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"Juliet & Sawyer" is the 22nd issue of volume one of Lost: The Official Magazine. It is a 100-page mid-season special.

By the Fire

"A Union of Lost Souls"

Elizabeth Mitchell talks exclusively abut he relationship with Lost's LaFleur.

"Time and Time Again..."

Henry Ian Cusick talks exclusively about Desmond's return this season.

"Back From the Edge"

Daniel Dae Kim talks exclusive about the freighter's detonation, Season 5 so far, and Jin's shocking return.

"From Driftwood to DHARMA"

We celebrate Jin-Soo Kwon's triumphant return to Lost with exclusive set photography from Mario Perez of Jin's returning scenes from "The Little Prince" and "This Place Is Death".

Beyond The Hatch

"Sayid: 1 - Bad Guys: 0"

Remember Sayid's fight scene in the safehouse? With the gruesome dishwasher death? We revisit tha moment, and get reactions from the cast and crew.

"Mapping the Way Back"

Go behind-the-scenes with exclusive Lost photography as we revisit this season's all-important DHARMA station: The Lamp Post.

"A Different Island View"

Mario Perez gives us a very special retrospective look at Season 5 so far with exclusive photography, laughs, beautiful scenery, technical wizardry, and men in tiaras...

Beyond The Island

"Welcome to Ajira Airways"

We invite you onboard Flight 316 as we revisit that classic scene from "316".

The Others

"Time and Transitions"

Visual Effects Supervisor Mitch Suskin explains what work he does on Lost.

"Cuts, Bruises, Beards and Beauty"

Makeup Department Supervisor Steve LaPorte explains how he and his team works tirelessly to keep the cast looking perfect for every wildly different scene.

They Came From The Freighter!

"Quantum of Solace"

Jeremy Davies discusses how he came to be on Lost, and more about his character Daniel Faraday.

Memento Mori

"A Cruel Twist of Fate"

Last season we saw the death of Karl, defected member of the Others, and boyfriend of Alex Rousseau. We pay tribute to his life on Lost.

"From Grief to Release"

Danny Pickett made Sawyer's life hell during his time with the Others. Let's look back at his most memorable moments...

Frequent Flyers

Voices From The Fuselage

Prepare to read some fantastic fan theories and analysis regarding the newest season of Lost.

The Transceiver

Editor Paul Terry introduces us to this 100-page mid-season special edition of the Lost Magazine.

New Transmissions

Executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talk about Lost Season 5.

Black Box Flight Recorder

We revisit the tragic scene of the death of Charlotte Staples Lewis from "This Place Is Death".


Prepare to celebrate 100 episodes in the next issue of Lost: The Official Magazine.

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