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The LOST Experience
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Johnny is DJ Dan's announcer. He introduces every segment with a different accent nearly every time.

Though he is considered the announcer, Johnny also interacts with DJ Dan in many episodes, establishing a kind of banter. The relationship between the two is not unlike that of other talk show personas, such as Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon.

Johnny is played by John Bernstein.


  • His catchphrase is "Coming to you live, (a different phrase every time), you're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man!
  • When DJ Dan pronounces "The Hanso Foundation", Johnny says it with a sinister voice (but not every time).
  • He knows conversions from Euros to American dollars somehow, as he converted 1.2 million Euros to 1.45 million dollars in the Live Broadcast.
  • "Johnny" is actually John Bernstein, producer of the Lost DVDs.
  • It was not known that Johnny was recorded live and not a premade recording until the live podcasts.

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