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==Why Charlotte is the Only One 'Unstuck in Time'==
==Why Charlotte is the Only One 'Unstuck in Time'==
Charlotte is the only one who lacks a constant. Sawyer, Juliet and Locke have constants in the person of Richard Alpert. Daniel has a constant in the person of Widmore (who subsidized his research; perhaps they had met?), and Miles in (perhaps) the many dead people on the island.
*Charlotte is the only one who lacks a constant. Sawyer, Juliet and Locke have constants in the person of Richard Alpert. Daniel has a constant in the person of Widmore (who subsidized his research; perhaps they had met?), and Miles in (perhaps) the many dead people on the island.
*Desmond is Daniel Faraday's constant, not Charles Widmore.
**Desmond is Daniel Faraday's constant, not Charles Widmore.
*Have Richard Alpert and Sawyer ever met?
**Have Richard Alpert and Sawyer ever met?
*Sawyer has met Richard on at least one occasion, because he also once referred to Richard as "Ben's boyfriend".
*Sawyer has met Richard on at least one occasion, because he also once referred to Richard as "Ben's boyfriend".
*Do you have to actually meet your constant? If Miles is the baby that Pierre Chang was taking care of then Chang would be his constant.
*Do you have to actually meet your constant? If Miles is the baby that Pierre Chang was taking care of then Chang would be his constant.

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The Bomb on the Island

  • Faraday told Ellie what the Others should do to safeguard the bomb. If we assume that the bomb has not detonated in the last 50 years, then we can also assume that Ellie shared Faraday's advice with the Others and they carried out this course of action.
  • The bomb is discovered by DHARMA and they build The Swan around it to control its radiation/electromagnetism.
  • DHARMA breach the bomb, causing "the incident" described by Dr. Chang in the Orientation video. This was the reason for pouring so much concrete.
  • The Island already had properties of 'weirdness' and the bomb DOES go off....but doesn't behave in the normal manner we'd expect, perhaps causing all sorts of stuff. the old donkey wheel is certainly older than the Jughead the Island was ALREADY weird and moveable in time/space.
  • It survived the implosion because of the fail safe.
  • The Swan was designed to blow up and cause the "doomsday", as it was rigged to its timer.
  • If the bomb were to explode and destroy the island, the "energy" of the island would be released creating a black hole which would destroy the earth.
  • The bomb is the fail safe. Turning the key detonates the bomb, which destroys the magnetic anomaly.
  • Possibly, the electromagnetic radiation of the nuclear explosion was ment to cause an electromagnetic pulse and disable the anomaly
  • The bomb could be linked to the fail safe, but not by normal detonation, the damage would have been more significant than the hatch implosion, and Desmond wouldn't have survived its explosion.
  • This is unlikely, since the nuclear radiation doesn't have "unusual properties", which The Swans orientation film claims the location has.
  • The Barracks, which seem to have been built over or in the same area as the army camp, is far away from The Swan, making it unlikely that the bomb was moved so far.
  • It's possible that the area being shown is more akin to the Mesa, which even in 2004 was not inhabited. This was where Hurley built the golf course and where Ben's father parked the DHARMA van just before Ben killed him.
  • Sayid make a statement in the swan about not seeing that much concrete since chernobyl back in season 1.
  • The bombs radiation leak is the reason, or part of the reason, for the on-island fertility problems.
  • Juliet confirmed that infertile men (Jin) have a much higher sperm count on the island. So it would only apply to women.
  • The radiation leak could be responsible for the sickness in the Dark Territory that Rousseau claimed affected the rest of her team.
  • Perhaps Montand's arm.
  • The uniforms the others wear are of the US soldiers they previously killed.
  • This is why Charles Widmore's uniform's name tag isn't correct.
  • The soldiers were sent with the bomb.
  • The soldiers are the same ones that were buried in the graves Miles sensed.
  • This is when The Others started wearing costumes and props to throw off unwanted visitors.
  • Being buried doesn't necessarily mean it is below ground.
  • The bomb was buried inside the four-toed statue.
  • The structure around the bomb may have been kept as the basis of the statue.
  • Being buried does mean that it is below ground. Either ground was moved and it was placed below, or ground was piled on top of it. It could be "encased" in the statue, or it could be buried beneath the statue, but placing it inside of the statue would not be burying it.
  • The bomb detonating as well as the turning of the fail safe are what contributed to Desmond traveling through time. Daniel used a controlled amount of radiation to send Eloise's mind through time. Whatever the fail safe did (possibly releasing large amounts of electromagnetic energy) mixed with the detonation of the bomb caused the time travel.
  • The original plan for time travel in Back To The Future was a time machine made out of a refrigerator placed in the center of a nuclear bomb test site. The radioactive energy is what would send the time machine back through time.
  • The bomb could not possibly be inside the four toed statue. That statue has been there for hundreds of years not just over fifty.
  • The bomb is in The Tempest Station.
  • A hydrogen bomb would not release a toxic gas, it would create an explosion. If any DHARMA stations were built around the bomb, the Swan is a much more likely candidate.

Faraday's Parents

  • Widmore says that Faraday's mother is in L.A. and we know that Ms. Hawking is in L.A. It seems that Ms. Hawking could possibly be Faraday's mother.
  • Hawking's first name is Eloise, as was Faraday's time travel rat, Hawking is very likely Faraday's Mother
  • Hawking and Charles Widmore are Faraday's parents. That is why Widmore funds Faraday's work. Thus Faraday and Penny are siblings.
  • Luke and Leia. "I'm Daniel Faraday. I'm here to rescue you."
  • When Ellie digs at Faraday's affection for Charotte saying "Well, aren't you the Romeo?," he replies, "Far from it, believe me." This could mean that his love for Charlotte is that of a sibling and not romantic. Thus, Hawking and Widmore are the parents of Faraday, Charlotte and perhaps Hawking is also Penny's mother. This connects with the show's emphasis on siblings, full and half and step, and the process of discovering your kin.
    • This would mean that Faraday is Penny Widmore's "Brother from an Other mother"
  • If Penny is Dan's brother then does that mean that she will have to end up on the island and be involved in the plot?


  • Ellie is Eloise Hawking
    • Ellie is a nickname for Eloise
    • There is strong evidence that Ms. Hawking is Faraday's mother and Faraday mentioned that Ellie looked "familiar"
  • Ellie is the mother of the woman on whom Faraday conducted his research.
  • Ellie is Penny Widmore's mother.
    • Could Penny and Daniel be siblsings/half-siblings?
  • Widmore (Jones) and Ellie fall in love and Ellie gets pregnant, they leave the island knowing of the pregnancy problems and have a beautiful baby girl (Penny)and a baby boy (Faraday). They then split up and Widmore tries to find the island again while Ellie (Eloise)(Ms.Hawkings) focuses on time travel.
    • Ms Hawking appears to be working with Ben at present, this suggests that they have a major falling out. Unless Ms Hawking is setting Ben up for the double cross.
  • If Ellie is Faraday's mother could that mean that he was born on the island and Widmore got with another woman after he left the island. This could explain why Dan is special.

Richard Alpert

  • Richard Alpert does not, and has never traveled in time. While he may be able to utilize some sort of teleportation (re: filming Widmore beating up a guy outside a car, Juliet's sister, etc), he is merely an ageless man who happened to visit Locke solely because Locke told him to.
  • The original reason for believing Richard might be ageless is that he appeared to look the same in the 1950's, the 1970's, and the 2000's. But now that we know time travel is possible on the island and have in fact seen other characters such as Locke and Sawyer at the same age in both 1954 and 2004, there's no reason to think Richard isn't just another time traveler. He pops into various decades for brief spells but doesn't live through them and age, so of course to Juliet and the Others he always looks the same age. Locke giving Richard the compass may have been the impetus that allowed or forced him to time travel.
    • There's never been any evidence to support the fact that Richard time-travels at his whim, as many seem to support. Instead, the evidence indicates that Richard is not aging. This is supported in this episode when Juliet responds to Locke's question of how old Richard is by stating simply "Old".
  • Alpert is one of two charaters to maintain calm concerning his island status. Hawking is the other. Unlike Ben, Locke and Widmore he is never desperate to claim leadership or ownership. His position is somehow secure. A composed wise sage.
  • I've always thought that Richard was the first mate on the Black Rock, so he is at least that old. what's also odd is that he has nice clothes in 1954, but is dressed like a bum in the 70s when he meets young Ben? what happened in the meantime?
  • Like with the 815 survivors, the others were using theatrics to scare the DHARMA. Alpert's clothes were nothing but a mere costume to hide who he really is.
  • Chang explains that DHARMA established The Arrow to gather intelligence and develop defensive strategies against "the Island's hostile indigenous population" in one of the orientation videos ("Because You Left"). Presumably, they (Dharma) would be looking for people dressed in 1950's-era US Military fatigues, so Richard and the Others change back into their Black Rock duds so as to better conceal themselves.
  • We know Richard does not age because of Ben's line in season 3: "You do remember birthdays, don't you Richard?"

The Selection Of Leadership

  • Selection of leadership begins at a very young age. It is quite possible that Ben was selected at birth by Horace, who was not a Dharma Operative, but in fact an Other on assignment to bring Ben to the Island. Perhaps all children who come in contact with the Others are tested for leadership, including Aaron, Walt, Alex, Charles Widmore, and possibly Annie at some point. Walt was most likely going to be chosen as the new leader of the Island before being let go, and will probably be up for leadership again.
    • If Horace were an Other, he would have known about The Purge and would not have been murdered by the Others.
  • With what has been seen so far, it seems that the Selection of Leadership is chosen from two candidates born within a few years time or less of each other. It can be seen with the current leaders from the Losties' native time- Ben and Locke. The children that the others had among their group, Alex, Karl, Emma, and Zach, may be preliminary choices of candidate pairs. There is a possibility that Widmore and Ellie are the candidate pair in training from 1950's era, due to both of them having a position of sub-leader among the Others.
    • Something may have happened to split Ellie, presumably Eloise Hawking, and Widmore to opposite sides of a conflict over control of the island, with the result being what we see today. Widmore is still trying to get back to the island in the Losties' era to attempt to take the place of leader that he feels he deserves.
    • Hawking may have been chosen as the leader of her era, as Ben seems to act differently toward her, looking to her for guidance. The only other person we have ever seen Ben look to for guidance is Jacob.
    • Richard Alpert appears to be instrumental in Selection of Leadership, which could require the island to keep him ageless- he has "work to do."
    • The need for candidate pairs could be the reason the fertility issues were so important for the Others to solve.
    • Out of desperation, the Others may have resorted to searching outside of the island and stealing the children of those who landed on the island to find candidate pairs.
    • Aaron and Ji Yeon could be the next set of candidate pairs. This is part of why Ben says that everyone has to go back.
  • Think of it like a monachy: A king needs a queen. Furthermore, that kings needs that queen to bear him a son so as to continue the lineage. Ben was sizing up Juliet to be his queen on the island, etc. Widmore and Ellie were suppose to play that role but something happened to break them up. That's why a male and female are cast into the leadership role.
    • This might be true and it's possible it would have something to do with "Adam and Eve" the two bodies found in the cave.

John Locke and Richard Alpert

  • Locke may have created a time paradox by telling Richard that he was sent by Jacob. After Locke disappears, Richard assumes that Locke is "the chosen one," which is not necessarily true. The only reason that Richard seeks Locke is because of what Locke told him. Locke's knowledge of the future has influenced Richard to consider Locke as "the chosen one," which works out in his favor. But will it be in the favor of the Island?
    • Most likely not. Locke's paradox may have hindered the Island's progress.
    • Jacob would have just fixed the paradox by telling Richard that Locke was not in fact chosen himself. Also if some non-chosen person claiming to be the chosen one on the island tried to speak to Jacob, Jacob would not have allowed him to.
    • Richard goes to extensive lengths to confirm John's 'Chosen One' status, rejecting the possibility on at least one occasion, by keeping an eye on him throughout the years. John is only truly accepted as special by the Others when they learn that he's healed from his paralysis on the Island, to say nothing of his surviving being shot by Ben. So, in effect, John 'proves' his 'chosen' status more than he creates it.
      • Yes, we know that although Locke 'failed' his first test with Alpert as a child, Alpert again tried to test Locke out by sending him a Mittelos Labs Summer Camp brochure when he was in high school some years later.
  • Ben knows Locke created his "chosen one" status and is using Locke and Alpert while he is off island with plans to return as the Other's leader.
    • But there is plenty of evidence that Locke REALLY is special. He was healed by the Island, he can see (or at least hear) Jacob, he can see and hear Christian, and Abbadon tries to get him to take a Walkabout (and thereby be on the plane that crashes on the Island). None of those things can be the result Locke creating his "chosen one" status.
      • But the Island healed Rose also, so healing may simply indicate that the Island is special, which we already knew, rather than the recipient(s) of the healing being special. In fact, it heals pretty much everybody, and it was noteworthy when it did not heal Ben of his spinal cancer. Simililarly, perhaps Christian truly has been healed (okay, resurrected) in which case Locke's ability to see Christian implies nothing special about Locke himself.
  • Richard used the compass in his test in Cabin Fever because he assumed that the compass had special meaning.
    • To be more accurate, Richard literally received the compass from Locke. So it was an actual possession of Locke and Richard is testing him to see if he is ready to be taken to the island to become their leader.
    • Richard gave Locke the compass because he knew Locke would give it to him in the past, therefore "inspiring" him to start trying to get Locke on the island.
  • It is just as likely to think that Locke would have never ended up on the island or as the leaders of the Others if he had not been sought out by Alpert and Abbadon in the original timeline of events. Richard has other reasons to believe John is special.
    • Faraday has mentioned that you can't change what happens in the past (with the possible exception of Desmond.)
      • Faraday could be lying to try to avoid paradoxes.
    • The significance of Locke and Alpert's meeting has more to do with Alpert's being aware of John Locke's future injury and being "unstuck" in time. This is how he claims that knew Locke had been shot because Locke himself had "told him."

Charles Widmore

  • Charles Widmore is the son of Desmond and Penny. Desmond will return to the island at some point in the 1930s bringing Penny and their son Charlie with them. Desmond and Penny will die on the island (see Adam and Eve), Charlie will be raised by the Others. Charles will later father his own mother, with the family relationship stuck in a perpetual time loop.
    • That is absurd.
  • Widmore either does something to disgrace himself from possible leadership, and is exiled from the island, leaving Ben to be chosen as leader, and comes back with the Dharma Initiative front to reclaim the island, or else he is an other in the time of Ben, and participated in the purge, but then becomes usurped by Ben as the leader of the Others.
  • Ben did not become the leader of the Others until well after DHARMA was already established on the Island.
  • Based on the fact Widmore believes the Island was always his (The Shape of Things to Come), it is probable that Ben usurped power.
  • Locke is to Ben as Ben is to Widmore. Perhaps Widmore was convinced/coerced into turning the wheel and was exiled from the island.
    • Widmore had to leave the island because someone (Ellie?) was pregnant, and he wanted to get her off for some reason...
  • CW's comment about "nobody knows this island better than I do" (or something to that effect), seems to indicate that he may have spent much more time on the island than previously indicated. (This scene took place while Richard was scolding Widmore for possibly allowing Locke to follow him to camp after he escaped.) There appears to be a connection between Charles Wildmore and the Black Rock that has not be developed yet.
    • It was "do you think he knows this island better than I do?", which is much different.
    • Widmore was being young, arrogant and cocky. This will eventually be his undoing.
      • and "that he could track me back here?" possibly comedy/irony for the audience because Locke claims to "be one" with the Island, and is known for his tracking skills.
  • Since Widmore was once on the island wouldn't it make sense that he has to go back to the island in order to stabilize things again?
    • When the plane crashes the Island is stable in time, so it seems logical that if Widmore was ejected from the Island Frozen Donkey Wheel style then the ensuing time shifts would have stabilized and the current shifts are unconnected
  • Widmore moved the island once before Ben did.
  • In 1954 the Island is located in the south pacific - we know that is where the army was doing their bomb tests. Widmore was on the island in 1954. When the Losties crash on the island it is still located in the south pacific - they were flying from Sydney to LA. It seems unlikely that Charles got off the island by turning the frozen donkey wheel because the island has not moved. Also i think it is safe to assume that Charles is at least 18 years old in 1954. This means Widmore would be at least 72 years old in 2008 and he looks nowhere near that age. Perhaps this should be noted?
  • Alan Dale himself is about 61 years old. The few more years they added to his character don't really matter. It is defininatly possible that Widmore is now nearly 70 years old
  • It has been clarified that when Ben moved the Island, he did so in time and not in space. So it's reasonable to believe that the Island has always been in the same area of the South Pacific, though that may not explain why it seemed to disappear at the end of season 4.
  • The only reasonable explanation thus far for Widmore's apparent age-gap is that at some point he turned the FDW and was ejected from the island, in both space and time, in much the same fashion Ben was.
    • The issue here is that Ben has aged at a supposed normal rate since arriving on the island. We have seen him as a preteen and as a 40 year old, before he deployed the FDW.

Widmore's Painting

  • A painting in Widmore's office reveals the words "Namaste" along the top of the painting. What is the painting of? Is there any significance?
  • It is a painting of a Polar Bear. It also looks like the paintings in the hatch and Thomas and Claire's apartment in Australia in style too. Widmore has had paintings like these in his office since we first met him in Flashes Before Your Eyes.
  • I actually believe that this EXACT painting has been in Widmore's office since the first time we saw the office. The only difference I remember though, is that the painting was on the opposite side of the room (Used to be Widmore's Left... and now appears on his right). This is probably just an Editing error caused by flipping image backwards in one of the scenes)
  • One accepted meaning of "Namasté" is: "I respect that divinity within you that is also within me." Taken in this context, this painting could be in reference to the similarities between Widmore and the polar bear, i.e. they have both been to the island and left. Both the polar bear and Widmore have experienced the phenomenon ("divinity") of the island.



  • Moira, the woman that Desmond spoke with at Oxford college, and Jenna, the gate attendant from flight 815 are the same person (or at the very least they are portrayed by the same actress). Why is she operating under an alias and attempting to stop Desmond from finding out about Daniel's mother? Has she been working with Widmore from the start?
    • Are you sure they are the same actor? They look similar because they are both south asian but I don't know if they are same actor
      • they are, Darlton rarely do anything accidentally. She has to be linked to Widmore or Ben. One the Ben side, Hawking might not want to be found.
  • I'm from Hawaii and there was an article in the paper about the woman who played Moira, since she's a local. It basically said that she was worried that people would start connecting her characters, since she said she only played two different parts because they are trying to hire more local talent (which being an island, there is a limited amount of) and they figured she looked different enough.
  • She's an extra with a few lines. While portrayed by the same actress, they are two separate characters.

Army/'50s Other's Camp


The area from Pilot, Part 1

Black rocks

Black rocks from Jughead

Dharma bus valley

The area from Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Military camp valley

Area around the military camp

  • The valley that the Others are camping in appears to be the present day site of the Barracks. The location is very similar, and the wide expanse of land and the fact that it is deep inland are very good locations. As if to hint or foreshadow the location being the Barracks, an Army camp is generally referred to as Barracks.
    • Actually, it looks a lot more like the valley where Hurley drove the Dharma Bus. The black rocks Sawyer said he would crash into can be seen in one of the shots.
      • The article about The Mesa, the area where the Others' camp is, says it's the same area where Hurley drove the Dharma bus.
  • Who could be leading the group of 18 United States soldiers in order to send them to the island? How could this person have figured out the bearing to get to the island in the first place?
    • It's entirely possible that the island was not 'hidden' in 1954. That property of the island may not exist until after the arrival of the Dharma Initiative.
      • Richard says that the way off the island is "privileged information," suggesting that the "snowglobe" properties of the island do apply in 1954.

Other Others

  • The red-shirt and blue-shirt in the Others' camp are Cindy Chandler and another of Oceanic 815.
    • That woman appears to be African-American, therefore .. Not Cindy See below:


  • The African-American man seen in the background of the camp is ABBADON
 *no its not

Why Do The Others Speak Latin?

  • Latin may be, as Juliet said, the "enlightened language" but it is also a "dead" unchanging language. This could be useful for people who travel through time and space and/or never age. But it's odd that we've never heard it spoken on the island in four previous seasons.
    • They stopped using it after the purge/around that time. Perhaps Ben ordered that?
      • Juliet came to the Island well after the Purge and apparently had to learn it.
  • They speak Latin only around those who are not part of their group, or with whom they do not wish to share information with. Thus far, all communication we have seen them engage in has either been amongst themselves, or with/for the benefit of people outside the group. Even in 1954 they do not speak Latin with each other - only when having a private conversation in the presence of outsiders.
  • Similarly, Ms. Klug and Mikhail have a private conversation in Russian.
  • It's been pointed out that the Others speak "Vulgar Latin" which is not quite the same as "Classical Latin"
  • Latin hasn't always been a "dead language"; vulgar (common/spoken) Latin was the universal language of the Roman Empire up until the middle ages when it began to evolve (or devolve depending on your perspective) into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Occitan and the other Romance languages. Perhaps the Island was discovered and colonized by the Romans over 1000 years ago and their descendants remain, speaking (and preserving) their mother tongue among themselves.
  • Latin was still taught in colleges in the 50's and 60's, especially in upper crust universities. High Schools taught Latin. In an intelligence setting like the military, it would be useful.
  • The inhabitation of the island by Others goes back to at least the time when Vulgar Latin was commonly spoken.
  • They could be speaking Latin because it's unlikely to be a first language, and there's little chance of their private conversations being broadcast just because they're speaking the language of someones' country and/or heritage. Examples; French in front of Rousseau or Spanish in front of Hugo. If someone speaks Latin it would be because of specific training, and they would most likely have reason to be on the Island.

Juliet and Ethan

  • When Locke was asked by Sawyer what happened to his leg, Locke responded "I was shot." When Sawyer asks who shot him, Juliet deliberately interrupts Locke's answer, because she is already aware that Ethan met Locke in the jungle that day, and doesn't want to add to Sawyer's growing curiosity about past/future events.
  • You would also think that Ethan might recognize Locke the first time he sees him after the 815 crash.
  • I don't think that Juliet interrupted Locke because she knew it was Ethan. How could she? We don't know when the first time jump was; it could have been before the crash and before Ethan was sent to the camp. She probably knew it was an other, though.
    • It was the day the Beechcraft crashed, long before 815 crashed.
  • As Daniel Faraday said outside the Swan when Sawyer desperately wanted in, if it didn't already happen, it is not going to happen. No matter what Sawyer did, he was not going to get inside or get Desmond to come out, because he hadn't, the only exception to the rule being Desmond. Using Faraday's principle it is safe to assume that because Ethan met Locke in the past it had already happened or was meant to happen. We were already shown an example of this when Richard gave Locke the compass. If Ethan was able to retain the memory, he might have told other Others, including Juliette. If this is true and Juliette was aware of Ethan's encounter with Locke, why she would choose to keep that information a secret is unknown.
  • Daniel may have been oversimplifying and/or misleading Sawyer. Ms. Hawking tells Desmond in Flashes Before Your Eyes that the universe has a way of "self-correcting," indicating that the course of events can be altered, but will not affect the overall flow - e.g., Desmond can try to save Charlie, but he eventually dies anyway. Daniel's motivation was likely time - he wanted to get the message to Desmond before the next flash.
  • Daniel did not realize that Desmond was the exception to the rule until after he consulted his journal/diary. By this point he had already told Sawyer that it was futile to continue knocking and it was after this point that he chose to stay and continue to contact Desmond. Also, Desmond is the exception to the rule and his actions in this situation probably do not apply to everyone else.
  • Desmond asks why Daniel has been banging on the door for 20 minutes, which seems to indicate that he heard Sawyer banging too.
  • Again Desmond is the exception to the rule so his ability to hear Sawyer, Juliette and Faraday does not change the overall rule. It is also notable that he did not come out until Sawyer and Juliette had left and only remaining person was Faraday, his constant.
  • Penny is Desmond's constant, not Daniel. Desmond is, however, Daniel's constant.
  • It is likely that Desmond heard Sawyer banging on the door, than he started to put on his suit, and by the time he had got his suit completely on and duct-taped all the seams and such, it was now only Faraday outside knocking.
  • If what Faraday says is true, then Ethan would have to have recognized Locke when he first infiltrated the beach camp. If he did, and remembered that Locke had told him that Ben had appointed him leader, he might have told Juliet because she would have a vested interest in Ben losing power since she is there for the fertility experiments which seem to be of interest only to Ben. If there was another leader, she might be allowed to leave and Ethan, knowing this, knew that she would be someone to confide in. Ethan may have felt it best to keep his memory of Locke somewhat secret because he knew that Ben was going to put up a struggle before he lost power and didn't want to be directly involved, fearing that Ben would kill him to keep knowledge of another possible leader from reaching the main populous of Others.

The Origin of the Hostiles and Connection to Alpert

The Hostiles

  • All of the Hostiles that we have met have English accents. These people are what remains of the descendants the crew of the Black Rock.


  • Richard does not have an English accent and is a true "original inhabitant" of the Island. I'm thinking that if he ever kicked off his shoes, there would only be 4 toes.
  • Richard has an American accent because it he is an American actor and this is an American show, not necessarily because has came to the island from the US.
  • It's not beyond an actor to fake an accent. The actor who plays Sayid has a very different accent than his character. If Alpert was to have an English accent, I'm sure the actor who plays him can swing it. So, I'm thinking Alpert having an American accent while the Others have English accents has some sort of significance.
    • But if you wanted a guy to play a character "without an identifying accent" he would speak in the vernacular of the place the show originated. The point is the absence of a British accent (like people from the Black Rock would have), not that he sounds American. Who knows what accent 4-toe people have?

Widmore's Arrogance

  • Young Charles Widmore states that Locke could not know the island better than him because he (Widmore) was born there and has lived on-island his entire life. He was born into a society that Alpert has organized around the survivors of the Black Rock and their descendants.
  • Young Charles Widmore never states that he was born on the island or that he has lived on the island his whole life.
    • That is why this is posted on the "Theory" page

Why Charlotte is the Only One 'Unstuck in Time'

  • Charlotte is the only one who lacks a constant. Sawyer, Juliet and Locke have constants in the person of Richard Alpert. Daniel has a constant in the person of Widmore (who subsidized his research; perhaps they had met?), and Miles in (perhaps) the many dead people on the island.
    • Desmond is Daniel Faraday's constant, not Charles Widmore.
    • Have Richard Alpert and Sawyer ever met?
  • Sawyer has met Richard on at least one occasion, because he also once referred to Richard as "Ben's boyfriend".
  • Do you have to actually meet your constant? If Miles is the baby that Pierre Chang was taking care of then Chang would be his constant.
  • As described by Daniel in The Constant. A constant is an object or person that exists in both periods of time, that the traveler deeply cares about and could recognize.
  • Only people who have been exposed to a heavy dose of radition/electromagnetism need a constant, such as Desmond and Daniel's lab rat, Eloise. Enough with trying to find a constant for everyone on the show.
    • There is a SEVERE lack of understanding as to what a Constant is, so it is great to see someone post such a concise definition. The problem is these theories contantly (no pun intended) try to apply the idea of constants to this type of physical travel, where-as they only seemed to be important during the mental "unstuck" time travel. A constant kept your conscious from wandering and not being able to return to the "now". This is not the case for these people as they are full body traveling to different times - not just their conscious.
    • Constants are needed for the conscious mind version of time travel in lost, not for the whole physical body time travel in lost. I agree, quit trying to attach constants to everything!

The Compass

So what I was thinking was that Richard gave Locke the compass knowing that after the next flash, which would be sometime in the past, i.e 1993, 1976, 1954, Locke would give him the compass and he wouldn't know what it was but after the next flash, or a few flashes, not that it matters, Locke would arrive in a time period between 1993-2004, 1976-2004, or as it happened to be, 1954-2004 and Richard would now have the memory of Locke from 1954. I don't know if this would be contradictory to other aspects of Time Travel in the show but it seems like it's a possibility. Like Daniel said, you can't create a new string in time but Ms. Hawking said that the universe has a way of course-correcting itself even if you prevent something from happening, i.e. how Charlie would die, but not the fact that he was going to die, eventually. And, Daniel did create a memory for Desmond, though Desmond only remembered it now (he remembered it at the very moment Daniel created it, relative to time). I dunno, so confusing. Fatla00 21:59, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

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