This article is about the orchestral piece. For the ladders from "The Substitute", see Cliffside cave.

"Jacob's Ladders" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack.

Scene description

The Man in Black descends the first ladder. James follows, and he quickly switches to a second ladder when the first breaks. The second then breaks, leaving him hanging. The Man in Black catches his hand and takes him to a third ladder. They descend the remaining distance and enter the cliffside cave. The Man in Black takes a white stone from a scale and throws it into the ocean.


The piece uses FLocke's theme.

Title significance

The title references the ladders that Sawyer and the Man in Black descend. Jacob's Ladder was a ladder to heaven that the biblical Jacob imagined to escape his brother (Genesis 28:10-17). The film Jacob's Ladder featured a dying character's visions, which were either hallucinations or, like the flash sideways, some intermediate stage of afterlife.

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