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Enhanced version of Season 4, Episode 7: Ji Yeon-Enhanced
Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

This is the freighter
located 92 miles from the island.
Frank Lapidus is a former airline pilot.
He was assigned to fly Oceanic 815
on the day of the crash, but was replaced.

Regina is the woman
whose voice we've recently heard
over satellite phone calls to the island.

Regina's book is Survivors of the Chancellor
Jules Verne's novel about shipwreck survivors
who experience a series of terrifying events.
Demond was recently afflicted
with a temporal displacement condition.
Minkowski was the communications officer
on the freighter
who had the same affliction as Desmond
and died of a brain aneurysm
The satellite phone on the island was broken
during Juliet and Charlotte's fight
in the Tempest station in last week's episode.

Ji Yeon means "flower of wisdom."

The sound you hear is an episode
of the TV show Exposé, dubbed in Korean.
Exposé starred Nikki, an 815 survivor
and that was the same episode of Exposé
she was working on
when we met her in Season 3.

Act 2

Kate is referring to the Tempest
a DHARMA station that Ben used
to kill everyone from the DHARMA Initiative.

Daniel Faraday told Jack and Kate that rescue
was not the freighter team's primary objective.

The beach camp's kitchen
is stocked with DHARMA food rations
that are air-dropped to the island in crates.
Sawyer taught Jin how to say "beer"
"I'm sorry," "you were right" and
"those pants don't make you look fat."

Juliet's cuts and bruises
were caused by the fight with Charlotte
in the Tempest station in last week's episode.
Juliet was recruited to the island by Ben
to solve the Others' pregnancy problems
but she was unable to determine
why women die during pregnancy on the island.
Claire's baby, Aaron, was conceived in Sydney
and born on the island after the crash.

This is a flash forward, revealing Sun
as the latest Oceanic 6 survivor.

Kate has been to the barracks twice
and recently returned, so she knows the way.
She was there to find out if the freighter team
knows that she is a fugitive.

Sun had the affair with her English teacher
a man named Jae Lee, which was revealed
in "The Glass Ballerina" in Season 3.

Act 3

The survivors got this outrigger from Karl
when he came to warn them about the Others.
It's the same boat Charlie and Desmond used
to dive to the Looking Glass station.

Jin is the son of a fisherman.

The island has cured Rose's cancer
enabled Locke to walk after being paralyzed
and allowed Sun and Jin to conceive a child.

Locke killed Naomi, a pilot from the freighter
by throwing a knife into her back.

Ben told Michael in the Season 2 finale
that the Others were the "good guys."

This is the ship's doctor.
He examined Desmond when Desmond was
experiencing temporal displacement.

This is Regina, the woman Frank spoke with
at the beginning of the episode.

Act 4

The bizarre incidents and strange behavior
onboard the freighter
are an homage to the haunted hotel
in Stephen King's The Shining.

Charles Widmore is the father
of Desmond's girlfriend Penny Widmore.

Captain Gault's name is a nod to
William Hope Hodgson's Captain Gault stories
from his 1917 book about a captain who has
occult knowledge of arcane religious artifacts.

In this season's 2nd episode, "Confirmed Dead"
an Oceanic aircraft was found
at the bottom of the Sunda Trench off Bali.
The public was led to believe it was flight 815.

Juliet desperately wants to go home
to see her sister Rachel, a cancer survivor.
Juliet helped Rachel get pregnant
after her body was ravaged by chemotherapy.

This is not Kevin Johnson, but Michael Dawson.
He is an 815 survivor who betrayed his friends
to get his son, Walt, back from the Others.
Ben then gave him a boat to leave the island.

Act 5

Before Jin and Sun arrived on the island
Jin worked for Sun's father, Mr. Paik.

Jin's name is on the middle of the gravestone.
His date of birth, 11.27.1974, is on the right
along with the date of his death, 9.22.2004
which is the same day as the crash of 815.

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