"I Hear Dead People" is an orchestral piece on the season 5 soundtrack. It plays during many scenes in which Miles uses his power.

Main appearance

A young Miles heads to a vending machine at an apartment block his mother is viewing. Suddenly, he senses something coming from one of the rooms. He finds a key hidden under a bunny ornament outside the door and uses it to enter. His mother hears him calling and rushes to find him. In the room, a man is laying on the floor dead. Miles recalls his last thoughts, claiming to have heard him. He can still hear him, much to his mother's horror.

Full list of appearances

"I Hear Dead People" and its variations play when Miles hears the last thoughts of:


The piece's motif reappears in "Lie Thou There".

Title significance

The title refers to Miles' ability to hear the last thoughts of dead people. It is a play on the quote from the film The Sixth Sense "I see dead people."

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