"Jack's Motif" plays during many of Jack's action scenes throughout the series.

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Jack's Motif plays during the following scenes.

The Man in Black feels uneasy about Jack planning to kill him. ("The End")


Jack's Motif appears in "Blessings and Bombs", "Cage Crashers", "Claire-a Culpa", "Dharma vs Lostaways", "Hoffs-Drawlar", "Hold the Phone", "The Lighthouse", "Locke v. Jack", "If A Tree Falls", "More Locke Than Locke", "Reunion And Reneging", "She's Dynamite", "SS Lost-tanic", "Teaser Time", and "Under the Knife". The Others' action theme and Kate's theme use a similar structure. The motif inspires the duel motif.

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