Kate's mugshot was discovered by Jack in the jacket pocket of US Marshal Edward Mars, the second day after the crash of Flight 815. Hurley saw it shortly thereafter, becoming the second survivor to learn about Kate's status as a fugitive. ("Tabula Rasa") Jack later returned the mugshot to Kate. ("The Moth")

The photograph indicated that Kate was taken into custody in Pennsylvania by the Harrison Valley Police, and that her prisoner number was 961136. Although she was on the run for killing her father by blowing up his house, it is not known if this was the specific instance that led to her arrest, or whether she was taken into custody by Edward Mars.

It is presumed that the picture Ray Mullen saw at the post office that led him to turn Kate in was the mugshot photograph. ("Tabula Rasa")


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Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • How did Kate escape custody from the Harrison Valley Police?
    • When and why was she in Pennsylvania?