Ja-ne de Abreu
Ja-ne de Abreu
Ja-ne de Abreu
NameJa-ne de Abreu
Date of birthUnknown
Place of birthNew Orleans, LA
Character on LostCasey
IMDbIMDb profile

Ja-ne de Abreu portrayed the non-speaking role of Casey in multiple episodes in Season 5. The role was previously portrayed by Jenn Boneza in "The Man Behind the Curtain". She was seen a in many episodes with Rosie.

In season 4 she appeared in the background in 2 episodes.

During the filming of "Namaste", Ja-ne was interviewed by Iain Lee, the presenter of "The Lost Initiative" podcast. The interview was later shown in the Sky1 special "Lost: Season 5 Revealed", and Ja-ne's name was shown as Ja-Ne De Ver.

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