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This article contains false information that does not officially belong to The Lost Experience or other Lost mythos.
Unlike fanon or parody, the material was created intentionally to cause confusion with information from official sources.
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Another film has surfaced in Windows Media Video format. It details the purpose, description and names of different stations. However, this video is a well made fake. The footage of "Alvar Hanso" is actually stolen footage from Sanoviv Medical Institute of Dr. Myron Wentz discussing his hospital and their approach to medicine.

Station 1 - Psychological Research

  • Behavioral Modification
  • Dissociative Disorder Study
  • Psychodynamic Research
  • Systematic Desensitization

Station 2 +Parapsychological Study


This symbol is taken from the T.V. show Babylon 5 and represents the Vorlon Empire.

  • Anomalous Phenomena
  • Bifocation & Remote Viewing
  • Telekinetics & GESP
  • Clairvoyance & Clairaudience

Station 3 - Physics & Electromagnetics

  • Boson String Research
  • Matrix Mechanic Theory
  • Paleogeography
  • Quantum Electrodynamics

Station 4 - Zoological Sciences

  • Cryptozoogical Research
  • Genus Aberrational Studies
  • Philogenetics
  • Species Allocation & Conservation

Station 5 - Astronomy & Meteorology

  • Electron Degeneracy Research
  • Gravitational Radiation
  • Peculiar Stellar Velocities
  • Radiative Transport Study

Station 6 - Human Advancement


This symbol is taken from the T.V. show Babylon 5 and represents the Minbari Federation.

  • Heterogeneity Refinement
  • Cryogenics & Cellular Stasis
  • Ectopic Integration Studies
  • Monoclonal Research



"Alvar Hanso" (Actually Dr. Myron Wentx)


"Gerald DeGroot"

Locacion inconnu.jpg

Outside the first station?

Finis film.jpg

"With the generous grants of Alvar Hanso, and the clear goals and leadership of Gerald and Karen DeGroot, Dharma Industries was incorporated this past year. It serves to be the extension of a life-long cautivation of Foundation research dedicated to the enrichment of human existance."

Derniere fenestre.jpg

"A commitment to encouraging excellence in science and technology, and furthering the cause of human development. Namaste."

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