Besides a tapestry, Jacob also wove a rug of thread he spun himself in his chamber in the pedestal of the statue of Taweret during his many years on the Island. A better view was provided by the LOST Season 5 DVD. The Man in Black tore off a corner of the rug and used it to clean the bloodied knife that Ben had used to stab Jacob. ("LA X, Part 1")

The rug

Pictorial images

  • A man with a staff guards two times five chained figures.
  • The bottom section shows a boat with three figures, with the central figure seeming to be imprisoned.


  • The first line reads ΝΥΝ ΤΟΙ ΕΕΛΔΕΣΘΩ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΚΑΚΟΣ. The line comes from Homer's Iliad, Book 16, line 494, and modified to lowercase reads, "νῦν τοι ἐελδέσθω πόλεμος κακός" (transliterated as "nun toi eeldesthō polemos kakos"), meaning, "Now you must embrace this evil war".
  • The second line reads ΡΕΕ Δ ΑΙΜΑΤΙ ΓΑΝΑ. This line comes from the Iliad Book 4, line 451, and modified to lowercase reads, "ρεε δ' αϊματι γανα" (transliterated as "ree d'aimati gana"), meaning, "the ground ran with blood".
  • The third line reads ΘΑΝΑΤΟΥ ΔΕ ΜΕΛΑΝ ΝΕΦΟΣ ΑΜΦΕΚΑΛΥΨΕΝ. This also comes from the Iliad, Book 16, line 350, and modified to lowercase reads, "θανάτου δὲ μέλαν νέφος ἀμφεκάλυψεν" (transliterated as "thanatou de melan nephos amphekalupsen"), meaning, "then death's black cloud enveloped".

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