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6x12 Jacob's ashes


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After Jacob was stabbed by Ben and burned by the Man in Black in the statue of Taweret, Ilana sat down by the pit of ashes. Ben told Ilana that the Man in Black killed Jacob by kicking him into the fire and that Jacob burned up in the fire. Ilana pulled out a pouch and filled it with the ashes. ("The Substitute")

After Ilana's group rescued Miles from the Temple, Ilana gave Miles the ashes so he could use his mediumship to find out how Jacob died. Miles was able to find out that Ben killed Jacob, and he found out Jacob's last thoughts: that Jacob was hoping he was wrong about Ben. ("Dr. Linus")

After Ilana accidentally blew herself up with the Black Rock's dynamite, Hurley found the pouch in her belongings and kept it. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

In the woods, young Jacob appeared to Hurley and demanded his ashes. He took them and ran away. Hurley gave chase in the woods, and came upon adult Jacob beside a campfire. Jacob said that he must have a successor before the fire burned out, since once it did, he would be gone for good. ("What They Died For")

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