Hurley's Stash
Hurley's stash


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Sawyer; Hurley showed it to Libby
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During the episodes "One of Them" and "Dave", Hurley's stash appeared. He kept his food hidden by leaves on a makeshift shelf, constructed from what appeared to be branches. Although Hurley kept many things in his stash, not all the items were visible when seen in the episode "Dave", as some items were behind other ones or camera cropped. The following is a list of confirmed items Hurley had in his stash.

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  • Tin of assorted cookies
  • Bag of cheese puffs
  • Five bags of marshmallows
  • Bag of toasted o's cereal
  • Jar of apple sauce


  • It appears there were two different kinds of peanut butter. The large jar had a blue lid, while the smaller jars had red lids. It is likely that they are crunchy and smooth, as when the large jar fell out of Hurley's bag while on his way to the caves, no peanut chunks were visible.
  • "Crepes Au Chocolat" was the only item that has a French name.

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