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Karma is, in certain Eastern religions or philosophies, the concept that a person's actions in the material world directly affect his future experiences there and also have consequences in the afterlife. Positive actions lead to positive experiences and outcomes; similarly, negative ones lead to undesirable results.


Many explicit references to the word karma involve Sawyer:

  1. When Sawyer encountered Sayid after his return, he said, "Well, well, well. I don't know if you Islams got a concept of karma, but I get the sense this island just served you up a heaping platter of cosmic payback." ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")
  2. Frank Duckett’s last words were that “it’ll come back around” after Sawyer fatally shot him. ("Outlaws")
  3. When Sawyer asked Juliet why she was going back to the survivor camp to help Sayid, Bernard, and Jin, she replied, "Karma. Why are you going back, James?" ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")
  4. When Richard met Locke at the Nigerian airplane, he said, "Well...what comes around, goes around", in reference to Ethan being shot but also to "Locke" traveling in time. ("Because You Left") ("Homecoming") ("The Incident, Part 1")

Bernard also mentioned karma when fishing with Jin in the Episode "Ji Yeon":

JIN: Then why do you stay with Jack?

BERNARD: Because it was the right thing to do. Locke, uh... He's a murderer. See, it's all about karma, Jin. Do you know karma? (Jin nods)

BERNARD: You make bad choices, bad things happen to you. But you make good choices, and then good-- Bernard is interrupted as a fish gets caught to Jin's rod).

Hey! Hey, hey, hey! You got one! Yeah. Here, pull it in. (Jin pulls the fish in)

BERNARD: Wow, look at that! You see? Now, that's karma. We must be the good guys, huh?

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