Jae Lee developed several relationships over the course of the series.



Jae Lee and Jin
First Episode: "Everybody Hates Hugo"
Origin: Jin received the position of doorman at one of Jae Lee's hotels
Since Then: The two met one day when Jae Lee arrived for a date with Sun. He borrowed a corsage from Jin and asked him his name. This networking did Jin no good because he quit his job soon after. After Jin married Sun, Jae Lee secretly taught her English and later began an affair with her. Jin didn't know this, but Mr. Paik ordered him to send a message, allegedly for stealing. Jin attacked him but stopped short of killing him, instead telling him to flee the country. Jae Lee leaped out of a window right after, killing himself.


Jae Lee and Sun
First Episode: "...And Found"
Origin: Before meeting Jin, Sun was initially introduced to Jae Lee, the son of a wealthy hotelier, by a matchmaking scheme from their respective parents.
Since Then: The two hit it off, but Jae disappointed Sun with the news that he'd fallen in love with an American girl. Sun then met Jin and married him but began taking English lessons from Jae Lee. Before long, Jae Lee confessed feelings for her, and they began an affair. Sun's father discovered what was happening. Sun attended Jae Lee's funeral soon after.