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Jeff Pinkner served as an executive consultant during the first season of Lost and executive producer and writer during Season 3.

Pinkner co-wrote the following episodes of Lost:



Pinkner previously worked with J.J. Abrams as an executive producer, co-executive producer, supervising producer and producer on Alias for over 100 episodes. He also wrote 13 episodes and was its show-runner in the final season. Abrams then enlisted the help of Pinkner on Lost as an executive consultant during the first season.

He served in this capacity from the episodes "Pilot, Part 1" through "Hearts and Minds". Pinkner returned to Lost as an executive producer on all Season 3 episodes. In a 2020 interview Damon Lindelof called Pinkner the "heir apparent" in the event that he and Carlton Cuse would leave at the end of season 3[1]. Pinkner has worked as a writer or story editor on numerous other television shows including Ally McBeal. He began writing with a freelance episode of The Practice. [1] In 2008, Pinkner was hired as executive producer and showrunner for the sci-fi television drama Fringe, another Abrams project. [2]


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