"If You Stayed Over"
Bonobo (featuring Fink)
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"If You Stayed Over", by Bonobo (featuring Fink), is a song featured in "The Economist" which is played in Elsa's room while she and Sayid were in bed together.


And if it's on,
It's on for good, yeah...
'Cause when it's gone,
It's gone for good...

Let me tell you...

And if you stayed over,
You know we would,
If we could
Put it back together,
We could be... fine...

If I breathe in the future,
Breathe out the past, yeah...
Savour this moment
As long as it lasts...

Let me tell you...
Put it back...

If you stayed over
I'd make it so sweet,
I'll make you remember, baby,
From your head to your feet...

And if you go now, then
You'll never know
How it could...
Make it good...
Make it good....

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