Ignacio was a slave aboard the Black Rock, a ship owned by Magnus Hanso. In 1867 while chained inside the ship, he met and befriended Ricardo, a fellow slave. When the ship was hit by a storm, Ignacio saw land nearby, an Island, and as the ship came closer, he saw an enormous statue and screamed that it was the Devil. ("Ab Aeterno")

The water dragged the ship inside the Island, far from the shore, but Ignacio, along his fellow slaves, survived the shipwreck. However, Ignacio was killed by Jonas Whitfield, one of the ship's officers, who feared the slaves would kill the crew if they were released, as the survivors did not have any fresh water and very little supplies. ("Ab Aeterno")


  • The casting call described him as: "[IGNACIO] Latino, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Poor, religious and street smart. On the wrong side of the law but only because he’s a victim of his circumstances... NICE CO-STAR." [1]