"Jacob's Advocate" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It introduces a motif that represents the story and true nature of the Island.

Main appearance

Jacob and Richard share some wine. Jacob says that he summoned Richard's ship and explains the nature of the Island and his rivalry with the Man in Black. Richard convinces him to intervene slightly in people's lives, and Jacob takes Richard on as an "intermediary". As payment, Jacob grants Richard eternal life.

Richard returns to the Man in Black, giving him a white rock from Jacob. The Man leaves open the option to join him and gives Richard Isabella's cross. Richard buries it.

Full list of appearances

The new motif from "Jacob's Advocate" plays during the following scenes:


The piece begins with Jacob's theme. It transitions into the piece's new motif, then returns to Jacob's theme. Richard's theme plays later, followed by the Man in Black's theme. Richard's theme then finishes the piece.


The theme appears in "What They Died For".

Title significance

Richard signs up as Jacob's advocate. The title may also reference the phrase "devil's advocate". During their conversation, Richard asks if Jacob is the devil.

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