Jin-Soo Kwon developed several relationships over the course of the series.


Bernard and Jin
First Episode: "Everybody Hates Hugo"
Origin: Bernard and Jin met while the tailies imprisoned Jin, Michael and Sawyer.
Since Then: Jin and Bernard were the survivors' only two married men. When the two plane sections merged, each of them reunited with their wives. Jin advised Bernard against fishing for oysters, and he was the last to abandon Bernard's S.O.S. sign. The two and Sayid later helped defend the camp from Others, and Bernard broke under interrogation when they threatened Jin. Bernard advised Jin after Jin learned of Sun's affair. When they traveled back to the 1970s, Jin spent years mapping the island, searching it for Bernard and Rose.
Jin and Bernard fishing


Claire and Jin
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 2"
Origin: Jin offered Claire some seafood after the crash of Flight 815.
Since Then: Jin showed concern for Claire after she returned from Ethan. Jin later discovered Claire about to give birth. He ran to Jack to deliver the news then returned to Claire and helped deliver the baby. He and Sun later occasionally babysat Aaron for Claire. Jin also helped her fish when she tried to trap seagulls. Claire saved Jin years later from Others who planned to shoot him. He lied to her on Aaron's whereabouts to protect Kate - and himself.
3X12 JinClaire


Hurley and Jin
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 1"
Origin: Jin offered Hurley some sea urchin soon after the crash. Hurley refused them, laughing.
Since Then: Hurley later realized he's insulted Jin's honor and returned to him penitent. They fished together, something stung his foot and Hurley demanded a shocked Jin "pee on it!" When Hurley ate a later urchin of Jin's, Jin gave him a cleaned fish, and the two later golfed together, though Jin's anger on the course convinced Hurley to abandon the sport. Hurley once had a dream of Jin speaking perfect English. When Jin returned from his raft trip, Hurley gave him a thumb's up after a night with Sun. Jin returned the gesture after Hurley scored a date with Libby. Jin helped Hurley start the DHARMA van, though he had no idea what he signed up for. Hurley later recruited Jin for Desmond's "camping trip", and the two together kept the secret of Naomi's presence. Jin defended the beach with Bernard and Sayid, and Hurley drove by in the van to rescue them. The two joined separate sides when the camp split, and they didn't see each other for three years. Hurley kept in touch with Sun off-island though, and he suggested the two bring Ji Yeon to his grave. When Hurley returned to the Island, he was shocked to find Jin alive - and in the DHARMA Initiative. The two worked together briefly, and Hurley's ignorance of the Korean War made Jin roll his eyes. Back in 2007, Jacob told Hurley to seek Jin's guidance to get to the Temple. Jin soon left, and shortly after Hurley next saw him, Jin died in the sub with Sun. Hurley wept.


Jack and Jin
First Episode: "Do No Harm"
Origin: The two spent weeks in the same camp.,
Since Then: Of the main survivors, Jack interacted with Jin least. Jin knew no English right after the crash, so the two did not talk at first. When Claire went into labor, however, Jin ran to Jack to summon him. Jin left on the raft shortly after, and he told his wife to say with Jack for safety. Some weeks later, Jin volunteered to stay in the camp to put Jack's plan against the Others into effect. He stayed with Jack's half of the camp when it split, and he remained on the Island after Jack escaped.

Jin traveled to 1974 and spent three years on the Island. Jack then returned, and Jin was the first of the DHARMA Initiative to spot him. Both men ended up returning to 2007, where they spent much of their remaining time alive in separate camps. When the submarine they had boarded was sinking, Jack offered Jin the last oxygen tank. Jin refused it, saying that Jack could not escape without it.

Jin dharma

Jae Lee

Jae Lee and Jin
First Episode: "Everybody Hates Hugo"
Origin: Jin received the position of doorman at one of Jae Lee's hotels
Since Then: The two met one day when Jae Lee arrived for a date with Sun. He borrowed a corsage from Jin and asked him his name. This networking did Jin no good because he quit his job soon after. After Jin married Sun, Jae Lee secretly taught her English and later began an affair with her. Jin didn't know this, but Mr. Paik ordered him to send a message, allegedly for stealing. Jin attacked him but stopped short of killing him, instead telling him to flee the country. Jae Lee leaped out of a window right after, killing himself.


Jin and Juliet
First Episode: "D.O.C."
Origin: Jin recognized the name "Kwon" on a tape Juliet played and became suspicious.
Since Then: Jin eventually learned more details of Juliet's mission in the beach camp. When she and Jack described their plan to defend the camp from the Others, Jin volunteered to stay on the beach and activate the explosives. The Others captured Jin and two others, and Juliet turned back and to help them. Later, when Jin and Sun prepared to stay on the Island rather than seeking rescue, Juliet told him about Sun's affair, eventually convincing them to leave after all. Their freighter exploded, and Juliet tried to get drunk, thinking Jin dead. She later ran into him, time traveling through the jungle, and both ended up in the DHARMA Initiative. They spend the next three years together.

After death, Juliet showed Jin his daughter's sonogram, waking him up. The two later greeted each other in the church once Juliet had awoken as well.

4x07 LearningTheTruth


Jin and Libby
First Episode: "The Other 48 Days"
Origin: Libby discovered Jin's body washed up on the beach after the raft explosion.
Since Then: Libby couldn't understand Jin's Korean, and each suspected the other was an island native. Once they realized they were survivors from the same crash, they traveled together across the Island. Libby followed Jin's instructions for caring for Sawyer. She encouraged Michael to leave Jin and obey Ana's demands for supplies, and later convinced Ana to let Jin return to his camp. Once the two camps had merged, Hurley and Libby tried to go on a picnic. Libby pointed out Jin to prove that they had arrived at their own beach rather than another.

After death, Jin and Libby greeted each other in the church before moving on.

2x07 cindy libby


Jin and Locke
First Episode: "What Kate Did"
Origin: The two spent time in the beach camp together.
Since Then: Locke used tools to free Jin from handcuffs that he had worn for weeks. A while after, after each began traveling through time, Locke came upon Jin in the jungle. Locke explained that he planned to leave the Island to retrieve survivors who had left, and Jin made him promise not to approach Sun. Years later, after Jin heard that Locke had died, Jin was surprised to apparently see him at Claire's hut, though it was actually the Man in Black. After death, the two passed each other in a hospital before each woke up.


Jin vs. Michael
Origin: Jin became jealous of Michael's interactions with Sun.
Prize: Jin's watch
Fuel: Michael disapproved of the harsh tones Jin used when speaking to Sun. Then Michael found a watch on the beach and decided to wear it, not knowing that it actually belonged to Jin's Father-in-law, Mr. Paik. Jin thought that Michael had stolen it, and nearly drowned Michael in retribution. Because supposedly no one could translate, racial tension was the presumed motive, and the Losties handcuffed Jin to the wreckage ("House of the Rising Sun"). Because of their history of confrontation, Michael automatically blamed Jin for setting the first raft on fire ("...In Translation").
Resolved: Yes. Sun eventually admitted to speaking English, which broke down some of the communication barrier. Jin helped Michael build a second raft, and the two became close friends. Jin's opinion of Michael likely changed after learning his responsibility in Ana Lucia and Libby's death, but right before Michael's death on the Kahana, Jin risked his own life in helping him freeze the bomb, only leaving when Michael made him.


Jin and Sawyer
First Episode: "White Rabbit"
Origin: Sawyer was one of the first English speakers Jin contacted on the Island. He traded Jin a fish for the last of his water.
Since Then: Sawyer waylaid and captured Jin, thinking he had burned the raft Sawyer planned to board. But that was a misunderstanding, and the two left the Island on the raft together. When the Others shot Sawyer, Jin dove into the water to save him. The two spent the next days together, prisoners of the tailies.

Sawyer soon learned of Sun's pregnancy and jokingly congratulated Jin, though he knew the man didn't understand. The two reunited happily after the Others kidnapped Sawyer, and they together helped Hurley start the DHARMA van. Sawyer began teaching Jin how to speak English, and when he thought the Others captured Jin, Bernard and Sayid, Sawyer decided to go to the beach to rescue them. When the freighter blew up, Sawyer thought Jin died on it, but the two shared another reunion during the time flashes.

They ended up working together in the DHARMA Initiative for three years as security officers. When they traveled back to 2007, both spent time in the Man in Black's camp. Some of Jin's last words were to Jack, asking that he save Sawyer rather than stay to help him and Sun. In a flash sideways, Sawyer tried to protect Jin from an escaped killer, but Jin just smiled at him, hoping to see him at the church.



Jin and Sun
First Episode: "...And Found"
Origin: Jin, the son of a rural fisherman, literally bumped into Sun, who is the daughter of powerful corporate CEO. The two instantly connected and started secretly dating.
Since Then: Jin proposed, and Mr. Paik granted permission, hiring Jin as a personal assistant. The two married, but jin's increasingly violent work and their inability to conceive drove them apart. The two traveled to Los Angeles via Sydney for Jin's business, and Sun planned to leave Jin at the airport, while Jin planned to stay in America with Sun, abandoning her father. Instead, they crashed on to the Island.

Jin acted heavily protective of Sun on the Island, attracting criticism from several survivors. Jin became briefly suspicious of Sun's relationship with Michael, who almost kissed Sun. Sun began rebelling slightly from Jin's control, and she eventually revealed to him that she'd learned English to leave him. Jin then prepared to leave her on a raft, but the two reconciled before he left. An attack destroyed the raft, convincing Sun that Jin had died, but Jin returned to camp, and the two conceived a child together. Sun eared the child could be Jae Lee's, and Juliet revealed these suspicions to Jin, but the couple made up again. They tried to escape the Island on the freighter, but it exploded, apparently killing Jin.

Sun lived alone in Korea for some years, raising their daughter and seeking vengeance against those she held responsible for Jin's death. When Ben told her Jin was still alive, she returned to the Island. The two reunited but died together soon after, Jin choosing to die with her when she became trapped in a sinking sub.

In their flash sideways, the two shared a loving but unmarried relationship, and Mr. Paik ordered Jin's death. But the two awoke during a sonogram of their daughter, and they moved on with their friends.

2x09 sun jin