"Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Course" is the eleventh Lost mobisode. While playing a game of golf with Michael and Hurley, Jin throws a temper tantrum after missing a putt.


Hurley and Michael are playing golf on the golf course with Jin, who needs to sink a putt to win. Jin misses, and Hurley congratulates Michael on the win. Jin, however, reacts extremely angrily at losing. He shouts and yells in Korean, as Hurley and Michael attempt to calm him down to no avail. Jin lets out a great deal of anger: he is unhappy, he doesn't want to be pitied, nobody understands him, and he is tired of the handcuff on his wrist. As Michael and Hurley eventually leave, Jin sits on the grass, half-sobbing, repeating "I'm so alone."



  • This mobisode was leaked in full quality the same day as the Verizon version was released.
  • Some of the translated monologue by Jin in this Missing Piece is similar to a scene in the movie Happy Gilmore. [1]

Production notes

  • The production code/mobisode number for this mobisode is 108, even though it was the eleventh one released.
  • The running time is 02:09.
  • Whilst Jack is listed in the mobisode's credits, he does not appear.
  • There is a "making of" article about this mobisode in the "2008 Yearbook" of Lost: The Official Magazine.
  • This mobisode breaks LOST's usual rules regarding subtitles of Jin and Sun's Korean dialogue. In all other examples, subtitles are only used when another character who understands Korean is present in the scene.

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