Jason McCormack shot a pregnant Ana Lucia while she was on duty as police officer. Ana had shown up in response to a burglary call. Upon her arrival, Jason, who turned out to be the perpetrator, walked out the front door soon after her arrival. Instead of complying with Ana's demands to put his hands up, he insisted that he was a student, and that he needed to show his identification. Ana believed him, but instead of pulling out an ID, he pulled out a gun and shot Ana. He was using hollow point ammunition that wouldn't penetrate a standard police issue bullet-proof vest, but the shock was enough to kill Ana's unborn child. Jason subsequently escaped.

Sometime later, however, Jason was caught by the police, and confessed to shooting Ana. However, Ana did not positively identify Jason, and he was set free, much to the chagrin of Ana Lucia's mother. A week later, Jason went to a bar and played pool. Ana Lucia followed and confronted him in the parking lot after he left the bar. She told him, "I was pregnant," then proceeded to shoot him six times, the last three at point blank range. She walked away, throwing the gun in the dumpster. ("Collision")

After his corpse was found by the cops, Ana's mother expressed concern that Ana was the one who shot Jason. This mistrust lead to Ana quitting the force. ("Two for the Road")


  • Was referred to as "Jason McCormack" in "Collision", but is called "Jason Alder" in "Two for the Road", as well as being credited as both (except he's credited as "Elder" instead of "Alder" for "Two for the Road"). The Season 2 DVD changes the line in "Two for the Road" by Teresa Cortez from "Alder" to "McCormack".

Jason in the morgue.

  • There is an Easter egg on the seventh disc of the Season 2 DVD which shows a small interview with Sam Anderson (Bernard) and his apprehension about his scene in the episode "The Other 48 Days". In the seat next to him on the treetop you can see an extra playing a corpse. The corpse appears to be played by Aaron Gold.