"Juliette Is Lost" is an orchestral piece that plays during island exploration and travel sequences. It consists of a repeating five-note motif for various pitched percussion, often accompanied by the chord progression i - V - i - IV above in the strings, synths, or brass.

Main appearance

Juliet exits the submarine, still groggy from her sedative. She stands up and gets her first look at the Island. A man comes along the dock and introduces himself as "Benjamin Linus." He tells her he looks forward to working with her.

Full list of appearances


"Juliette Is Lost" shares elements with "Hollywood and Vines".


The theme appears in "Down The Hobbit Hole" and "Early Mourning Mystery". An action variant appears in "Blessings and Bombs" and a different one appears in "Door Jammer".

Title significance

The title misspells Juliet's name. During its main appearance, Juliet arrives on the island.