Hugo "Hurley" Reyes developed relationships with several characters over the course of the series.


Ben and Hurley
First Episode: "The Beginning of the End"
Origin: Both went with Locke when the survivors' camp split up into two groups.
Since Then: When Hurley escaped the island, Sayid convinced him to mistrust Ben. When Ben came to Hurley's house, Hurley turned himself into the police, confessing to murder rather than ally with Ben. Hurley objected to Ben flying on Ajira 316 with him. But when Hurley became the island's protector, he asked Ben to advise him. After death, Hurley and Ben said that they had worked well together, and that Hurley had been a great "Number 1", and Ben had been a great "Number 2".


Charlie and Hurley
First Episode: "Walkabout"
Origin: Met on the island
Since Then: The pair's first major scene together was when Charlie solicited Hurley's help in catching fish for Shannon. Later, Hurley built a golf course, and the two danced to distract other players. Claire got attacked shortly after, and Charlie heard the news from Hurley. Some days later, Charlie followed Hurley to Danielle' shack, and the two crossed a rope bridge together. When Hurley assumed control of the Swan pantry, Charlie asked him for a jar of peanut butter, and Hurley eventually complied. He also told Charlie about his lottery win, though Charlie didn't believe him. Hurley later asked Charlie about Libby. After the Swan implosion, Hurley and Charlie stumbled upon Desmond, and the two soon discussed Desmond's apparent powers. The two eventually got Desmond drunk to discover the truth about them. To avert Charlie's fate and Hurley's curse, the two started the DHARMA van. The two later went on a mission with Desmond and discovered Naomi. Charlie eventually came to terms with his imminent death, refused to let Hurley follow him to the Looking Glass and hugged him goodbye. Hurley shared the news of Charlie's death with Claire, crying, and consequently decided to join Locke's camp. Once Hurley returned to the mainland and checked himself into Santa Rosa, Charlie's ghost visited him repeatedly, urging him to return to the island and relaying a message from Christian. After Hurley died and woke up, he saw Charlie again and kidnapped him, taking him to the concert so he could wake too.
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Desmond and Hurley
First Episode: "Further Instructions"
Origin: The two got to know each other following the Swan implosion. Hurley lent a shirt to a naked Desmond in the jungle.
Since Then: Hurley was the first to notice Desmond's premonitions, and he successfully got Desmond to reveal the truth behind them. The two mourned together after Charlie's death. Both escaped the island but returned, and once Hurley became protector of the island, he planned to help Desmond return home. In the flash sideways, Desmond helped wake Hurley up. The two then worked together to wake their other friends.
3x03 FYIingDesmond


Hurley and Jack
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 1"
Origin: Jack recruited Hurley to help Claire right after the crash. Falling wreckage then nearly killed both, and Jack had to save them.
Since Then: Hurley began helping Jack take care of the camp. He discovered Kate's mugshot, and was surprised by Jack's indifference, and he passed out on Ed Mars while Jack tried to treat him. Some days later, Hurley built a golf course, and though Jack initially insulted the project, he quickly joined in. Hurley later began an island census with Jack';s approval, and when he let on a search for Danielle, Jack led a party to find him. The two together gathered dynamite from the Black Rock, and after they blew their way into the Hatch, Jack put Hurley in charge of allocating its supplies. Jack's deference to his final decision surprised Hurley. Libby's death convinced Hurley to join Jack in a trek to the Others, but they turned Hurley back. Jack eventually returned, and Hurley accompanied him, along with most of the camp, on a trek to the radio tower.

When the camp split, Hurley went with Locke over Jack, a decision he later regretted. The two reunited awkwardly some time later and managed to escape the island together. Hurley disagreed with Jack's plan to lie about their adventures, but he eventually gave in. Off-island, Hurley attended Jack's father's funeral, and Jack attended his birthday party. Jack saw Hurley's arrest on the news, and when Hurley committed himself to Santa Rosa, Jack came to visit him. The meeting turned sour quickly, and Hurley warned Jack against raising Aaron and said someone would soon visit him. When a series of comic adventures left Hurley with Sayid's unconscious body, he called Jack for help. The two separately ended up on Ajira 316, and Jack helped Hurley out of the water when they returned to the Island. They each joined the DHARMA Initiative. When Jack got involved in a gunfight, Hurley arrived with a van to save him.

Both ended up traveling to 2007 and went to the Temple. Hurley brought Jack to the Lighthouse on Jacob's instructions, and they later together dealt with a suicidal Richard Alpert. Jack followed Hurley's lead for a bit, and agreed to visit Locke. They sailed together to Hydra Island, but Jack jumped off the ship and later saved Hurley from Widmore's cages. On the submarine later, Jack gave Hurley instructions to save Kate. They trekked together to face the Man in Black, and Hurley offered his support when they separated before Jack visited the Heart. Hurley later chose to stay on the island with Jack rather than try to escape, and Jack inducted him as the island's new protector. Hurley hoped to save Jack from the Heart once it relit, but he could not.



Hurley and Jin
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 1"
Origin: Jin offered Hurley some sea urchin soon after the crash. Hurley refused them, laughing.
Since Then: Hurley later realized he's insulted Jin's honor and returned to him penitent. They fished together, something stung his foot and Hurley demanded a shocked Jin "pee on it!" When Hurley ate a later urchin of Jin's, Jin gave him a cleaned fish, and the two later golfed together, though Jin's anger on the course convinced Hurley to abandon the sport. Hurley once had a dream of Jin speaking perfect English. When Jin returned from his raft trip, Hurley gave him a thumb's up after a night with Sun. Jin returned the gesture after Hurley scored a date with Libby. Jin helped Hurley start the DHARMA van, though he had no idea what he signed up for. Hurley later recruited Jin for Desmond's "camping trip", and the two together kept the secret of Naomi's presence. Jin defended the beach with Bernard and Sayid, and Hurley drove by in the van to rescue them. The two joined separate sides when the camp split, and they didn't see each other for three years. Hurley kept in touch with Sun off-island though, and he suggested the two bring Ji Yeon to his grave. When Hurley returned to the Island, he was shocked to find Jin alive - and in the DHARMA Initiative. The two worked together briefly, and Hurley's ignorance of the Korean War made Jin roll his eyes. Back in 2007, Jacob told Hurley to seek Jin's guidance to get to the Temple. Jin soon left, and shortly after Hurley next saw him, Jin died in the sub with Sun. Hurley wept.


Hurley and Libby
First Episode: "Fire + Water"
Origin: Hurley became interested in Libby when she joined the castaways.
Since Then: The two slowly formed a relationship that culminated with a kiss. Libby was a positive influence on Hurley as she tried to get him to stay healthy on the island. Following a suggestion from Sayid,, Hurley decided to take Libby to a secluded area on the beach for their first date. When Hurley forgot to bring blankets, Libby offered to retrieve them from the hatch. Michael, startled by her appearance after having just shot Ana Lucia, shot Libby in the stomach. Hurley watched her die, dug her grave and spoke at her funeral. Hurley visited her grave regularly for the rest of his time on the Island, but though ghosts began visiting him afterward, Libby's never did. After death, he ran into Libby when a blind date stood him up. He learned she was a Santa Rosa inmate, but he pursued her regardless and eventually took her on a beach picnic that replaced the date they'd missed. They kissed, waking him up.
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Hurley and Miles
First Episode: "Namaste"
Origin: Miles arrives at Hurley's barracks to collect Charlotte. Hurley grumbled, "Great. The ship brought us another Sawyer."
Since Then: Hurley escaped the island, but both of them ended up in working for the DHARMA initiative in the 1970s. Hurley discovered Miles's powers, and they compared notes. Hurley encouraged Miles to get in touch with his father. They traveled to the future, where Hurley's growing leadership role amused Miles.
5x13 JealousOfPowers


Hurley and Sawyer
First Episode: "One of Them"
Origin: Hurley originally spoke against Sawyer, calling him a "chain-smoking jackass."
Since Then: Hurley's personality seemed to win Sawyer over; he uncharacteristically gave Hurley the flight manifest for free. The two bonded in later weeks, such as when Hurley helped Sawyer find a tree frog that was bothering him. Sawyer also helped spark Hurley and Libby's relationship and then later helped share the news of her death. Sawyer's insults got to Hurley though, and he once attacked Sawyer till Jin split them apart. When Sawyer returned from being kidnapped, Hurley was relieved that he was alive and began grooming him as the survivors' next leader. He also challenged Sawyer to a game of ping-pong, successfully keeping him from using nicknames for a period. They together saved Sayid, Bernard and Jin when the Others held them hostage.

When the camp split, Hurley and Sawyer became roommates, and Sawyer postponed escaping the island so he could bring Hurley as well. Only Hurley escaped the island, and they didn't meet again for three years. When they did meet, Hurley again hugged him yelling "You're alive!" Sawyer escaped the island again, and Hurley left the island after becoming Protector, so the two presumably met again after the series closed.



Hurley and Sayid
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 1"
Origin: Hurley approached Sayid after Sawyer's insults and said he was "cool" as far as he was concerned.
Since Then: Hurley found Sayid after the latter returned from his exile. He went through the notes Sayid had stolen, and used Sayid's story to track down Danielle, though Sayid refused to give him specific directions. When Sayid was mourning Shannon, Hurley gave him a radio to fix from to take his mind off it, and the two listened to it together. Hurley later asked to borrow the radio again for a date with Libby, but Sayid instead suggested the date's location - a beach he'd visited with Shannon. When Naomi landed on the island, Hurley confided in Sayid rather than Jack. Sayid helped attack Others at the camp shortly after, and Hurley drove the DHARMA van to the beach, saving Sayid's life. Hurley then joined Locke's camp, tricking Sayid into an ambush, but he greeted Sayid happily when the two next met at the helicopter. They escaped the island together. Years later, Sayid sprung Hurley from Santa Rosa, shooting a man that had been watching the Institute. The two traveled to a safe house together, and Sayid killed more attackers, but the police suspected Hurley of the crimes. The attackers also managed to knock Sayid out, and Hurley had to save him, first taking him home and then delivering him to Jack. They returned to the Island on Ajira 316 but interacted little till Sayid had been shot. They then traveled to the Swan site together, and traveled to 2007. Hurley took Sayid to the Temple, where he drowned in the spring, and offered his support to Sayid's ghost. Sayid returned to life soon after though, and though he joined the Man in Black, Hurlkey continued to believe in him. After both died, Hurley sprung Sayid from prison and tried to wake him up. A trip to the safe house they'd once visited didn't work, but a visit to Shannon did.
5x01 OffToSafety


Hurley and Starla
First Episode: "Everybody Hates Hugo"
Origin: Long-time crush
Since Then: Hurley claims to have always had trouble getting a girlfriend. After he wins the lottery, he suddenly feels empowered to do as he pleases by quitting his job and boldly asking out his crush, Starla, who works at the local music shop he frequents. He makes sure to ask her out before he claims his lottery winnings because he has an uncanny feeling that the lottery money will bring many changes to his life, and he doesn't expect these changes to all be fortunate. Proving his feelings accurate, Hurley later mentions that after everyone found out about his winnings Starla ended up leaving him for his best friend, Johnny. This is just one of many unfortunate incidents he attributes to the curse of the numbers.


Hurley and Sun
First Episode: "...And Found"
Origin: The two crashed together
Since Then: The two interacted little initially because Sun pretended not to know English. When Sun lost her wedding ring though, Hurley helped her search for it, and the two made conversation about her life in Seoul. Later, when Sun was taking a pregnancy test, and Hurley was sneaking a chocolate bar, she and Hurley bumped into each other in the jungle, each with their own secret.

The two escaped the island together, and Hurley visited her in Korea after Ji-Yeon's birth, making him the only one of the Oceanic Six to come visit her. They returned to the Island on Ajira 316, but while Sun landed in 2007, Hurley traveled to the past. They reunited and embraced a week later.



Hurley and Walt
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 1"
Origin: Their plane crashed on the Island
Since Then: Hurley tried unsuccessfully to shelter Walt from the reality of their situation, spelling words to hide their meaning from the child. The two played backgammon together, and Walt consistently won until Hurley owed him thousands of dollars. Once each escaped the Island, Walt came to visit Hurley at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Years later, Walt ended up as an inmate himself, and Hurley visited him, recruiting him for a job on the Island.