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Jesse Alexander was an executive consultant for Lost during season 1, and was listed as a co-executive producer for his 2005 Emmy award for Lost for best drama.

Alexander was a college friend of J.J. Abrams, and worked in the videogame industry after attending film school. Abrams brought him into television to work as a writer and producer on Alias. Alexander was part of the initial writing team for Lost, working on both shows during the 2004-05 season. After leaving Lost, he joined the production team as an Executive Producer on the NBC hit Heroes, but left the show in November 2008.

May 4, 2009 NBC announced the pickup of Jesse Alexander's new event series "Day One", starring Thekla Reuten, for the 2009-2010 television season. Alexander is credited as executive producer/writer. "Day One" tells the story of life on earth following a global catastrophe that has devastated the world's infrastructures. An eclectic band of survivors, all residents of one apartment building, embarks on a quest for survival. [1]


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