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Jason Ward is a character from the official Lost novelization Secret Identity by author Cathy Hapka. He was one of the passengers seated in the middle section of Oceanic Flight 815.

Ward was the brother of Daisy, who was girlfriend to Dexter Cross.

He had met with her new boyfriend Dexter when he had come to meet their family for dinner. Jason eventually got to know Dexter a little better when he came to visit the family again, and became quite close with him when the family invited Dexter to join them for an Australian vacation. However, things took a turn, when Jason got drunk in Sydney and ran out of cash and requested Dexter (whom everyone assumed was wealthy) to pay for the remaining expenses of the trip. Dexter's lie was exposed and Daisy ran off humiliated and betrayed.

Jason would later board Oceanic Flight 815, where he would speak with Dexter and inform him that Daisy wanted nothing to do with him. He was unaware whether or not she had actually boarded the plane.

Jason was found dead in the jungle by Dexter, so it is probable that he did not survive the crash.

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