"Karma Has No Price" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack.

Scene description

In a flash sideways, Ben watches Alex leave the principal's office and feels a sense of pride for making her happy. On the Island, Ben and Ilana arrive back at the beach camp. Ben sees Sun and offers to help her. Sun tentatively asks him to help with a tarp, and he does so. Frank adds wood to the fire. Miles examines a large diamond. Ilana sits holding her pouch of Jacob's ashes. Hurley, Richard, and Jack appear, and Sun runs happily to greet them, hugging Hurley and Jack tightly. Jack makes a point of moving to look at Ben who stands aside from the group, looking out of place. Richard is also apart from the group, now totaling eight people.

A dark submarine periscope, undetected by the group on the beach, breaks the surface of the water and travels alongside the shore. The periscope views the group on the beach, and the watch officer in the sub below reports that there are people on the beach and asks whether they should stop. Charles Widmore, examining a clipboard, tells the watch officer to proceed as planned.


The piece begins with Ben's flash sideways theme then shifts to his main theme. The home theme plays for much of the remaining piece. The underwater motif starts the final movement, and Team Widmore's motif ends it.

Title significance

Ben, accepted into the group despite his crimes and given the chance to redeem himself in the flash sideways, appears to pay no penalty for his bad karma.

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