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Jamie Silberhartz
Date of Birth
April 11
Date of Death
Stony Brook, New York

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Jamie Silberhartz plays the character of Rachel Blake in The Lost Experience.

Biography and previous work

  • Resides in Los Angeles
  • Graduated from Emerson College (2004) in Boston.
  • Spent a summer at NYU. Username jamiesil, is listed on under the 'contacts' of some users (her own profile seems to have been removed). Tribehollywood describes itself as 'an entertainment industry and creative network run by NYU Film Grads'.
    • The comedy film Sissy Frenchfry , in which Jamie played a cheerleader, is mentioned in the list of credits members have been involved in (though the corresponding user is not included).
  • Played the role of "anonymous celeb" in a small budget film called Ricky is Famous! .
  • Was Amelia Earhart in a play at the Edge of The World Festival in LA in 2005 called Amelia Learns To Fly.
  • Was one of the first actresses to show interest in a role for the screenplay adaptation of the book Passion of Alice, as she and actress Jennifer Cook were friends of the screenplay writer Jaime Grant, who is in turn the sister of the book's writer Stephanie Grant. This article shows that Silberhartz was one of the 'anchors of a large cast'.
  • Was previously under - a website aiming to manage young acting talent (under actors, a link to Jamie's headshot can still be found in the source code). The website credits itself with setting up its charges with roles in shows such as ER, The West Wing, 24 and Malcolm in the Middle, as well as movies like Constantine and Traffic.
  • Silberhartz has also recently appeared in two episodes of hit show "Without a Trace", portraying the character 'Bonnie' and 'Receptionist' respectively.

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