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Mobisode 10 - "Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack"

Writer - Damon Lindelof

Director - Jack Bender

[Jack is going through suitcases. Ethan walks up.]

ETHAN: You're the doctor, right?

JACK: Yeah. That's me.

ETHAN: Well, I heard you were rounding up the medicine, so I figured... you might want this.

[He opens a suitcase.]

JACK: Whew.

ETHAN: [Laughs] Jackpot, right? Guy must've been a hypochondriac or something.

JACK: Where'd you find this?

ETHAN: In the jungle. I'm Ethan, by the way.

[They shake hands.]

JACK: Jack.

ETHAN: Thank you, Jack.

JACK: For what?

ETHAN: Getting all this together, having a little perspective, you know. Thinking long-term. I mean, most of them still think we're gonna get rescued any time now.

JACK: And you think I don't?

ETHAN: No, I think you're smart. And I think you're looking at that girl, [shot of Claire] knowing you might actually have to deliver that baby here. I know that's what I'm thinking.

JACK: Well, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

ETHAN: [Laughs] You're definitely not alone.

JACK: If she does go into labor, at least I know I've got an assistant. [Ethan looks at him and looks away.] I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to...

ETHAN: It's all right, don't worry about it. Anyway I'm glad the meds helped.

JACK: Yeah, thank you.

ETHAN: You're welcome.

[Ethan gets up to leave.]

ETHAN: Jack, um, my wife died in childbirth. And our, uh, our baby didn't make it either. [Jack looks at him, but doesn’t say anything.] Well, let's hope we're both wrong and the rescue boats are on their way right now.

JACK: Let's hope.

[Ethan walks away and Jack watches him.]