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Lost: Via Domus
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Joanne Gellhorn is a character in the video game Lost: Via Domus. Lisa Gellhorn's sister, Joanne was on a student scholarship to Zoran Savo's research institute. She discovered that Savo was involved with illegal activities, such as ESP experiments. When Savo found out that Joanne knew about the experiments, he killed her. Since then, Lisa has been rigorously tracking Savo, intent on putting him behind bars for what he did to her sister. ("Whatever It Takes")

In August 1999, Joanne wrote a letter to Lisa describing the horror that took place at Chenchey. Her letter was found by Elliott inside Hotel Persephone. It reads:

  • My dearest Lisa. If you are reading this, it means I’m dead. I can’t believe what’s happened --The research being done at Savo’s institute has gone horribly wrong. Lives are in jeopardy. Patients are being injected with lethal chemicals. All in the pursuit of a mad dream. I’m so scared, and so sorry I won’t see your face again. Please don’t let it be for nothing. Tell the world who Savo really is. I love you. Joanne - 08/23/1999

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