"Kate's Motel" is an orchestral piece from the Season One soundtrack. The winding eight-note passage with a slower counterpoint serves as Kate's character theme.

Main appearance

A car pulls up in front of a motel, and a blonde woman steps out, her face concealed. She opens her trunk and pulls up its bottom lining, revealing dozens of license plates. Taking one for Ohio, she removes the current license plate and screws on its replacement. A maid cleaning a room leaves the door open, and the woman steals supplies from her cart and enters a different room.

Once inside, she undresses and begins using a product on her hair. Stepping into the shower, she washes her hair, revealing that she is a brunette with dyed hair. Finally, she faces the camera, and we see who she is.

The woman collects an envelope from the front desk that is registered to Joan Hart. She opens it in her car, revealing money and a letter. Upon reading the letter, she breaks down and starts crying.

Full list of appearances

"Kate's Motel" and its variations appear in the following scenes.


The theme reappears in "Backgammon Gambit", "Flash Forward Flashback" "Heavy Metal Crew", "Our Lady of Perpetual Labor", "Romancing the Cage", "Sawyer Jones and the Temple of Boom" and "Sundown".

Title significance and influences

The title, "Kate's Motel", is a reference to the Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. The theme bears a slight resemblance to one of Psycho's themes, found in the cue "Temptation". In the scene in which the piece plays in Lost, Kate arrives at a motel. Michael Giacchino has cited Bernard Herrmann, (composer of Psycho among other films) as an influence on his career. The piece is also somewhat similar to the 13th-century Latin hymn "Dies Irae", which was sometimes an inspiration to Hermann.