant at the time of her arrest based on the time that she indicated she had the baby. Karen Decker interrupted this reporter and informed him that Kate's legal issue was off the table for questioning.

She attended Christian Shephard's funeral, where she met Carole Littleton who complimented Aaron, and stood by while Jack talked to her about Claire being his sister. At the time she did not seem aware of Carole's relation to Aaron, but it would become apparent later that Jack must have confessed. Later, Kate attended Hurley's surprise birthday party, holding Aaron, where she stated that Jack was running late, but soon would be there. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")


Kate visits Cassidy with Aaron to fulfill her promise to Sawyer. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

Kate went to visit Cassidy and Clementine to help give them financial support as Sawyer had requested, and to tell Clementine that her father loved her and cared about her. Cassidy was happy to see Kate alive and well, but was decidedly contemptuous of the fact that Sawyer was still alive. She scoffed at Kate's notion that he jumped to save them, instead putting forth that he was trying to "get away" from Kate. She was sympathetic, telling Kate that she had the same look as she did when Sawyer dumped Cassidy. Also, amidst all of the information about the Oceanic Six lies, Cassidy correctly guessed that Aaron was not actually Kate's baby. When she asked why Kate had lied about Aaron, she responded "Because I have to." Kate and Cassidy continued their friendship, paying each other visits over the next 3 years. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")



Kate with her lawyer during trial. ("Eggtown")

Kate went on trial for murdering Wayne and numerous other crimes committed during her time as a fugitive. When Jack appeared as a character witness offering false testimony about Kate, she angrily rejected his help and requested that he be removed as a witness. Her mother was brought in as the "star witness" against Kate. But she was weakened by a terminal illness, and in a private meeting with her daughter she explained that she did not want to testify, that Kate's "death" changed her mind, and she would not testify if she was allowed to see her "grandson". Kate refused, not wanting Diane anywhere near her "son", but Diane decided she would not testify, regardless. ("Eggtown")

4x04 KateAaron

Kate embraces Aaron after resolving her legal past. ("Eggtown")

After this development, the prosecution offered Kate a deal: 10 years of probation and confinement to the state of California. Having accepted the deal, she left the courthouse where she ran into Jack, who told her he was lying when he told the judge he didn't love her. He asked if they could go get coffee, but Kate declined because of Jack's rejection of Aaron. She told him that until he could accept Aaron, there would be no "me and you going for coffee." She told him to come and see them when he changed his mind. Kate returned home to Aaron, who greeted her as his mother. ("Eggtown")

Shortly after her trial, Jack seemed to have changed his mind about seeing Aaron, and became romantically involved with Kate. He moved into her home, and appeared to take a paternal interest in Aaron, reading him bedtime stories. Eventually he proposed to her, and she accepted. But Jack, plagued by visions of his father, turned to alcohol and drug abuse, and one night Kate came home late find him drunk and alone with Aaron, having sent the babysitter home. Despite her pleas to let it go, that where she was had nothing to do with them, he demanded to know where she was. To this she would only admit that she was "doing something for Sawyer", and said that he wouldn't want Jack to know about it. He became irrational and mocked Sawyer's sacrifice, and she angrily told him she would not have him acting like this around Aaron. She went to comfort the boy as he appeared, frightened, in a doorway, and said nothing as Jack walked out. ("Something Nice Back Home")

John Locke visited Kate sometime after this, and told her that she needed to go back to the Island. She told him no, she had a child to think of, and sadly told him that he only wanted to stay originally because he had no one that he loved back home. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")



Kate meets up with a distraught Jack. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

About a month later, after getting a phone call from Jack, Kate agreed to meet him at the end of an airport runway. Once there, it was apparent the two haven't spoken in some time. Kate is surprised at his appearance. After a brief, simple exchange, Jack - who was deeply addicted to drugs and alcohol - told her that they were never supposed to leave the island, and that he was attempting to return. Kate, saddened by Jack's condition, said that she had to leave and return before he started wondering where she was. Kate left, while Jack was remained standing on the runway calling after her, yelling "We have to go back, Kate!" ("Through the Looking Glass")

Kate reversed the car and stormed back, anrgily rebuking Jack for wanting to go back to the Island and for harassing her with constant phone calls while he was stoned on his pills. Jack revealed that his reason for believing Jeremy Bentham was because it was the only way to protect her and Aaron, whereupon Kate slapped him - venting her anger and resentment for him abandoning them. She then left him to his own devices, returning home to Aaron.


Kate encounters someone unexpected in Aaron's room. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Later, Kate had a dream in which she received a phone call from an unknown voice. The person's message sounded unintelligible to Kate, but it was actually a man speaking in reverse(the message being "The Island needs you, you have to go back before it's too late.) As the phone went dead, she heard a sound coming from Aaron's room. She grabbed a small handgun from her closet and crept to her son's room. There was someone leaning over Aaron in his bed, and she ordered this person away from her son. The person turned around, and she saw it was Claire. She warned Kate not to bring Aaron back to the island, saying "Don't you dare bring him back, Kate." She then woke up, frightened, and ran to his room. She held his hand as she cried quietly, apologizing to him. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Season 5


Dan Norton delivers the court order to Kate for a DNA test. ("Because You Left")

Later, Kate was at home watching cartoons with Aaron when she was visited by Dan Norton, an attorney working for an unknown client. Norton claimed to have a court order to conduct a test to determine if Aaron was actually Kate's child. She refused to allow the test and told Norton to leave, which he did, saying that he would be back with a sheriff. Kate frantically packed a bag, grabbed an envelope of cash and a gun (which were hidden in her room), took Aaron and left saying that they were going "on vacation."("Because You Left")

Shortly after leaving, Kate pulled into a gas station. Not knowing what to do, she contemplated phoning Jack, but thought better of it. Her phone began to ring however, and she answered it. She expressed relief that the person was in LA, and they agreed on a place to meet. When Aaron asked where they were going, Kate responded "to see a friend."

Kate took Aaron to the penthouse of a large hotel, where they met Sun. Sun showed Kate pictures of Ji-Yeon and stated that she'd like Aaron and Ji-Yeon to play together. Kate told Sun about the lawyers who came to visit her asking about testing her and her "son." Sun told Kate that they weren't interested in exposing their lie, they just wanted Aaron. Sun told Kate that she needs to do what she must to take care of Aaron. Kate demanded to know what kind of person Sun thought she was, which led Sun to allude to the events on the freighter that led to Jin's death. Kate, shocked and saddened by the implication that she was responsible for his death, tearfully apologized, but Sun responded that she didn't blame Kate. She then asked Kate how Jack was, who looked disgusted. ("The Lie")

Shortly after, Kate, with Sun watching Aaron, paid a visit Norton at his office, during which she attempted a deal as a way to find out who Norton's client was. Norton refused her offer, telling her that it was no use and that she should brace herself with the reality that she would lose Aaron. Kate, resolved in finding out who has discovered her lie, initiated a stake-out to follow Norton, in the hopes that he'd lead her to his client. She was briefly interrupted by a call from Jack, who implored her to tell him where she was so they could talk. She agreed and told him where she was.

When Jack arrived she told him that somebody knew about the lie and that she was not Aaron's biological mother. Jack accompanied her in tailing Norton to a motel, where they saw that Norton's client was Carole Littleton. Kate was horrified, and believed she was there to take Aaron away. Jack offered to talk to her, and it was revealed that Ms. Littleton in fact had no knowledge of Aaron. Kate was left wondering who was really looking for Aaron, and why.


Kate discovers Ben as the "client". ("The Little Prince")

When Jack and Kate arrived at the marina, Kate was disturbed to see Ben. It was then that Kate realized the truth- that Ben was the one after Aaron, and that Jack was working with him. She demanded to know why he wouldn't leave her and "her son" alone, to which Ben replied, "Because he's not your son."("The Little Prince")

After an angry Sun appeared to hold Ben at gunpoint, Kate retrieved Aaron from her car. Upon realizing that Jack was trying to trick her into returning to the Island, she became incensed with him and drove away with Aaron. ("This Place is Death")

As they drove away, Aaron asked to stop to get some milk to drink. She stopped at a supermarket, only to find he'd changed his mind and wanted a juice box instead. Kate was distracted by a phone call from Jack, which she ignored. As she put her phone away, she discovered Aaron had disappeared. Kate was terrrifed and frantically searched for him, but he was nowhere to be found. She finally found Aaron just as she asked a worker to close off the store. Aaron was walking with a blonde woman who bore a resemblance Claire. The woman had meant well and was simply taking him to the front to ask the manager to make an announcement. Kate hugged Aaron in relief.


Kate talks about losing Aaron with Cassidy. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

Badly shaken, Kate took Aaron to Cassidy's house, where Clementine, Sawyer's daughter, answered the door. Kate discussed the events in the supermarket with Cassidy, and said that as scared as she was, she was not surprised that Aaron went missing and that she knew it would happen someday. Cassidy told Kate that this was only because she took him to begin with. Cassidy said that Kate took Aaron to fill the emptiness left in her heart by Sawyer.

That night, Kate checked into a hotel a few doors down from Carole Littleton and went to go talk to her. Carole said that she knew who Kate was and mentioned her visit with Jack. Kate, in tears, came clean about the lie cooked up by the Oceanic Six and told Carole that Aaron was her grandson, and that Claire was still alive. She told Carole that Aaron was in the other room, and that when she was ready, Aaron was waiting for her, as she would be the one to take care of him while Kate was gone. She let Carole know that she had filled Aaron in on the situation. When Carole asked Kate where she was going, Kate declared that she was going back to the Island to find Claire.


Kate tearfully says goodbye to Aaron, as she is returning to the Island to find his biological mother, Claire. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

Kate left and went to go say goodbye to Aaron. She broke down and quietly wept about leaving Aaron behind. She gave him a kiss, and tearfully walked out of the room after saying goodbye one last time before she went to the Island.   ("Whatever Happened, Happened")


Kate agrees to return to the Island with Jack. ("316")

Later that evening, Jack came home to his apartment and found Kate strewn across his bed, clearly distraught. She asked if he still meant to go back, and when he said "yes", she said that she was coming as well. Jack, confused, asked why she changed her mind so suddenly, and questioned after Aaron's whereabouts. Kate, visibly upset, told him in no uncertain terms that if he wanted her to come back, he must never ask about Aaron or mention his name again. Jack agreed and Kate kissed him passionately. The next morning, presumably after having sex the previous night, Jack eagerly made breakfast for a somewhat bemused and distracted Kate. She questioned after Christian's shoes, and Jack explained them. In relation to his story, she asked him "Why hold on to something if it makes you sad?", but before he could answer, the phone rang, and Kate quickly took the opportunity to leave.

At the airport, Kate seemed intent on avoiding Jack's presence, giving him a wan look at the ticket counter. Later, on the plane, Jack came over to sit by her, remarking on how strange and crazy it was that all of the Oceanic 6 were together again. Kate replied "We're on the same plane, it doesn't mean we're together". As Jack absorbs this implied rejection, he and Kate are surprised to hear Frank Lapidus on the intercom, and their conversation comes to an end. During the crash, Kate flashed out of the plane into the past, along with Jack, Hurley, and Sayid, disappearing before everyone's eyes. ("316")

Back on the Island

Season 5 (1977)

After the supposed crash, Jack and Hurley found Kate unconscious on the edge of the waterfall pool. Jack woke her and explained that they were really back on the Island, though no one remembered crashing. Kate, Jack, and Hurley then heard music nearby and saw a DHARMA van coming to the side of the lagoon. The van stopped, and a man in a DHARMA suit stepped out with his rifle. The group was astonished to see that it was Jin. ("316")


Kate is questioned by a doubting Phil. ("Namaste")

Jin took Kate's group to meet with Sawyer, with whom Kate shared a reserved but happy reunion. As Sawyer anxiously orders them to stay put while he devises a way to smuggle them into the Barracks, Kate stops him to ask who else is with his group. (presumably wondering if Claire might be amongst them) Upon his return, Kate and Hurley immediately agreed to go along with Sawyer's plan to pose as new recruits for the Dharma Initiative, while Jack was slightly less than enthusiastic. When they arrived at the processing center, Sawyer gives Kate a welcoming lei and the two exchange shy smiles. As Kate waited for her name to be called for work assignments, she was approached by Phil, who became suspicious when he could not find her name on the sub manifest. Kate managed to stall until Juliet arrived and feigned to meeting Kate for the first time. Kate, relieved, but giving Juliet a wry glance, went along with the charade. ("LaFleur")("Namaste") Later that night she watched Sawyer from afar as he saw Jack off from his house, answering his questioning look with an unhappy gaze and a wave.

The next morning, Kate met up with Jack and Hurley at the Barracks cafeteria, where they discussed what they were going to do next. Hurley commented on Sawyer and Juliet being together, and Kate seemed crestfallen at this bit of news. Nevertheless, she volunteered to talk to Juliet to find out what was going on. Later at the Motor Pool they discussed Sawyer and his relationship with Juliet, to which Kate assured she would not interfere. Juliet accepted this, then they both exchanged anxious looks with Sawyer as he escorted Sayid, a prisoner and suspected Hostile, past the garage. ("He's Our You")


Kate talks with Roger about their jobs in the DHARMA Initiative. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

After an exasperating encounter with Sayid, Sawyer approached Kate at her house. When she answered the door, they shared an awkward moment before Sawyer vented his frustration with their arrival, demanding to know why she came back. She hedged a moment before firmly telling him that she only knew why she had come back. But before she could tell him, they were interrupted by the sight of a burning van hurtling past them (part of a ruse by young Ben to free Sayid), and Kate rushed to save the occupants while Sawyer sounded the fire alarm. She later had a conversation with a janitor, with whom she commiserated over being thrown into jobs which they had not expected to be given. She gave him a slightly malicious smile when he introduced himself as Roger Linus, Ben's father.

Later, down in the security station, Kate approached Sawyer to find out what was going on, when Horace arrived with Phil, Miles, and Jin. When he became suspicious, Kate and Sawyer successfully conned him into thinking she was simply there for questioning, and she was allowed to leave. In an attempt to keep things under control, Sawyer put her, Jack, and Hurley under house arrest while the situation was being cleared up. After Sawyer failed to recruit Jack for help in surgery with Ben, Kate became angry with Jack and left to to do what she could for Juliet and Ben.


Kate gives blood to Ben to try to help in saving him. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

She showed up at the clinic and offered to give Ben blood, as she was a universal donor. Roger came in to check on his son, where he told Kate that he knew Ben stole his keys and admitted that wasn't the good father that he was initially hoping to be. Their conversation was interrupted when Ben started to crash, and Juliet stabilized him. Outside, she told Kate that Ben had no chance of survival and was in a medically unsolvable situation, but at Kate's refusal to give up on Ben, she suggested that the Others may be able to help.

Juliet wanted to go with her, but Kate told her that she didn't want to mess things up for her and Sawyer, and if she got in trouble she would see to it that all the blame was on her. Juliet told Kate that she would have to tell Sawyer what was going on, but that she would try and give her a head start. Kate took Ben in a DHARMA van to the Sonar fence, where she stopped to check on Ben. Sawyer drove up behind her, and Kate told him she understood that he was going to stop her. But he told her he wa there to help her, not to stop her, and they head out into the jungle. As they stopped to rest and give Ben water, Kate told Sawyer about his daughter Clementine. The discussion turned to Cassidy and her notion that Sawyer had jumped because he was "avoiding" a relationship with Kate. Sawyer seemed regretful as he told Kate that their relationship would never have worked out, because he was too immature for her. She commented that he seemed to be doing OK with Juliet, and he said he'd "grown up" in the past few years. Before they could continue, the Others arrived to take them captive.


Kate agrees to hand over Ben to Richard in order to save him. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

Sawyer quickly took charge, and demanded to be taken to Richard if they wanted the Truce to be upheld. The Others complied and escorted him and Kate into the jungle. Along the way, Sawyer tried to cheer Kate up with some joking banter. Richard appeared and asked about Ben, to which Kate answered and asked if he could help. As Richard asked who she was, Sawyer became protective and firmly told Richard that Kate was "with him". Richard explained to Kate that if he took Ben, he would lose his innocence, never be the same again, and "always be one of us." He asked her if she was sure that was what she wanted, and Kate agreed to hand Ben over. When Richard walked away, Kate anxiously tried to follow, but Sawyer stopped her and led her away towards home. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

They had a brief exchange back at the sonar fence, where Kate expressed worry that Sawyer could get in trouble. He reassured her, and smugly pointed out that he was head of security and could handle it.

Kate arrived back at the hospital and filled Juliet in on the situation, when Roger came in and discovered that Ben was missing from the hospital. Juliet desperately tried to come up with a cover story, but Roger didn't listen and raced out to go to security. Kate later attempted to comfort Roger, but he became unexpectedly and irrationally suspicious instead. ("Some Like It Hoth")


The survivors discuss their next step. ("The Variable")

The next day, after their cover was blown, Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Hurley met in Sawyer and Juliet's home to discuss their options. Sawyer suggested they either leave the Island by submarine or head into the jungle to "start from square one." They were interrupted when Miles and Daniel arrived asking where he could find the Hostiles. Sawyer angrily rejected Daniel's plan, and asked Kate to come with him and the group to the beach. Kate was clearly undecided. However, when Sawyer called her "Freckles", his old pet name for her, Juliet became visibly annoyed and gave Kate the code for the fence. Taking the hint, Kate left with Jack and Daniel.

When Kate, Jack and Daniel went to the motor pool to arm themselves, they are interrupted by Radzinsky and two other DHARMA workers. When Radzinsky saw their weapons, he accused Daniel of lying about the group's intentions, and a firefight ensued. They made their way to the Jeep, when Jack covered them by opening fire on a fuel tank, causing a tremendous explosion. When they got to the sonic fence, Kate enters the code provided by Juliet and they made their way into the jungle. They stopped by a stream and Kate hears Daniel reveal his intention to set things right by detonating a hydrogen bomb in an attempt to negate the catastrophic energy release, thereby preventing the events that led to Oceanic 815's crash. Jack believed this plan would work but Kate was uneasy. They arrived undetected at the Hostile's camp, when Daniel decided to go in alone. Jack tried to stop him but Kate told Jack to let him go as they watched him enter the Hostiles' camp. ("The Variable")

Jack and Kate discussed their options while hiding behind bushes at the Hostiles' camp when suddenly, a gunshot was heard, and they watched Daniel collapse to the ground. As they were about to run away, they were surrounded by Charles Widmore and another Hostile riding horses. Widmore knocked out Jack with his rifle's butt and the other aimed at Kate. They were brought by Widmore into the camp where Eloise ordered that they be taken to her tent. While captive, Jack told Kate that this plan would work and that they could erase all of the miserable things that happened to them but Kate protested, saying she didn't think it was all misery. Eloise entered and assured them that she'd believe whatever they said, because she just killed her future son. Jack told Ellie of Daniel's plan to detonate Jughead and when she asked Kate if Jack knew what he was talking about, Kate responded, "He thinks he does."

Kate and Jack were taken by Eloise, Richard, and Erik to the bomb. They arrived at a creek and are told this is where they'll swim under to the tunnels. Kate didn't want any part of this and told Jack she's going back. Erik threatened to shoot Kate, and as a gunshot rang out it seemed he had carried through with his threat. But it was Sayid who had shot Erik, saving Kate's life. Jack filled Sayid in on the plan to change the future and he is convinced he has already done so by killing Ben, but Kate told him that she and Sawyer had saved Ben's life. She then left and made her way back to the barracks.

5x15 AwkwardSub

Kate is thrown in the Galaga with Sawyer and Juliet.

Kate was caught and taken down into the sub where she was handcuffed next to Sawyer and Juliet, who had arranged only for their own escape from the Island. They all gave each other awkward looks and the vessel submerged, leaving the Island. ("Follow the Leader")

With the sub on its way, Kate convinced Juliet and Sawyer that they needed to stop Jack from detonating the hydrogen bomb on the island. They managed to break free and forced the captain to surface so that they could leave and instructed him to continue on his course. When they arrived on the island, they met up with Vincent the dog, Rose, and Bernard who had been living alone for the past three years. Kate, her mind on her mission, was oblivious to an affectionate glance from Sawyer and Juliet's sad response. On Kate's request, Rose pointed them in the direction of the Barracks and they left. Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet intercepted Jack and the rest of the survivors on their way to the Swan site.

5x16 Kate cover for Jack

Kate shed tears while covering up for Jack at his attempt to change the past. ("The Incident, Part 1")

After Jack's fight with Sawyer, Kate tended to Jack's wounds and eventually changed her mind about helping Jack, when he convinced her she would be helping Claire. From her position in the van, Kate helped lay down cover fire for Jack as he attempted to reach the drill-well. She had Sawyer's back when he was nearly shot by a security guard above him. When the bomb failed to detonate and the drill hit the EM pocket, Kate desperately tried to save Juliet from being dragged into the well by chains entangling her legs. She was able to buy enough time for Sawyer to grab Juliet's hand and try to pull her to safety, but this was to no avail and Juliet fell. Kate forcibly pulled a grief-stricken Sawyer to safety before the scaffolding was pulled into the well. Moments later the bomb presumably detonated and her current fate is unknown. ("The Incident, Part 1")

The List

In "Par Avion", Mikhail tells Kate she is not on the list because of the fact that she is "flawed."

In "Left Behind", Locke tells Kate he made a strong case with the Others for her. But based on who she was and what she had done he could not convince them because "forgiveness is not one of their strong suits."

Kate's places and license plates

For more information on the cars Kate has used, see: Automobiles
License Plate Significance
Licenseplates Because she was a fugitive, Kate had a stash of license plates hidden within the trunk of her car
to use when adopting a new identity. Some of the license plates found in the picture to the left are:
Minnesota, Idaho, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota, Colorado, and Wisconsin,
all holding a possible reference to the places where she might have been located while on the run.


This was Kate's birthplace, and where she was later temporarily reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Tom, while visiting her dying mother. In Iowa, Kate committed her first crime, by killing Wayne, and escaping after, which also makes it the starting point of her escape.


In "Born to Run", Kate changed her license plate from Nebraska to Ohio.

New Mexico

In Ruidoso, New Mexico, Kate staged her bank robbery, to get the toy airplane from the safety deposit box.


Florida is where Kate married Kevin Callis, and lived with him for a while in Dade County, before escaping again.


In Australia, Kate lived and worked on Ray Mullen's farm, before he turned her in for the $23,000 reward.
By boarding with Edward Mars on Flight 815, Australia became the end point of her escape journey.


Kate's license plate in "Left Behind" is 40N DVB



An Easter egg from the official ABC-created site revealed Kate's assumed name while she was a fugitive, in the form of a fax transmission of her mugshot.

  • Kate was the central character of the first episode to contain the traditional flashback format we know today. ("Tabula Rasa")
  • Kate was the third character to ever have a flashback.
  • Kate was the fourth character to ever have a flash-forward.
  • Kate's episode count so far is 94 (as of "The Incident, Part 1").
  • Kate has met all of the main characters.
  • There are a total of 16 letters in her name.
  • She is after Jack for the second-most flashbacks, with 13.
  • Kate has been referred to as or used the aliases Katherine Ryan, Katherine Dodd, Joan Heart, Maggie Ryan, Annie, Lucy, and presumably lived under the name Monica Callis during her marriage. Her father and Tom Brennan called her Katie. Her mother called her Katherine. Sawyer almost always calls her Freckles, but occasionally calls her Kate during particularly emotional or tense conversations.
  • According to the Marshal, Tom Brennan was killed a couple of years before the plane crash, which would place the flashbacks in "Born to Run" happening during 2002.
  • According to the Marshal, he had been chasing Kate for three years before the plane crash, which would place the flashbacks in "What Kate Did" in 2001.
    • Kate mentions being 24 in "What Kate Did", so she was presumably 27 at the time of the crash.
  • Kate is involved in a car accident in many of her flashbacks ("Tabula Rasa")("Born to Run")("What Kate Did")
  • Kate presumably left Iowa before Tom's son Connor was born. Connor was almost 22 months old in "Born to Run".
  • Tom and Kate's time capsule was buried on August 15, 1989, roughly 15 years before the plane crash. (The Numbers)
  • The safety deposit box that contained Kate's toy plane was box #815. (The Numbers)
  • On her mugshot the subject file is: 00-0428-23-5607-01, which contains the Numbers 4, 8, 23 and 42.
  • Kate has visited five of the ten known DHARMA Initiative stations: the Swan, the Staff, the Hydra, the Flame, and the Tempest. This is more than any other of the survivors except for Locke, who has also visited five stations.
  • The character of Kate was first intended to be the de facto leader of the survivors, after Jack's character was to be killed off in "Pilot, Part 1". Later, the writers found that killing Jack in the first episode would raise feelings of betrayal and anger in the audience. They decided instead to have the pilot killed in Jack's place.
    • In this depiction, Kate was written as an older woman traveling with her husband, whom she is separated from after he goes to the bathroom right before the crash. This idea was still employed, but with the characters of Rose and Bernard.
  • Claire notes that Kate is a Gemini, which means her birthday is between May 21 and June 21. ("White Rabbit") (Evangeline Lilly is a Leo.)
  • Kate, while on the run as a fugitive, called Edward Mars on Catholic Holy Days of Obligation. ("I Do")
  • She was the first of the Oceanic 815 survivors to meet Desmond Hume on the island.
  • Kate seems to be a fan of American country singer Patsy Cline. She plays Patsy Cline records twice on the Island, once in the hatch in "What Kate Did" and once at Claire's house in "Eggtown". Patsy Cline songs also play in Kate flashback scenes in "Tabula Rasa" (in Ray Mullen's truck), "Left Behind" (in the tow truck) and "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" (in the grocery store she attempted to steal from). Kate also listens to Patsy Cline on the way to Cassidy's house in her car in Whatever Happened, Happened. Interestingly, Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash.
  • Katherine is a Greek name which means "pure".
  • Kate's blood type is O negative. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")
  • Kate has been tied up more than any other character on the show.

Additional casting

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • Who sent her money in a letter informing her Diane was dying?
  • How did she get the other key to the safety deposit box?
  • How did she manage to leave the country and travel to Australia?
  • Isn't she still legally married to Kevin Callis?

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