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Jacob's ankh was a wooden ankh that Jacob gave to Hurley in a guitar case prior to Hurley's return to the Island.

When Hurley time-traveled from the 1970s back to 2007, he brought the guitar case and the ankh with him. After he, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin were captured by the Others and taken to the Temple, he gave it to Dogen as proof that he had spoken to Jacob. After opening the case, Dogen removed the ankh and broke it in half, revealing a scroll hidden inside the wood.

Reading this scroll prompted Dogen to ask the names of each of the survivors, who were held at gunpoint and were just about to be shot dead. On hearing their response, he called off the shooters and told his people to take Sayid to the Spring. When asked what the scroll said, Lennon replied that it stated that if Sayid died, everyone there was in “a lot of trouble”. In a sense, this prophecy was fulfilled; Sayid ‘died’, and as a result, many of the Others were killed in the Temple massacre. ("LA X, Part 2") ("Sundown")


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