The Implant was first mentioned in "One of Us" when Ben talked about it to Juliet. An implant is a material inserted or grafted into tissue. It is at present unknown what this implant really was or what it was made of.

Known Implantee(s) and Effects

So far, there is only one known implantee:

  • Implant most likely put during her abduction ("Maternity Leave") ("One of Us")
  • Could be activated by the Others causing symptoms to appear within 48 hours
  • Caused headaches, nosebleeds, lethargy
  • The condition was cleared by a DHARMA Initiative drug
  • The implant was part of a plan by Ben to make Juliet appear trustworthy


  • Sawyer was conned by Ben into thinking he had an implant that would kill him by causing his heart to explode if his heart rate exceeded 140 beats per minute. Ben later revealed it was a con and the real reason he couldn't escape was because he was on a separate island. ("Every Man for Himself")