Jon Gries portrayed Roger Linus. He is actually younger than Michael Emerson, who portrays his on-screen son.

  • Gries played 'Uncle Rico' in Napoleon Dynamite and 'Lazlo' in Real Genius.
  • He co-starred in the 2008 movie Taken with Maggie Grace.
  • Played the role of 'Broots' in the TV-series The Pretender from 1996 to 2000.
    • This TV-series is also about a company (The Centre) that extorts prodigies to solve mysteries and uses the knowledge for clandestine projects (cf. The Lost Experience).
  • He guest starred in an episode of Psych with Nestor Carbonell in 2010.


  • In Napoleon Dynamite, Uncle Rico only wants to go "back to 1982." He even buys a time machine which does not work.
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