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"Jay" redirects here. For podcaster Jay Glatfelter, see: Unofficial podcasts

Jay was a member of the DHARMA Initiative who worked as a photographer and cameraman.

On the Island

Jay was present at the arrival of the new recruits to the Island in 1977, taking their group photograph. The photograph was later seen on a wall in the Barracks. ("Namaste")

Jay also directed the Arrow orientation video, which starred Pierre Chang. Midway through filming one of the takes, Eric burst in to inform Chang of a disturbance that occurred at the Orchid construction site. Chang then left, abandoning the video production. ("Because You Left")

He may have been killed along with other members of the DHARMA Initiative in the Purge, or he may have left the island sometime between 1977 and The Purge.


  • This character was officially credited as crew member in the ABC Medianet press release for "Because You Left", and as DHARMA photographer in the press release for "Namaste."
  • In "Namaste", Jay was actually wearing Mike's jumpsuit.
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