Kate seen crawling around inside the air ducts


  • Fugitive from justice for several years
  • Crimes included armed robbery, assault, resisting arrest
  • Caused the death of her childhood boyfriend while resisting arrest
  • Extradited to the United States to stand trial


  • Relies on Jack to give her strength and to be her friend
  • Bravely led the first exploration into the jungle
  • Chosen by the first exploration group to keep ahold of the gun Sawyer had in his possession
  • Helps Sayid with the radio transmitters
  • Broke the first transmitter put together by Sayid when up in a tree and startled by "the monster"
  • Recovered the U.S. Marshal's Halliburton case from a pond that she found with Sawyer. The Halliburton contained five pistols, documents, and her most cherished possession, a metal toy plane that belonged to her childhood sweetheart
  • Nicknamed "Freckles" by Sawyer
  • Labelled "Sheriff" by Sawyer who gives her the U.S. Marshal's badge
  • Helped try to rescue Claire and Charlie when they were kidnapped by the sinister Ethan Rom
  • Delivered Claire's baby in the middle of the jungle
  • Exposed to the group as a fugitive by Sawyer after trying to steal his place on the raft
  • Part of the Black Rock expedition to get the TNT
  • Helps blow the hatch open
  • First to go inside the hatch
  • Captured by Desmond and freed by Locke
  • Ate an Apollo bar while exploring the hatch
  • Has proven herself to be the most self centered female on the island.