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Kfc lost00

What are we gonna do for food?

Kfc lost03

Locke calling attention to himself by throwing a knife

Kfc lost02

A succesful hunt!

Kfc lost01

Relax, Big guy! The numbers are good!

KFC Hawaii broadcast a 30 second television commercial that was a parody of Lost. KFC Hawaii is the Hawaii branch of the fried chicken fast food company KFC.

The commercial was only broadcast in the local Hawaii market during the airing of Lost, and was therefore not seen in other mainland (or international) markets. Notably, the commercial utilized lookalike actors, and like the real Lost, was filmed on the beaches of Hawaii. The advertisement begins with the sound of surf, and the scene of wreckage on a beach with six people. The Hurley lookalike ponders the possible significance of The Numbers: the number of people on the beach with the number of pieces of chicken in the three buckets, while a lookalike Locke, whose voice better resembles the original, tells him not to worry, because "the numbers are good".

Incidentally, it is rumored that some of the producers of Lost were unhappy upon viewing this commercial, reportedly exclaiming that they didn't know Disney had a deal with KFC.


A new commercial that began airing in February 2007 conspicuously features the Waikāne Pier, the exact filming location for the Pala Ferry ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1"), although no other explicit reference to Lost is made. [1]

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