Juliet Burke developed several relationships over the course of the series.


Ben vs. Juliet
Origin: Ben wanted Juliet to be his mate, but she wouldn't be his. So he made sure that Goodwin (Juliet's lover) was killed.
Prize: Juliet's freedom ("Not in Portland")
Fuel: Throughout Juliet's time at the Barracks, Ben desperately wanted her to be his, but Goodwin stood in the way ("The Other Woman"). Juliet, initially recruited to work there for 6 months, is forced to stay there for 3 years since Ben will not let her leave the Island since the pregnancy problem still exists ("One of Us"). Juliet held a meeting of a book club at her house, and didn't invite Ben. She also chose a book for the meeting that the whole group knew he wouldn't enjoy, Stephen King's Carrie ("A Tale of Two Cities"). When the plane crashes, Ben sends Goodwin to the Tail Section to infiltrate them, which Ben hoped would result in his death and did. He cooked Juliet a dinner one night and she asked why Goodwin couldn't come back, which agitated Ben. Ben finally shows Juliet Goodwin's corpse, and he said that Juliet belonged to him and that she will never leave the Island ("The Other Woman"). Months later, when Jack momentarily broke free in the Hydra, he held Juliet hostage with a broken shard of pottery at her throat, for which Ben showed no concern. When Jack forced open a door that flooded the room, Ben closed the door on Juliet to save himself ("A Tale of Two Cities"). Days later, Juliet apparently foiled Ben's plans to break Jack by leaving an x-ray of Ben's tumor where Jack would obviously see it. She then conspired with Jack to kill Ben ("The Cost of Living"). With Ben on the surgery recovery table, Juliet was tried for her attempt to have Ben killed by Jack during the spinal operation. Just as her conviction and subsequent execution seemed imminent, the bed-ridden Ben sent a note to the trial that Juliet be spared but "marked" for her crime ("Stranger in a Strange Land"). Juliet remarked on a recorder (although turned off) that she hates him ("D.O.C.").
Resolved: No, although, when 'Child Ben's' life was in danger, Juliet went against the people she was friends with for 3 years to save him, even knowing he would become the monster he is.


Ethan and Juliet
First Episode: "Namaste"
Origin: Juliet delivered Ethan, coming out of retirement as a fertility doctor.
Since Then: Years later, Ethan came to Miami with Richard to help him recruit her to the Island. He briefly lived in the same building as Juliet's sister Rachel, presumably to observe her. Once Juliet accepted the job, they traveled together to the island on the submarine. They were two of the Others' doctors and likely worked together in researching the island's pregnancy issues. When Oceanic 815 crashed on the Island, Ethan was working on the plumbing at Juliet's house.


Juliet and Goodwin
First Episode: "One of Us"
Origin: Sometime after Juliet arrived on the island, she struck up a friendship with Goodwin, who provided her with some solace as she's prevented from leaving the island.
Since Then: Juliet found out that Goodwin was married to the Others' psychiatrist, Harper. Goodwin and Juliet embarked on an affair despite this, and when Harper tried to warn Juliet about the consequences Juliet mistook Harper's concern as nothing more than jealousy. When Flight 815 crashed, Ben sent Goodwin out to infiltrate the Tailies, where he ended up getting killed by Ana Lucia. When Ben showed Juliet Goodwin's dead body she was devastated.
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Jack and Juliet
First Episode: "A Tale of Two Cities"
Origin: Jack met Juliet on Hydra Island while he was being held captive by the Others of which she was a member of for the past three years. She became his main contact during his captivity, bringing him food and water.
Since Then: When Jack discovered that Ben was afflicted with a large tumor on his spinal cord Juliet asked Jack to perform the surgery, but with the intention to kill Ben and make it look like an accident. Jack told both Ben and Juliet that he wouldn’t perform the surgery at all, then changed his mind after they used Kate and Sawyer as leverage. In order to save his own life, Ben ordered Juliet to help Sawyer and Kate escape, and in exchange, he promised Juliet he’d let her go home. Juliet shot Pickett in order to get this task accomplished. Soon afterwards, Juliet was held responsible for her crime and ordered to be executed by the Others’ Isabel. Jack told Ben that if Ben commutes Juliet’s sentence, he will take care of Ben to ensure Ben’s health return to normal. Ben agreed. During a struggle with Kate, Juliet informed Kate that Kate had hurt Jack by sleeping with Sawyer. When it came time for Jack, Kate and Sayid to head back to the beach, Jack insisted that Juliet come back with them. He later told Juliet that she was now ‘one of them [the survivors]’. Although it was revealed that Juliet was still working for Ben in a plot to kidnap the pregnant female castaways, she revealed Ben’s plan to Jack, and the two hatched a plan to foil Ben. Juliet has claimed to Jack that Ben thinks Juliet belongs to him [Ben]. Juliet expressed her fear for Jack’s safety while telling him of her feelings for him. Jack reassured her that he’s not afraid of Ben and that Ben can come and find him. After performing an appendectomy on Jack, Juliet tells Kate that he kissed her [Juliet], but tells Kate that he's in love with someone else [Kate].
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Jin and Juliet
First Episode: "D.O.C."
Origin: Jin recognized the name "Kwon" on a tape Juliet played and became suspicious.
Since Then: Jin eventually learned more details of Juliet's mission in the beach camp. When she and Jack described their plan to defend the camp from the Others, Jin volunteered to stay on the beach and activate the explosives. The Others captured Jin and two others, and Juliet turned back and to help them. Later, when Jin and Sun prepared to stay on the Island rather than seeking rescue, Juliet told him about Sun's affair, eventually convincing them to leave after all. Their freighter exploded, and Juliet tried to get drunk, thinking Jin dead. She later ran into him, time traveling through the jungle, and both ended up in the DHARMA Initiative. They spend the next three years together.

After death, Juliet showed Jin his daughter's sonogram, waking him up. The two later greeted each other in the church once Juliet had awoken as well.

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Kate vs. Juliet
Origin: Kate sees Juliet as a threat to Jack's affection
Prize: Jack's/Sawyer's affection
Fuel: Kate sees Jack with Juliet in the Barracks and is infuriated. ("The Man from Tallahassee") When Ben handcuffed Kate and Juliet together, they ran through the jungle, even getting into a fight. Juliet's refusal to answer questions did not help Kate trust her, especially after she lied about not having a key to unlock the handcuffs. Kate continued to grow jealous when Jack insists on bringing Juliet back to the beach with them. ("Left Behind") After Kate came to Jack to explain the camp's disapproval of Juliet's presence, Jack and Juliet's blatantly hinted at withholding a secret in front of Kate. ("The Brig") When both in the DHARMA Initiative, they both worked side-by-side in the motor pool. Seconds before Juliet's death, Kate tried her hardest to stop Juliet from falling, however, she was unsuccessful. ("The Incident, Part 2")
Resolved: Yes. Juliet died after the Incident and Kate professes that her true love is Jack
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Juliet and Sawyer
First Episode: "LaFleur"
Origin: Juliet initially had decided to leave the island on the sub ride offered by The Dharma Initiative. Sawyer persuaded her into waiting with him for two weeks for Locke to return. By the three-year mark, they are living together, happily, as a couple and as members of the Dharma Initiative.
Since Then: However, when Jack, Kate and Hurley return to the island, Juliet appears worried, and expresses her fears to Sawyer by asking him whether their attempts at "playing house" are over. Sawyer reassures her that "nothing's changed". Juliet, however, remains skeptical and Sawyer continues to be drawn to Kate. When young Ben gets shot by Sayid, Kate attempts to take him to Richard and The Others for help, per Juliet's suggestion. When Sawyer decides to help Kate, she asks him why. Sawyer tells her that he's doing it for Juliet. During a group meeting to discuss their plans after imminent exposure of his con, Sawyer tells Jack that he and Juliet are heading back to the beach, and tries to coerce Kate into joining them by calling her, "Freckles". This displeases Juliet, who promptly gives Kate the combination to the sonic fence. During their interrogation after their capture, Sawyer negotiates a deal with the DI that would ensure a ticket on the sub for himself and Juliet in exchange for information on Jack and Kate's whereabouts. Juliet tells him that she's glad that he talked her out of leaving on the sub three years ago. They exchange "I love you"s, but things become awkward when Kate joins them on the sub. Juliet tells Sawyer that they're going back to help Kate from furthering Jack's plan. They meet up with Bernard and Rose. When Bernard mentions spending their lives together, Juliet catches Sawyer staring longingly at Kate, and she tells Sawyer that she's "changed her mind." Sawyer is puzzled and asks her why. She tells him that, although they love each other, they were never meant to be together. She tearfully tells him that she would rather have never met him, than lose him. During the Incident, Juliet's life is threatened when she's pulled into the Swan's electromagnetic chute via metal chains that have wrapped around her body. Sawyer clings onto her hand, repeatedly beseeching her to not "let go". When Juliet sees that the structure above him will collapse on top of him due to the magnetic pull, she decides that she must let go to save him. She tells him she loves him before letting go of his hand. Sawyer is beyond devastated, sobbing at his loss. After the bomb detonates, Juliet and Sawyer flash to a time when the Swan has been built, and similarly detonated. At first vowing to kill Jack over his loss, Sawyer recovers Juliet moments before she dies, and they share a final kiss. Her last words were, "it worked"


Juliet and Sun
First Episode: "D.O.C."
Origin: Ben sent Juliet to the camp identify and examine all pregnant women.
Since Then: Sun approached Juliet, demanding to know about the Island's effects on pregnant women. Huliet explained and examined Sun. The medical questions embarassed Sun, but she answered them, and revealed that she had slept with someone besides Jin. Juliet took Sun to the Staff station and performed a sonogram, and the news that the baby was Jin's but that the pregnancy could kill the mother and the fetus, made Sun cry with joy and sadness. When Sun became suspicious about their rescuers from the freighter, she decided to stay on the Island, which distressed Juliet. She revealed Sun's affair to Jin to eventually convince them to leave the island. She later made sure Jin and Sun were some of the first people to sail to the freighter for rescue. When the freighter exploded, she feared Sun dead, but Locke said she had somehow escaped, and Jin presumably later explained exactly what had happened.

After death, in a flash sideways, Juliet again performed a sonogram on Sun, waking up the couple. Their emotion and recognition confused her.

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