Day 41-42 - November 1-2, 2004

Events in this section may have occurred on October 31st.

1x19 Deus ex Machina

  • Sayid makes a pair of glasses for Sawyer.
  • Locke and Boone find a drug smuggler's plane from Nigeria.
  • Locke finds a gun on a dead smuggler.
  • Boone climbs up to the plane and finds drugs inside models of the Madonna.
  • Boone also finds a radio, and when he says he is a survivor of flight 815, a reply comes from other survivors.
  • Boone is critically injured when the plane falls from its precarious position.
  • Sayid takes Shannon out on a date.
  • The hatch window lights up as Locke bangs on it/sobs over it.

22x23 Live Together, Die Alone

  • Desmond decides not to kill himself when he hears Locke sobbing and banging on the outside of the hatch. Desmond turns the hatch window on that gives Locke hope.

1x20 Do No Harm

  • Boone Carlyle dies.
  • Claire gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

2x07 The Other 48 Days

  • Bernard tries the radio and picks up Boone's transmission.
  • Ana-Lucia thinks it is Them trying to find the tail section survivors and turns the radio off.
  • After 40 days Eko speaks again.

Day 43 - November 3, 2004

1x21 The Greater Good

  • Locke re-appears at Boone's funeral.
  • Jack accuses him of lying and then attacks him.
  • Locke takes Sayid to the plane.
  • Sayid interrogates Locke and confiscates the Nigerian smuggler's gun from him.
  • Shannon steals a gun from the gun case and tries to kill Locke but Sayid stops her.
  • Sayid demands that Locke take him to the hatch.

Day 44 - November 4, 2004

1x22 Born to Run

  • Sayid takes Jack to the hatch.
  • Arzt warns Michael that it is nearly the Monsoon season and the raft has to be launched as soon as possible.
  • Sawyer forces Kate to reveal that she was the Marshall's prisoner so he can keep his spot on the raft.

Day 45 - November 5, 2004

1x23 Exodus (1)

  • Rousseau walks into the beach camp and warns the survivors that the Others are coming.
  • Hurley and Rousseau are taken to the hatch.
  • Locke suggests that they get dynamite to blow open the hatch.
  • Jack organizes an expedition to the Black Rock to get the dynamite.
  • Walt gives Shannon Vincent to take care of her.
  • She promises to look after him until he gets back.
  • The raft is launched.

1x23 Exodus (2)

  • Arzt dies at the Black Rock.
  • Rousseau kidnaps Claire's son.
  • Charlie and Sayid set out to bring him back.
  • Locke is nearly pulled underground by the Monster or the security system.
  • Hurley discovers the numbers incribed on the side of the hatch, and attempts to stop Locke from opening it.
  • Locke, Jack, Kate and Hurley use the dynamite to blow open the hatch.
  • The raft is attacked and destroyed by the Others.
  • Walt is kidnapped.

Day 46 - November 6, 2004

2x01 Man of Science, Man of Faith

  • Locke, Kate and Jack separately enter the hatch to find Desmond in the Swan bunker.
  • They find that every 108 minutes he has to enter a series of numbers.
  • They are Hurley's winning lottery numbers.

2x02 Adrift

  • Sawyer, Michael and Jin wash up on the far side of the island, and are promptly captured by the tail-section survivors.

2x03 Orientation

  • After accidentally damaging the Swan bunker's computer, Desmond runs off into the jungle.
  • Ana-Lucia is dumped into the pit prison to find out who Sawyer, Michael and Jin are.

Day 47 - November 7, 2004

2x04 Everybody Hates Hugo

  • Michael, Sawyer and Jin are let out by the tail survivors and are taken to the Arrow bunker.
  • Hurley takes Rose to the Swan bunker where they catalogue the food. The fuselage survivors feast on the Swan bunker food.

Day 48 - November 8, 2004

2x05 ...And Found

  • Ana-Lucia decides to move the remaining tail-section survivors across the island to meet the fuselage survivors.
  • Michael races off into the jungle looking for the people who took his son.
  • Jin and Eko go after him and see a group of people pass by their hiding spot.
  • Jin and Eko convince Michael to come back with them.

2x06 Abandoned

  • Shannon sees another vision of Walt, this time in her tent.
  • Eko, Michael and Jin catch up with Ana-Lucia
  • Shannon sets out to look for Walt, and Sayid follows.
  • Sawyer's infected bullet wound causes him to pass out.
  • Michael and Eko build a stretcher.
  • Cindy vanishes without a trace when the tail survivors struggle to get Sawyer up a steep hill.
  • Shannon is accidentally shot dead by Ana-Lucia.

2x08 Collision

  • Eko carries Sawyer to the Swan bunker.
  • Michael finds Sun and is taken to Jack in the bunker.
  • Michael, Jin, and the tail survivors arrive on the beach and reunite with the fuselage survivors.
  • Jack and Ana-Lucia meet up in the jungle.

Day 49 - November 9, 2004

2x09 What Kate Did

  • Shannon is buried.
  • Eko shows Locke the Bible containing the missing film splice.
  • Sawyer feels good enough to walk with Kate's assistance. They both see the black horse outside.
  • Michael receives a message on the computer from someone claiming to be Walt.

Day 50 - November 10, 2004

2x10 The 23rd Psalm

  • Eko learns about the drug smuggler's plane, forces Charlie to take him there. They encounter the Monster.
  • Michael secretly talks on the computer with the person claiming to be Walt.
  • Eko and Charlie find the plane, which has the body of Eko's brother in it. Eko turns the plane into a funeral pyre.
  • Claire kicks Charlie out.

Day 51 - November 11, 2004

2x11 - The Hunting Party

  • Michael locks Jack and Locke in the gun vault and goes to look for Walt. Jack, Locke, Sawyer, and Kate (unknown to them) pursue him.

2x22 - Three Minutes

  • Michael encounters Pickett in the jungle and is captured by Mr. Friendly.
  • That night Jack, Locke, and Sawyer encounter the Others and Mr. Friendly warns them to turn back, using Kate as a hostage.
  • Michael is brought back to the Others' camp.

2x11 - The Hunting Party

  • Back on the beach, Jack asks Ana-Lucia how long she thinks it would take to train an army.

Day 52 - November 12, 2004

2x12 - Fire + Water

  • Charlie asks Claire to go back to the way things were.
  • That night, Charlie has a nightmare and finds that he has sleepwalked and taken Aaron. Claire slaps him.

Day 53 - November 13, 2004

2x12 - Fire + Water

  • Charlie tries to get Locke to put in a good word for him with Claire. Charlie lies to him about not having any more statues.
  • Eko and Charlie talk about his dreams. Charlie thinks they mean that Aaron needs to be baptised.
  • Locke follows Charlie to his stash and confiscates the drugs.
  • That night, Charlie starts a fire in the woods so he can kidnap Aaron.

2x22 - Three Minutes

  • Mr. Friendly, Alex Rousseau, Pickett, and Michael, and some more of the Others arrive at the Others' camp.
  • Ms. Klugh introduces herself to Michael and starts asking him questions about Walt.

Day 54 - November 14, 2004

2x12 - Fire + Water

  • Charlie admits to Jack that he started the fire.
  • Claire goes to see Eko about baptising her and Aaron.
  • Locke changes the gun vault combination and puts the Mary statues into the gun vault.

Day 55 - November 15, 2004

2x13 The Long Con

  • Jack gives Locke the handguns, which are locked with the rest of the weapons in the armoury.
  • Hurley gives Sayid the radio from the Tailies; that evening the two of them listen to music on it.
  • Sun is attacked in her garden, and found unconscious in the jungle.
  • Locke moves the weapons from the armoury to keep Jack from getting ahold of them.
  • Sawyer has Charlie follow Locke and steal the cache Locke hid.

Day 56 - November 16, 2004

2x14 One of Them

  • Rousseau takes Sayid to a man she has captured in a net; Rousseau wounds him with a crossbow.
  • Sayid takes the man (who says his name is "Henry Gale") back to the Hatch to interrogate him. "Gale" claims to have crashed on the island while flying across the Pacific in a balloon along with his wife; she died 2 weeks ago.
  • Jack fights with Locke to stop the interrogation; Locke is late pressing the button, and strange hieroglyphics appear on the clock face.

Day 57 - November 17, 2004

2x15 Maternity Leave

  • Aaron develops a rash and fever that Claire decides is the "illness" spoken of by Rousseau.
  • Claire and Kate look for Rousseau, hoping Rousseau will show Claire where she had found her.
  • The three of them retrace Claire's steps to the Medical Station where she was held.
  • In a locker, Kate finds a false beard and theatrical glue along with clothes worn by Zeke.

Day 58 - November 18, 2004

2x16 The Whole Truth

  • Locke asks Ana-Lucia to question Henry Gale
  • Sun finds out that she's pregnant.
  • Ana, Charlie, and Sayid set out to investigate Henry Gale's claims

Day 59 - November 19, 2004

  • Ana, Charlie, and Sayid find the clearing on Henry's map
  • Sun tells Jin that she's pregnant
  • Henry is let out to eat cereal

2x17 Lockdown

  • The Swan station undergoes a bizarre and unexplained lockdown as the blast doors come down, shutting Locke and Henry Gale inside and cutting them off from the computer room.
  • At the time the Countdown Timer runs down, the lights shut off and ultraviolet black light comes on revealing a heavily annotated map on one of the doors.
  • Ana, Charlie and Sayid find the balloon and grave Gale told them about. The grave holds the body of the real Henry Gale.
  • Jack wins the medical supplies back from Sawyer in a poker game.
  • Jack and Kate find a parachute and large net containing a pallet of supplies on their way between the beach and Swan Station.
  • Ana, Charlie and Sayid meet Jack and Kate and join them to confront the faux Henry Gale.

Day 60 - November 20, 2004

2x18 Dave

  • Hurley gets rid of his stash only to find more food appeared on the island, presumably dropped from a plane.
  • Hurley sees Dave, his imaginary friend.
  • Locke gets a pair of crutches and Sayid and Ana interrogate Henry Gale.
  • Libby and Hurley kiss.
  • After telling Locke that he didn't enter the numbers, the fake Henry Gale stops talking, eating or drinking.

Day 61 - November 21, 2004

2x22 Three Minutes

  • Michael begins to believe that his son is dead.
  • Ms. Klugh tells him that he's right outside and Michael demands to see him.
  • Michael gets three minutes to spend with Walt but the time is cut short when Walt begins telling Michael "they're not who they seem".
  • Ms. Klugh tells Michael that if he completes a mission he can have Walt and they can go free. The mission is to free the prisoner in the Swan and bring Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer back to the Others' camp. Michael agrees but says he also wants the boat.

Day 62 - November 22, 2004

2x19 S.O.S.

  • Jack changes the prisoner's bandage and tells him he's going to offer a prisoner exchange, him for Walt
  • Bernard attempts to build a huge SOS sign but gives up after Rose tells him that the island healed her and she's afraid to leave.
  • Jack and Kate attempt a prisoner exchange with the Others. They find Michael.

2x20 Two for the Road

  • The prisoner attacks Ana-Lucia and nearly kills her before Locke intervenes.

Day 63 - November 23, 2004

  • The prisoner tells Locke he was coming for him.
  • Jack and Kate return with Michael.
  • Ana-Lucia and Sawyer get "caught in a net" and Ana steals Sawyer's gun.
  • Michael shoots Ana Lucia (fatally), Libby, wounds self, and releases the prisoner.

2x21 ?

  • Eko has a dream/vision of his brother and Ana Lucia that tells him to talk to John Locke about "the question mark".
  • Eko and Locke set out in search of the mysterious "?"
  • They find the Beechcraft and make camp for the night.

Day 64 - November 24, 2004

  • Locke and Eko find the Pearl station underneath the drug smuggler plane.
  • Libby dies, but manages to say "Michael" before passing.

2x22 Three Minutes

  • Michael returns to camp.
  • Jack gets the guns back from Sawyer.
  • Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, and Michael get ready to venture into the jungle to get Walt back.
  • Sayid confronts Jack about Michael leading them into a trap. He has been comprimised
  • Eko discontinues the Church to move into the hatch. When questioned about it by Charlie, he replies he now has to do something else.
  • Vincent brings Charlie to Sawyer's stash. He takes out the statues containing the heroin and disposes of them in the ocean.
  • Libby and Ana-Lucia are buried, and during the funeral Sun sees a sailboat on the horizon coming straight towards them.

2x23 Live Together, Die Alone

  • Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer swim to the sailboat, where they find Desmond onboard.
  • Locke tells Mr. Eko not to push the button. After a confrontation Eko throws Locke out of the hatch and tells him not to come back.

Day 65 - November 25, 2004

2x23 Live Together, Die Alone

Day 66 - November 26, 2004

2x23 Live Together, Die Alone

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