Ivan Andropov was a Russian man allegedly working for Charles Widmore who was assassinated by Sayid Jarrah.


Andropov was chased down by Sayid under the orders of Benjamin Linus, who led Sayid to believe that Andropov was directly related to the death of Sayid's wife Nadia and was a danger to the Oceanic Six. Sayid cornered Andropov at his house in Moscow, Russia. Though Andropov offered Sayid a large bribe in exchange for his life, Sayid shot him anyway.

Afterward, Ben informed Sayid that Andropov was the last of his targets, and that he no longer needed Sayid to work for him as an assassin. ("He's Our You")


  • Yuri Andropov was the leader of Soviet Union in 1982-1984.
  • In the casting call he was described as "Ivan, late 30s to late 40s, pudgy, must have a Russian accent, wealthy, upper-class and has lived the good life, but gambling debts have caught up with him. Now he fears for his life from the Russian mob." [1]

Unanswered Questions

Unanswered questions
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  • What danger did Andropov pose to the Oceanic Six?
  • Was he linked to Charles Widmore?