Juliet's first cue card. ("The Cost of Living")

In the episode "The Cost of Living", Juliet showed Jack a videotape, which she told him is the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird. However, she turned the monitor of the TV away from the cameras so that only Jack could see it, to avoid the content of the movie being detected by Ben through video surveillance.

Secretly, she communicated with Jack without Ben knowing, through the use of silent cue cards. In contrast to what she said verbally, on the cards she told Jack that Ben was a liar, and conveyed a plan to kill him.

The video was shot in Juliet's house at the Barracks as was evident from the background. The framing of the cue cards changed between the first and second card. The change took place on the TV screen Jack was viewing. When the first cue card was seen, Juliet's face could be seen as well. When all the other cards were seen, the shot was zoomed in to show just the card. It is unclear who, if anyone, zoomed the camera in while filming Juliet.


Cue Card Card number What Juliet said to Jack What the card actually said

Card 1

"It was only so that we could save his life."

"Ignore everything I'm saying."


Card 2

Nothing is said (the card is only glimpsed) "Read these.. Stay focused."

Card 3

"Ben. He's a great man." "Ben is a liar."

Card 4

"I know you find that hard to believe but... he is." "... And he's very dangerous."

Card 5

"You probably feel like you don't have a choice. But you do, Jack." "Some of us want a change."

Card 6

"Free will is all we've really got, right?" "But it has to look like an accident."

Card 7

"Anyway, just wanted to put in my two cents." "It has to look like we tried to save him."

Card 8

Nothing is said "And that's up to you, Jack."

Card 9


"I told you before, you can trust me. I want you to trust me, now, when I tell you that doing the surgery is absolutely the right thing for you to do." "It's a complicated surgery. No one would ever know."

Card 10

"It's the right thing because he deserves to live." "And I would protect you."

Card 11

Nothing is said. "Now tell me to turn off the movie."

In the menu of the third disc of the Season 3 DVD box, the full video is shown as an easter egg. Juliet had 2 extra cards after number 10. The first said, "I promise," and the second said, "By the way, your ex-wife is much prettier than me." There were no closeups of the cards in this version. The video is shown on a TV on the menu, and a video distortion effect has been added to it.

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