Jerry is a man who works in the DHARMA Initiative's security team. ("LaFleur")

On the Island


Jerry and his love interest, Rosie, are dancing at the security center of the DHARMA Initiative, after she brought him brownies. The two are caught by Phil, who scolds Jerry for being distracted while being on a watch. On a video monitor, the three suddenly notice a drunken man blowing up trees, recognizing him as their leader Horace Goodspeed.

Jerry and Phil rush to the head of security's house, where they inform him of the situation. ("LaFleur")


  • Jerry and his companion Phil, brownie eating 1970s hippies, seem to be references to Phil Lesh and Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead
  • In the casting call. Phil was described as "Any ethnicity, mid-20s to mid-30s. A bad boy. Dangerous, charming and always up for a good time. Works in corporate security; can be serious and tough when he needs to be." [1]
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