John Terry played the roles of Christian Shephard, and The Man in Black while in the form of Christian.



  • Is often mistakenly assumed to do the announcer's voice (Previously on Lost... at the beginning of the show. Conflicting sources credit the Previously on Lost voice at the beginning to Lloyd Braun [1] or Carlton Cuse [2].
  • He is one of six actors to gain main character status in the finale of the series, the others being L. Scott Caldwell, Sonya Walger, Fionnula Flanagan, Sam Anderson, and François Chau.
  • According to Entertainment Weekly, John Terry's contract for season five included an option to be a series regular for the final season. However, the producers did not pick it up. [3] He did receive star billing in the finale (the only episode of the season that he appeared in), however he was still not a regular cast member for the rest of the season.
  • On "24" he played the father of a woman named Kate who becomes romantically involved with a man named Jack. On "Lost" , he played the father of a man named Jack who becomes romantically involved with a woman named Kate.
  • His first name is the same as John Locke's and his last name is the first name of John Locke's actor.

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