Jack Maxwell is an American actor who portrayed Derek in the season 3 episode "Catch-22".


He is an actor and a producer. He played SWAT Commander in For Which He Stands - a film from 1996. This was his first most notable role. Since then he has played in numerous movies:

  • Passion and Romance: Window of the Heart (1997)
  • Just Add Love (1997)
  • Shoot It (1997)
  • Four Jokers (1998)
  • The Silence of Speed (1999)
  • Sonic Impact (1999)
  • Voyeur (1999)
  • Dean Quixote (2000)
  • Gettin' Lucky (2005)
  • Irene in Time (2009)

and TV Shows such as:

He also gave his voice for the crowd in Adventures in Animation 3D (2004).

Jack Maxwell was a host of the daily National Enquirer's Uncovered show, broadcasted on MGM Television 1999-2001