Julie Adams

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Julie Adams played the role of Amelia, a neighbor of Juliet living at the Barracks. She appeared in the opening flashback of the Season 3 premiere and in the mobisode "The Envelope", which was a deleted scene from that episode. She passed away on February 3, 2019.


Creature from the Black Lagoon.jpg
Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Adams played the damsel in distress in the 1954 classic Creature from the Black Lagoon. An image of her from that movie appears in the episode "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", when Caesar is flipping though the Time magazine. She is shown being carried by the monster from the movie.
  • Her IMDB profile lists two other credits with the title, 'Lost' (2005 and 2006), one of which is a short film.
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