Ian McVay is an undertaker in Australia. He also serves as a coroner.

Dr. McVay attempted to perform an autopsy on Charlotte Malkin after her "death" but the autopsy was stopped when Charlotte was resurrected. He was contacted by "Father Tunde" (Eko) in his investigation into the Malkin miracle. He gave Eko a recording of the failed autopsy. Eko listens to the recording and leaves McVay in pursuit of more evidence. During the failed autopsy, he was assisted by the "very lovely Valerie McTavish".


  • McVay's notes, in a screencap close-up, refer to the real-world hospital, Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Lost is filmed, although the scene was set in Australia (picture).
  • In the dialogue and subtitles, he is clearly called Ian, but in the credits at the end of the episode list him as Ivan.