"I've Got a Plane to Catch" is an orchestral piece from the Season One soundtrack. It plays during the season finale.

Scene description

Hurley has just realized he overslept and is late for his flight. He phones for a car and rushes to leave his hotel. The elevator is full, so he takes the stairs. He begins driving to the airport, but his car breaks down.

He eventually reaches, but further delays spring up. The ticket clerk makes him buy a second ticket because of his weight. After buying it, Hurley realizes he's at the wrong terminal. He makes his way to the correct terminal fighting crowded escalators and long security lines. He pays an "old guy" sixteen hundred dollars to borrow his motorized scooter. He still arrives at Gate 23 after the jetway has closed.

The employee guarding the gate sympathizes with him though and lets him through.


The piece is a variation on "Hurley's Theme".

Title significance

Charlie irately yells a slight variation of the song title when Hurley attempts to take the elevator. The line also quotes a piece of Charlie's dialogue from "The Moth": Charlie angrily spoke it while walking away from Liam, who had refused Charlie's offer to help reunite Driveshaft.

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